[Reviews] Best Batting Helmets 2017 with Guide for Youth Players

Best Batting Helmets 2017

Head protection is crucial when playing softball. This is because head injuries in the sport can be quite far reaching and have very severe implications on the player. This is why it is necessary to ensure that you put on the best batting helmet when stepping into the pitch for a sport of softball. Always settle for a top quality helmet that is solidly constructed and cannot break easily. Such helmets provide optimal protection to players.

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Rip-It Vision (Pro) Matte Softball Helmet Review

Designed with revolutionary double density foam, the helmet prides itself in superior protection as well as comfort. The helmet is lightweight but very solid and as such, it does not cause any discomfort on the head when wearing it. The helmet provides players with an amazing head protection while ensuring that it does not inhibit the field of vision. The helmet features a classic blackout technology that helps in eliminating glare from the sun and hence allows you to have an uninterrupted view even when playing in the sun.

Superior quality construction 

This Rip-It Vision Helmet comes moisture management pads that ensure that your head remains dry even when you are sweating excessively. Additionally, there is a total of 21 air vents that are strategically placed all over the head for cooling the head while playing. The helmet’s unique construction and design ensure that it exceeds NOSCAE standards. As such, when you purchase this helmet, you get more than you bargain for; a reliable helmet for everyday use.


  • Superior quality construction
  • Features moisture management pads
  • Blackout Technology eliminates glare from the sun
  • Classy venting system


  • Lacks face protection

Easton Junior (Z5 Grip) Batters Helmet Review

If you are looking for a durable batting helmet, then you should look no further than at the Easton Junior Batters Helmet. The helmet features dual-density foam that not only absorbs sweat but also pulls it away from the head. This allows you to play comfortably without having to wipe down sweat from time to time. The wrapped ears feature of the helmet makes it highly durable thus making the helmet a perfect choice for everyday players.

Great for all players 

The fascinating aspect about the Easton Junior helmet is that it is specially designed for use by all players. The helmet features an amazing ABS plastic that helps in providing an excellent protective guard/shell against impacts such as those from the ball or collision with other players. This Easton bat meets NOCSAE standards thus making it ideal for use in competitions and leagues. Like any other Easton product, the helmet is designed to last for long without any excessive wear or tear.


  • Dual density padding
  • Well-designed ventilation
  • Compliance with nocsae standards
  • Superior fit


  • Does not come with a face guard

DeMarini (Paradox) Batting Helmet Review

The DeMarini Paradox Helmet boasts of a low profile shell that is uniquely designed to provide players with a superior as well as comfortable fit. The helmet has a premium rubberized finish that helps in absorbing shock and vibrations after the helmet is hit by a ball or bat. Like other DeMarini products, this Paradox Helmet meets the set NOCSAE standards on batting helmets. The helmet comes in two sizes; S/M and L/XL sizes for players to choose the best size that fits their heads perfectly.

Antimicrobial fabric

The padding in the helmet is made from an antimicrobial fabric that helps in absorbing sweat as well as providing protective cushioning to the head. The earpieces are wrapped in a soft cotton fabric to provide the ears with additional cushioning while playing. What is more unique about this helmet is that it comes with strategically placed venting that ensures maximum air flow hence keeping the head cool at all times.


  • Fits comfortably
  • Earpieces come with additional cushioning
  • Unique venting system
  • Protective head padding


  • Lacks a face guard

Rawlings Coolflo (Molded) Baseball Batting Helmet Review

The entry of Rawlings Batting Helmets in the softball helmet industry revolutionized the sector for the better. This is because Rawlings is popular for its exceedingly great products that boast of great durability and amazing reliability. The Coolflo Molded Helmet by Rawlings is one of the best and stylishly designed batting helmets currently in the market. This helmet features a unique venting system that provides excellent cooling while wearing the helmet.

Pro-inspired attributes 

This Rawlings batting helmet is designed by pros for use by the best players. As such, it meets the needs of all players and ensures that it provides players with the best head protection while playing softball. The helmet prides itself in having a unique and classy design that goes a long way in ensuring that the helmet is comfortable and does not cause any straining to the head. The construction of the helmet is solid and as such, it cannot break even with the greatest force from a ball or bat.


  • Molded finish
  • Unique air venting
  • Meets nocsae standards
  • Stylishly designed


  • Does not have a face guard

Worth Storm Highlighter (60 MPH) – Fastpitch Batting Helmet WHL60FG Review

If you are looking for the best batting helmet with a face guard, then this is the ideal helmet to purchase. The helmet is suitable for softball, tee ball, and baseball. As such, it is an all-round helmet that you can use when playing different sports. The helmet looks great and fits well on the head. What is more unique about this helmet is that it is sufficiently padded hence providing the best head protection from vibrations and shock created when the helmet is hit by the ball.

Sturdy and solidly constructed 

The construction of this Worth Storm Batting Helmet is sturdy and solid hence providing players with the best head protection. The helmet features a unique venting system that helps in ensuring that there is an uninterrupted air flow in the head throughout its use. The helmet has a high visibility face guard that enables players to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the pitch while playing. The one tone matte finish on the helmet enhances the helmet’s classy and unique appearance.


  • Solidly constructed
  • High visibility face guard
  • Ventilation system for excellent air flow
  • Classy appearance with the matte finish


  • The glue on the padding becomes less sticky with time

When looking for the best batting helmet to purchase, it is important that you only settle on high-quality helmets; those that are well designed and superiorly constructed. These are helmets that will provide you with sufficient head and face protection while playing your favorite batting sport.