Best Double Wall Softball Bats 2017: Top Brands And Reviews

Best double wall softball bats 2017

Every softball player knows the importance of using a double wall bat. It comes with many advantages and helps the player enjoy better results with minimal effort. Choosing the best double wall softball bat may be hard for you.

The following “Reviews Of The Best Double Wall Softball Bats 2017” is meant to help you choose easily.

Best double wall softball bats  comparison table

Product namesEditor's ratingPrice
Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10)5.0See price
DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFS4.7See price
Anderson Bat Company Rocketech (-9)4.5See price
Mizuno Mamba Slow Pitch Softball Bat (USSSA)4See price
Louisville Slugger XXL Alloy Balanced ASA4See price

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10) Fast Pitch Softball Bat Review

This is a famous softball bat that is ideal for fastpitch games. It features a double wall that has no friction and gives room for maximum bat flexing with no resistance. The bat offers a composite plus performance that incredibly boosts your shots. Its extreme balancing eases your swings and makes it remain lighter during the swings. A wider sweet spot is featured and helps you make accurate hits that are totally controlled.

This Xeno plus bat is also built using the IST technology. This technology allows the batter to stiffly feel the energy transfer from the handle to the bats wider edge. All the negative feedback that is felt on missed hit balls is eliminated and all the power used is directed to the small part of the edge that comes into contact with the ball. A uniquely designed cap is featured on the bat’s end and gives it a powerful Xeno performance. The cap also gives it a complete look that is irresistible. This softball bat also features a synthetic grip that has a faint look. The grip is expertly built to enhance your grip and drastically reduce vibration.



The bat has a good pop
It offers a great, unique performance
The bat is balanced for better energy transfer

It is only available in one color and design

Anderson Bat Company Rocketech (-9) Fast Pitch Softball Bat Review


Anderson Bat Company Rocketech (-9) is good for fastpitch softball. It is a multi-wall bat whose exterior is made as an all alloy. The multi-wall feature helps in creating a good room for extreme flexing. This enhances your hits and gives better batting results. The bat has a -9 swing weight. This means that the bat becomes lighter in weight with 9 ounces during a swing and helps you make a better hit. The bat is designed to help you use a strong and fast pitch that was made by a skilled pitcher to your advantage.

The bat’s end is expertly loaded to enhance your hitting power as the power gets transferred to it. This Rocketech barrel features a handle that is ultra-thin and comfortable. The handle gives you a better grip and enhances your speed as you swing the bat. No vibration results from this uniquely designed bat. Break-in is not necessary as the bat comes ready for use.



The bat features an ultra-thin handle
It comes in an average size that is good for all players
Its end is loaded to maximize your hitting power

The bat might be too heavy for some players

DeMarini 2014 CF6 WTDXCFS Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

DeMarini CF6 2014 is a softball bat that is made using paradox composite. This means that it is designed to perform gently while providing a bigger, spicier sweet spot that is more responsive. Successfully hitting a strategized pitch remains easier with this bat. It comes with a stiffer and stronger handle that gives you a better grip and helps you feel the bat’s sweet spot better.

The bat is constructed using a double wall that is stacked together. This optimizes its performance through creating trampoline-like effects that are spread across the whole barrel. A cap that is a clutch end is also featured on the bat. The end creates a better balance and helps in focusing all the energy in the bat. It also eliminates all vibrations and provides a smoother swing. This bat is designed to help you make better hits that are more controlled.



The bat is able to dampen vibrations
It is designed to help you feel the sweet spot better
The bat helps in making lighter swings

The bat is only available in one size

Louisville Slugger balanced XXL alloy Review

Louisville slugger balanced XXL alloy is a bat that is authorized for all USSSA, ISA, ASA, NSA and ISF games. It has a swing weight that is balanced to enhance your hitting power. The bat is constructed using a single-part aluminum alloy. The alloy gives the bat a better performance and makes it last for long. This XXL alloy bat is good for slow pitch ball and features a double wall design that helps you make better hits with your normal batting effort. Its soft and shiny texture makes it have a unique feel that is irresistible.

The bat has a diameter of 2 ¼ inches, is 12 inches long and has a handle of 7/8 inches. The handle is tapered to give you a better grip and feel. This bat is designed to increase the speed of your normal swing and give you a better control of your hits. It comes with an end cap that provides a better balancing.



The bat has a swing weight that is balanced
It is available in different sizes
The bat lasts for long

It is only available in one color and design

Mizuno mamba USSSA softball bat Review

This is a good bat that can be used in many competitions. Its use in NSA, ISA and USSSA competitions is allowed. An array of black carbon composite is used in making the bat. This enhances its durability and overall performance. It is a double wall bat that has new features meant for enhancing its performance. The bat is created with a larger hitting spot that is responsive and yields better results.

Its barrel’s diameter measures 2 ¼ inches. The bat is expertly manufactured to have a swing weight that is totally balanced. This helps you not to strain when batting. The bat is 13 inches long and is constructed using a single piece. This drastically eliminates any flex that would cause energy loss when the bat comes into contact with a ball. This Mizuno mamba bat features a cap at its end and also comes with thin walls that give a higher performance at the peak of batting.



The bat has enhanced control
It offers a powerful performance that can never be depleted
Swinging the bat remains quicker and easier

The bat is only available in one color

Conclusion: Choosing the best double wall softball bat becomes easier with the above guide. You should now be able to get a softball bat that best fits you. Be ready to confidently enter the batting box with a double wall bat of your own choice.