[Reviews] Best Tee Ball Bats: The Best Choices for 2017

Best tee ball bats 2017

Tee ball bats are designed to inspire confidence in tee ball players and also provide them with the best playing tool to enjoy playing their favorite sport. These bats are made using superior materials for purposes of enhancing their resistance to wear and tear, and breaking. Most of the best bats for tee ball feature a classic one-piece construction that is specially designed to provide players with a fantastic performance as well as unlimited functionality.

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Best tee ball bats comparison table

ProductsEditor's ratingPrice
2017 COMBAT MAXUM-14 (T-Ball Bat) TB7MX1144.8See price
Rawlings Storm Alloy (Tee-Ball Bat)-12 TB7S124.8See price
Rawlings TBRR12 Raptor (T-Ball) Bat4.7See price
Easton TB17SPD13 Speed (Aluminum-13) Tee-Ball Bat4.6See price
Easton MAKO COMPOSITE (Youth)Tee-Ball Bat4.4See price
Easton MAKO Beast (-13.5) T-Ball Bat: TB17MK1354.4See price

Easton MAKO COMPOSITE (Youth) Tee-Ball Bat Review

Easton Mako is one of the most reputable and classy manufacturers of bats for softball, baseball and tee ball games. The brand is popular for its cutting-edge technology, unrivaled performance, and unmatched functionality. As such, when you purchase this bat that is specially designed for use by the youth, you get an exceptionally dependable tee ball bat. Featuring a rolled end and a 2.25” barrel diameter, the bat has a massive sweet spot that provides for better control of the ball while playing.

Ultra-thin composite construction.

The secret behind the ultra-thin construction of this Easton MAKO Bat for Tee Ball is so as to provide players with an opportunity to increase their swing speed gradually while gaining power. The ultra-lightweight nature and perfect length-weight ratio of the bat allow for easy control of the bat while swinging to hit the ball. The bat also boasts of an extremely low moment of inertia thereby enhancing easy and effortless control of the bat.



Ultra-lightweight construction
Perfect drop
Nice pop
Massive sweet spot

Not easy to handle and control for players below 3 years

Rawlings TBRR12 Raptor (T-Ball) Bat Review

The Rawlings TBRR12 Raptor Bat for T-Ball is specially designed for players with the keen interest in developing their skills and refining their playing potential. The bat features a length-weight ratio of 12 which makes it a perfect bat for youthful players. A lightweight and exceptionally durable material is used for making the bat thus enabling players to have easy control of the bat while playing. The bat’s handle is made from a synthetic material that allows players to have a good grip and better feel when holding the bat.

Good quality bat 

The best thing about this Rawlings bat is that it is of a very high quality. The perfect drop of the bat coupled with its amazing sweet spot allows players to control the ball better and hit it towards the target zone. This bat is designed for youthful players and as such can be used by kids who are as young as 5 years. It is an excellent entry bat for kids aspiring to be tee ball players.



Exceptionally durable construction
Comfortable grip and handle
Perfect drop
Easy control and high swing speeds

Designed for use by only youthful players

Easton TB17SPD13 Speed (Aluminum-13) Tee-Ball Bat Review

The TB17SPD13 Speed Bat by Easton is one of the most unique and amazing tee ball bats currently in the market. The bat is made from aluminum thereby making it a uniquely durable bat and does not dent easily even when used in cold weather. This entry bat helps youthful players to refine and perfect their playing skills thereby making it easy for them to gain better control of the bat as well as the ball. Since the bat is lightweight, it is therefore quite easy to swing the bat and aim towards hitting the ball towards the target zone.

Solid construction 

The quality of the bat is excellent and so is its construction too. The solidness of the bat produces an amazing pop when the bat hits the ball. The bat holds up well when used by youthful players as it can last for several years without developing massive dents or breaking, thereby making it a very useful bat. It works perfectly for tee ball practice as well as for youthful leagues and other small competitions.



Nice pop
Massive sweet spot
Resistant to denting and breaking
Lightweight hence easy to control

Cannot be used by adult players

2017 COMBAT MAXUM-14 (T-Ball Bat) TB7MX114 Review

If you are looking for one of the best T-ball bats for your kid; a bat that is easy to control, durable and solidly constructed, then you should look no further than at the 2017 COMBAT MAXUM-14 Bat. This bat provides players with an added advantage thereby enabling them to trounce over their opponents. With a length-weight ratio of 14, the bat is quite easy to use even for youthful players who are almost entering into young adulthood. The bat has a 20-40% greater hitting surface as compared to other bats in its league.

USSSA 1.15 BPF Certification 

The fascinating aspect about this tee ball bat is that it comes with a USSSA 1.15 BPF certification thereby making the bat admissible in Little League, USSSA, Babe Ruth, and Pony among other leagues. The bat prides itself in having a perfect drop, a large sweet spot, perfectly lightweight and is solidly constructed. As such, it proves to be a reliable bat for everyday use and a great bat for practicing and preparing for leagues and other competitions.



