Top 5 Best Batting Tees 2018 with Reviews

Best Batting Tee Review 2017

Batting tees are a great way to practice swing while playing baseball. They help improve your swing, control, focus, and accuracy. But choosing a good product is the initial step for any baseball player’s early journey. Ideal batting tee should be durable, adjustable, accurate and should be handy for players in all age group.

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Best Batting Tees Comparison Table

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Tanner Tee

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Backspin Batting Tee Pro/Standard

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Easton Deluxe Batting Tee

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PowerNet Baseball Softball Portable Batting Tee

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MacGregor Batting Tee

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McGregor Batting Tee Review

This is one of the most recommended batting tees which features a solid metal base. It is good for players as well as coaches. The rubber of this product is durable and you can count on it for years. The adjustable tube of product is ideal for the newbie kid players too! This is one of the best batting tees for softball, t-ball and baseball at an affordable price.

The batting tee is compatible with all the weathers with its solid components of rubber. Height can be adjusted from 20 to 40 inches. Coaches can customize drills and enhance field practices for their students with products. This adjustable batting tee is suggested for all the players 7 years old and above.

Who should buy?  It is an ideal match for kids and all the young players above 7 years old. Not good for professionals.


  • Durable batting tee with good rubber and strong metal base.
  • Affordable.
  • Adjustable for all heights.
  • Easily portable.


  • Tip of the tee that holds ball is too rigid and is not that good for big players.

Easton Deluxe Batting Tee Review

Batting tee from Easton can adjust for 27” to 36” inches. Like McGregor batting tee, this product is also built with a heavy metal base. The bat is 8.4 pounds and does not require many efforts to port it anywhere.

It is easy to assemble. It can be perfect for little kiddos who have just started out playing baseball or softball. It allows them to practice the swing with the ball being consistently placed in the same spot. It improves focus. Although it is not recommended for players with 6’2 fastpitch. It is a good choice if you are looking for a sturdy practicing tee for your young ones. This product can be used for players as little as 3 years old with its adjustable height.

Who should buy this? Kids and beginners.


  • Great for kids
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable and works great for the price.
  • Good for both baseball and softball


  • The tip that hold ball is rigid and not very good for big players

Backspin Batting Tee Review

This award-winning batting tee is best for standard baseball players. It features an inverted tee to train the eyes for focus on the middle and half of the baseball. It has flexible heavy cones added for support. This one is the award-winning training batting tee and is ideal for practice of individual baseball players on their own.

Proper launch angles on line drives can be attained with the angle graphic on the base. It works easily for all heights and easily changes the cones for each individual. It is capable of heavy-duty play. It allows for focus on consistent placement of the ball.

Who should buy? – This is a great practicing tool for young players.


  • Durable Batting Tee
  • Good for older kids as well as younger kids
  • Only tee that gives training for inverted angle
  • Award-winning batting tee.


  • The only con of this batting tee is that it’s somewhat expensive.

Tanner Tee Review

Tanner tee features a hand-rolled flexible top. It allows for the proper focus of ball. Its sturdy height adjusts for young as well as old players. Its hand rolled top allows the bat to pass through the swing easily.

It is a lightweight tee that can be ported easily and comes with a replacement top. Tanner tee comes in two sizes a
standard and short. It is recommended for little as well as big players. Tanner tee works well for both the baseball and softball. The short model can be used by little newbies to practice low ball hitting and the standard version can be used by professionals.

Who can buy this? – The players above 9 years, college students and older players.


  • Durable batting tee.
  • Hand rolled flexible rubber top.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Provides a good feel and focus while hitting a ball.


  • Tanner tees are not great for kids below 9 years old.

PowerNet Baseball Batting Tee Review

This compact and professional batting tee is recommended by professional players. It is easy to adjust for different heights and portable. It is genuinely endorsed by top baseball players. It is easy to set up and tear down. It can also fit into the equipment bags easily.

Its height is adjustable from 27.5 to 44 inches. To give you an idea of its reliability, the PowerNet product is endorsed by GORKYS HERNANDEZ, ALEXI AMARISTA, and OSWALDO ARCIA. The material used is durable, flexible and you can count on it for long practice sessions. It has tripod design for a fine placement.

Who can buy this? – This product is best suited for professional baseball players and not for young ones.


  • Easily fits into the most equipment bags. It is portable and lightweight.
  • Durable and recommended by professionals.
  • Adjustable height and compact size.
  • Single wrap flexible and durable top


  • It is not that good for softballs.

So, these are some of the best batting tees available in the market. Some of these are good for your kids, and young students. Some are only recommended for professional players. However, as a last advice, take all the things into consideration before buying a batting tee. Think about for whom it is intended, how much durable it is depending on the level of player. Finally, a McGregor tee or Easton Tee will make a great gift for kiddos and the professional Tees like Tanner or PowerNet are a must to give gifts for your professional baseball teammates or friends!