[Reviews] Best Outfield Gloves in 2017-2018 for Youth: The Choice You Should Not Igrone

Best Outfield Gloves 2018

Playing the outfield is fun and invokes great excitement especially if you are good at catching and throwing balls. However, like other playing positions in baseball and softball, it is necessary to ensure that you put on the right protective gear while playing. In line with this, when playing at the outfield position, you should ensure that you put on the best outfield gloves. Always opt for gloves made using superior leather as they are durable and provide the right cushioning to the hands.

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Wilson (A2000) 1779 Baseball Glove Review

If you are looking for a classic and exceptionally durable baseball glove designed with pro stock leather, then you should look no further than at this Wilson A2000 Glove. This 12.75” baseball glove boasts of an amazing performance, durability, and functionality. The glove is designed with an innovative technology that makes it stand out as one of the best and most stylish outfield gloves in the market. The glove is designed to break in perfectly without any hassles whatsoever. As such, it is ready to use and provides outfielders with an added advantage over their opponents.

High-end craftsmanship 

The craftsmanship employed in the design and consequent production of the glove is unique and non-comparable to that of any other glove. This translates to a meticulously built and expertly finished outfield glove. These gloves last a lifetime while ensuring that there is no decline whatsoever in their quality and resistance to wear and tear. The best thing about Wilson gloves is that they are built using a progressive technology that addresses the growing needs of present day outfielders.


  • Exceptionally durable
  • Amazing performance and functionality
  • Designed using innovative technology
  • Made with high-end craftsmanship


  • Very stiff before they break in

Mizuno GMVP 1177PSE3 (11.75”) Baseball Glove Review

Mizuno is popularly known for its unending commitment towards designing and making high-quality baseball accessories. As such, the GMVP1177PSE3 Glove from Mizuno boasts of an amazing quality, superior design and construction, and increased flexibility. The heel flex technology used in the glove’s center pocket design and consequent construction of the glove helps in enhancing its flexibility and closure. The leather used in making the glove prides itself in having a unique softness that provides a firm control and an exceptional feel.

Smooth professional style 

The most intriguing aspect about this Mizuno glove is that it features a smooth professional style while at the same time having firm and strong edges. The palm liner in the glove is soft and durable thus promising to provide players with the most reliable and dependable service for long. The gloves come with two tone laces for securely reinforcing the gloves onto the hands. The leather in the gloves is nicely stitched thereby providing players with dependable use throughout the gloves life.


  • Comes in a smooth professional style
  • Firm & strong edges
  • Comes with a palm liner
  • Nicely stitched leather hence very durable


  • Takes time to break in

Rawlings (Heart-of-the-Hide) Glove Series Review

The Rawlings Glove Series are made from the fine-quality leather material. These gloves are great for both beginners as well as pro players looking forward to taking their playing experience to a whole new level. These gloves are usually ready to use and do not require any extensive breaking in. Despite being a little stiff at first, once they break in they are very comfortable to wear and equally gentle on the hands. The gloves are designed to enable players to catch balls at 60-80 mph with great ease and without hurting the hands.

Long lasting with little maintenance 

When you purchase these Rawlings Glove Series, you can be assured to enjoy continuous performance, functionality, and reliability throughout the gloves’ life. What is more unique about these gloves is that they require very little maintenance for them to remain in pristine condition. The gloves have an awesome mitt and very thick rubber reinforced with a soft padding for absorbing shock and vibrations when catching the ball. The gloves fit perfectly as if they are custom made.


  • Fine quality leather
  • Ideal for beginners and pro players
  • Requires little time to break in
  • Soft padding for absorbing shock and vibrations


  • Quite stiff at first but soften after breaking in

Nokona Walnut Series (12” WB) 1200 Baseball Glove Review

These 12 inch Nokona Walnut Series Gloves feature an open back and closed web design. These handmade gloves boast of fine stitching and a high-grade leather material that enhances their resistance to wear and tear as well as increase their durability. The gloves pride themselves in having great stability and stiffness that reinforces the gloves’ sturdiness. Even though these gloves may take a little longer to break in as compared to other gloves, once they break in, they perform excellently.

Long lasting and durable 

These Nikona gloves are very long lasting as the leather in the gloves is able to withstand wear and tear for long without affecting the performance of the gloves. The softball mitt in the gloves provides users of the gloves with a different playing experience compared to that of simple baseball gloves. The most fascinating thing about the gloves is that you can use them for training and competitive playing. The gloves are also exceptionally flexible and are therefore quite comfortable while playing.


  • High-grade leather and fine stitching
  • Exceptionally flexible
  • Ideal for both training and competitive playing
  • Enhanced durability


  • Takes a little longer to break in

Shoeless Joe Gloves- Modified Trap Brown Review

The Shoeless Joe Gloves have popularly known as the field ready gloves as they require very little break in time. The gloves are made from 100% genuine leather that is rubbed with unique ingredients for softening and enhancing the leather’s appearance. These gloves come with a unique functionality in that they are perfect for use for both softball and baseball. The gloves are designed to inspire confidence in the players and enable them to exhibit the best playing skills.

Awesome glove with a deep pocket 

The Shoeless Joe Gloves have a deep pocket that allows for better catching and gripping the ball when playing at the outfield position. The soft mitt on the gloves provides added comfort when wearing the gloves. It is worth noting that the gloves come in different sizes thereby making it easy to choose the right size for you. Generally, the glove has a great feel and is of a very high quality. In addition to this, it also has a big sweet spot thereby making it perfectly suitable for the outfield position.


  • Made from genuine leather
  • High quality and great feel
  • Big sweet spot
  • Deep pocket for better catching


  • The leather is damaged by water and wetness

Wilson Showtime Series- 12” WTA08RB16 (BM12) Baseball Glove Review

If you are looking for a glove that guarantees you reliable and dependable performance throughout its life, you should look no further than at this Wilson WTA08RB16 Baseball Glove. The glove features a double palm construction, maximum pocket stability and is fully leather constructed. The most amazing aspect about this glove is that it conforms to the hand thus making it comfortable to put on the glove especially when playing for long sessions.

Low profile heel 

This Wilson glove has a characteristically cool and amazing old school look defined by dark brown blonde leather. When wearing this glove, you can be sure to catch all ground and fly balls with great ease and convenience. This glove is quite unique and outstanding compared to other gloves since it does not become stiff in winters and other wet seasons. This makes it possible to use the glove all year round. The glove has a low profile heel that allows players to catch balls with greater ease and competence.


  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Durable leather material
  • Low profile heel
  • Double palm construction



  • Requires time to break in

When shopping for the best outfield gloves, it is necessary to ensure that you settle on a glove that is nicely built, made from genuine leather and does not require a long time to break in. such gloves are very dependable and reliable to use and are suitable for competitive playing in leagues and tournaments.