2017 DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch Softball Bat Reviews

2017 Dermarini CF9 Review

DeMarini is a popular brand for softball and baseball popularity. Its immense popularity is mostly attributed to the brands creativity and uniqueness in designing high-end baseball bats. The CF9 Fastpitch bat is a considerably well-balanced bat, has a large barrel, and a perfect grip. The most fascinating aspect about DeMarini softball bats is that theyRead More

Did Baseball Originate in America? History of Baseball.

Did Baseball Originate in America? History of baseball

Baseball is by far the most popular sport across America as well as in other places in the world. There are very many Americans who play the sport and its close relative-softball. The great popularity of the sport has earned it the nickname “the national pastime” of America. The main reason why there are millionsRead More

What is the best way to clean white baseball pants?

The best way to clean white baseball pants

Playing baseball is quite exciting but washing the white baseball pants can be a grueling and daunting task. These pants can be quite challenging to clean because stains readily stand out from the white fabric. Since the sport is played in different outdoor conditions, such as grass and ground environments, stains are never too hardRead More

What Are the Differences between Softball and Baseball?

What are the differences between softball and baseball

Softball and baseball are typically identical in many aspects but there are also major aspects that the two sports differ in. Ideally, softball borrows a lot from baseball especially in terms of how the sports are played. Most observers watching the two sports simultaneously may actually find it hard to point out the differences inRead More

10 Greatest MLB Teams of All Time

Greatest MLB Teams of All Time

The Major League Baseball has witnessed classic play and excellent display of skills from players of some of the top teams to play in the league. For a baseball team to receive the honor of featuring in the greatest MLB teams, it has to have achieved a unique score and not have lost in theRead More

How to pick a Slow pitch Softball Bat

How to pick a slow pitch softball bat

It may be hard for softball players, especially the beginners, to choose the best slow pitch bat. This is because they don’t know what they should look for in the bat. There are various things that every player should keep in mind when picking a slow pitch softball bat. Having the correct softball bat helpsRead More

Are composite bats better than aluminum bats?

Are composite bats better than aluminum bats

Over the years, the construction of baseball bats has undergone numerous changes. In the yester years, solid wood was the preferred choice of material for construction of baseball bats. It was then replaced by aluminum which has presently been replaced by composites. Wood bats are the only types of bats allowed in major leagues butRead More

Why doesn’t baseball have cheerleaders?

Why doesn't baseball have cheerleaders

Baseball is a very entertaining and thrilling sport but there are no cheerleaders to cheer on the players as they play. There are a few sports where cheerleading does not fit at all and is thus non-existent in those sports. These sports are such as baseball, softball, gymnastics, chess, water polo, track & cross country,Read More