10 Greatest MLB Teams of All Time

Greatest MLB Teams of All Time

The Major League Baseball has witnessed classic play and excellent display of skills from players of some of the top teams to play in the league. For a baseball team to receive the honor of featuring in the greatest MLB teams, it has to have achieved a unique score and not have lost in theRead More

How to pick a Slow pitch Softball Bat

How to pick a slow pitch softball bat

It may be hard for softball players, especially the beginners, to choose the best slow pitch bat. This is because they don’t know what they should look for in the bat. There are various things that every player should keep in mind when picking a slow pitch softball bat. Having the correct softball bat helpsRead More

Are composite bats better than aluminum bats?

Are composite bats better than aluminum bats

Over the years, the construction of baseball bats has undergone numerous changes. In the yester years, solid wood was the preferred choice of material for construction of baseball bats. It was then replaced by aluminum which has presently been replaced by composites. Wood bats are the only types of bats allowed in major leagues butRead More

Why doesn’t baseball have cheerleaders?

Why doesn't baseball have cheerleaders

Baseball is a very entertaining and thrilling sport but there are no cheerleaders to cheer on the players as they play. There are a few sports where cheerleading does not fit at all and is thus non-existent in those sports. These sports are such as baseball, softball, gymnastics, chess, water polo, track & cross country,Read More

Why Americans Loves Softball?

Why Americans Love Softball

The history of softball dates back to the 19th century. Over the years, since its inception, the sport has had a large following in the U.S and is arguably the most popular sport in the country. Research shows that there are over 30 million people who play softball in the U.S. even though softball isRead More

Youth Baseball Practice Drills

Youth Baseball Practice Drills

Baseball is a uniquely popular sport among children and adults alike. Many kids have in the recent past taken the sport as their favorite playing action due to the immense benefits and unmatched fun as well as excitement of playing the sport. For starters, kids who play the sport are noted to be well disciplinedRead More

Why can’t baseball be played in the rain?

Why can't baseball be played in the rain?

Baseball is a very interesting game that remains unique even with the weather condition it has to be played in. Most of the other games, such as football, are normally played in any normal weather condition. They can be played even when it is raining but this remains to not be the case for baseball.Read More

The 10 Best Ways to Practice Baseball Alone

Best Ways to Practice Baseball Alone

Despite baseball being a team sport, you do not necessarily have to train with a team. This is because you can train alone and hone your individual skills. Some of the baseball skills that are exceptionally easy to learn by yourself include precision hitting, throwing accuracy, and speed sprinting. Perfecting these skills puts you atRead More

The 5 greatest baseball players of all time.

The greatest baseball players of all time

The greatest baseball players of all time Baseball is a very interesting game that requires so much of a player for him to be listed among the best. Incredible skills are needed for the recognition. The following is a list of the greatest baseball players of all time. It features players who have been recognizedRead More

How to paint a wooden baseball bat ?

A coat of paint on your wooden baseball bat can completely transform its look and make it appear completely new. However, if you go to a specialized shop to get the paint done, then they will charge a lot. Fortunately, it is possible to paint it yourself. Read my article “How to paint a woodenRead More