USSSA 1.15 BPF certification
Perfectly lightweight
Solid construction
Large sweet spot

Might not be suitable for excessively
young players like 3 years and below

Rawlings Storm Alloy (Tee-Ball Bat)-12 TB7S12 Review

If you are looking for a perfect beginner’s tee-ball bat, then this is the bat for you. It is designed and constructed using a high-quality material that is exceptionally resistant to wear and tear. The bat can last for years without getting dented or breaking. The bat features a weight-length ratio of 12 and is constructed using a hard alloy that alloys for enhanced durability. The 2.25” barrel diameter of the bat allows for accuracy when hitting the ball thus making it possible to send the ball to the target zone.

Crackle themed grip 

The crackle themed grip of the bat is not only unique looking but also enables players to have a firm and secure grip especially when swinging to hit the ball. The best thing about this bat is that it also features uniquely bright colors that enhance its appearance and attractiveness. The bat has a massive sweet spot and produces a nice and pleasant pop after hitting the ball.



Large sweet spot
Ultra light construction
Durable alloy construction
Crackle grip

Cannot be used by adult players

Easton MAKO Beast (-13.5) T-Ball Bat: TB17MK135 Review

Easton prides itself in making uniquely powerful and amazing bats that perform beyond the player’s expectations. The TB17MK135 from Easton is an incredible tee ball bat that comes with a unique composite barrel design featuring a rolled end. The bat has a 13.5 drop thus making it a perfect choice for use by youthful players preparing to join adult tee ball leagues and competition. The bat features an ultra-lite design that enables players to enjoy faster swing speeds, more power, and better control.

Composite handle w/ cushioned grip 

This MAKO bat is comfortable to hold in the hands as it comes with a composite handle reinforced with a cushioned grip. The grip provides protection to the player’s hands by absorbing vibrations and shock after the bat comes into contact with the ball. The bat is very resistant to breaking due to the high-quality material used in its construction as well as the cutting edge technology used when designing and developing the bat.



Cushioned grip
Resistant to breaking and denting
Great looking
Massive sweet spot

Designed for use by only youthful players

There are very many tee ball bats in the market, with some being of high quality while others are very poor in quality. As such, when shopping for your preferred bat, it is necessary to ensure that you only settle on high-end bats as such bats are very reliable and withstand wear and tear by a great extent.

How to choose the right tee ball bat for your kids?

If you want your child to enjoy playing tee ball, then you need to choose the right bat for them. This is because having the right bat is crucial for enjoying and playing tee ball effectively and in a lively manner. Choosing the right bat is not always as easy like it is presumed to be. This is especially if you are new to choosing these bats and therefore you do not have any background information on the perfect bat to purchase. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the right tee ball bat for your kid:


T-ball bats for kids come in three sizes: 24”, 25” or 26”. There are several factors that affect the size of a bat to purchase for your kid. For starters, you have to consider the size of your kid. If he/she is tall, then you should get them a bat of considerable length. Ideally, the size of bat that is perfect for kids is dependent on the kid’s body size and arm length. Avoid buying a bat that is too long or too short for your baby as such a bat would be quite uncomfortable for them to use.


Entry level T-ball bats have a -10 drop. As such, if you buy a 25” bat for your kid, then the weight of the bat is 15 ounces. Bats with a -10 drop are usually the heaviest while those with a -13 drop are the lightest. Just like sizing, bat weight also depends on the body strength of your kid. If your child is not too strong, then you should not purchase him/her a heavy bat. Lighter bats are cheaper and more affordable than the heavy ones. Let the kid test each bat before settling on any particular bat. If your kid can swing the bat freely and comfortably, then that bat is perfect for them.


When finding the right length of a bat to purchase for your kid, you should refer to the tee-ball sizing chart. The chart shows the right bat length to opt for depending on the player’s height. The best thing about this chart is that it provides the right reference point for parents who do not know the bat length that is appropriate for their kids. You can also test the right bat length physically by having your kid place a bat from right at their chest’s center and align the bat parallel to the outstretched arm. If he/she can touch the bat’s top using the palm, then that length is right for them.

Bat lifespan

Just like other tee ball equipment like cleats and gloves, players also outgrow their bats. So if your child is keen on playing the sport for long, you should purchase a bat that they will grow into. However, you should remember that your child will most likely not play for very long since they will advance to either baseball or softball. This is why you should not purchase an overly expensive tee ball. Instead, you should opt for an affordable high-quality tee ball bat that will save you a few bucks in the long run.

What type of tee ball bat is best?

There are two materials that are predominantly used in making tee ball bats: metal and wood. These materials are further divided into individual categories such as the type of wood and the type of construction of a metal bat. Wooden tee ball bats are quite rare and are less popular than metal bats. There are three main styles of metallic bats; composite, alloy and hybrid. Each of these bats come with their fair share of pros and cons. As such, it is important to conduct a background research on the best type of bat to purchase depending on your kid’s playing needs. Alloy bats produce an amazing pop, composite bats are very light but highly durable while hybrid bats combine excellent pop and unique durability thereby providing you with a high-end bat.

Generally, the bat of choice should help your kid advance and perfect his/her tee ball playing skills. Therefore, you need to ensure that you involve your child in choosing the perfect bat for them. Only settle for a bat that they are comfortable in using and are able to handle it with great ease.