Why Should Your Family Play Baseball? Fitness And Health Benefits Of Playing Baseball

Why Should Your Family Play Baseball Fitness and Health Benefits of playing Baseball

Baseball is arguably one of the most popular social sports across the globe. In addition to the sport being very entertaining, it is also quite beneficial in terms of health and fitness. If you have played baseball previously whether for fun or professionally, then you must have realized the immense benefits of the sport to the body. In addition to health and fitness benefits, the sport also promotes teamwork and critical thinking among players.

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Mental health benefits

Health benefits of playing baseball


Baseball, like most other sports engage the mind when playing. This is because players need to make critical and timely decisions when playing baseball to know when to hit the ball and where to direct it. In addition to this, catchers and outfielders need to calculate the speed at which the ball is moving in so that they can know when and how to catch the ball. Generally, baseball engages the mind a lot thereby enabling players to improve their mental wellness and enjoy great mental health. Playing baseball also helps in relaxing the mind especially for people who lead active and ever-busy lives.

Playing baseball requires an exceptional level of mental alertness and quickness. In addition to this, it also requires great focus and keen attention to play baseball effectively. Becoming a successful baseball player requires players to carefully study the game as well as other players to identify the best playing strategy to use. This heightened awareness and alertness enables players to enhance their focus in all areas of their lives including education.
In free times, you can drill your mental health, talent, handy with some baseball game: make a wooden bat, paitn a wood bat,etc…

Stronger arms

health benefits of playing baseball


If you are interested in building arm strength, playing baseball is arguably the best way to achieve this. From swinging the baseball bat to catching the ball, baseball players are able to incredibly build their arm strength as well as improve joint flexibility. The most fascinating thing about baseball is that swinging the bat and throwing the bat involve nearly all muscles in the arms including biceps, triceps, and chest and shoulder muscles. It is worth noting that strong arms and upper body (including the chest cavity) constitute a good body build; an important characteristic of sports people.

Stronger legs

health benefits of playing baseball


Baseball is one of the few sports that involve all muscles in the arms as well as those in the legs. Baseball players undertake a series of movements across the pitch including squatting, moving laterally and throwing the ball. All these movements engage quadriceps, gluts, calf muscles and hamstrings. Running not only enhances cardiovascular strengthening but also improves toning and builds up of leg muscles. In addition to stronger legs due to the movements in baseball, playing this sport also improves standing stability. Baseball players can be able to stand for long hours without straining their leg muscles.

Hand-Eye Coordination

health benefits of playing baseball

Most activities in baseball require players to have good hand-eye coordination. For instance, when batting, you need to be able to coordinate your hands and eyes so that you can estimate the distance and position of the ball so as to send it to the targeted pitch. Without proper hand-eye coordination, it can prove to be quite hard for you to be in a position to hit or catch the ball properly depending on your playing position.

Cardiovascular training

health benefits of playing baseball


Cardio exercises target at strengthening heart muscles and improving lung capacity. The random running across the pitch by baseball players enhances intense cardiovascular training especially if you play baseball quite often. Outfielders running across the plate to catch fly balls, catchers running after foul balls, and batters running across the bases all get immense bursts of unique cardiovascular exercises.

Burn Calories

Most of the activities involved in baseball are quite engaging and require a lot of energy to perform them successfully. Due to this, the body results to burning calories and fat deposits to supplement the high energy required. In addition to this, running, swinging, walking and catching involved when playing baseball increase the body’s metabolism hence resulting in calories being burnt. According to research studies on energy requirements when playing baseball, the body burns up to 365 calories every hour when in the field playing the sport. This presents obese and overweight people with an opportunity to shed off some weight while still enjoying great fun by playing baseball to keep fit.

Benefit for youth

health benefits of playing baseball


Playing baseball has proven to be very efficient in keeping the youth and kids alike on the right path in life. This has been through enabling them lead active lives such that they have little time to engage in behaviors and activities such as drug abuse, sex abuse and other social ills. What is more amazing about baseball is that it also reduces chances of suffering lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Coaching drills kid with youth bat, tell him why baseball is the best sport in the world, it also motivates the youth to go to college to take part in college baseball leagues and competitions.

Sharpen the mind

health benefits of playing baseball

There are other benefits of baseball to its players; benefits that are geared towards making their lives productive and active. For instance, the split-second decisions made when playing baseball makes it possible to sharpen the mind. This is greatly beneficial to learners as it makes it possible to implement efficient life strategies.

Vitamin D from sunlight

health benefits of playing baseball

Baseball is a field sport and is played outdoors. Players are exposed to sunlight thereby enabling them to get vitamin D directly from the sun. Sufficient levels of vitamin D in the body are necessary for efficient absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the body and hence strong bones are formed. Baseball players as well as other players of outdoor sports have strong and well formed bodies.

Essentially, playing baseball is very advantageous and beneficial to the body both physically and health-wise. Presently, the number of lifestyle diseases affecting people (the young and the old) has increased tremendously hence necessitating the need to curb these conditions through sports and other activities. Playing baseball is quite easy and simple as long as you understand the sport. The most fascinating thing about this sport is that it is a sport for all; the old and the young alike. When looking forward to playing the sport, it is necessary that you choose the right playing equipment and seek training to improve your playing skills.

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