How To Pick The Right Baseball Bat Size – 10 Important Things To Know

How to pick the right baseball bat size

Choosing the right size of your preferred baseball bat is very crucial for you to find the game exciting, thrilling and enticing to play. Bat manufacturers use custom colors and styles while designing bats. However, the look of a baseball bat is of little or no importance at all as far as the feel of the bats on the hands is concerned. Choosing the right bat requires expertise and experience.

Here are 10 important things to know on How to pick the right baseball bat size you need to know.

Weight of the bat

It goes without saying that a heavy bat requires more energy to swing and strike the ball. Due to this, it is necessary to consider the weight of the bat of choice so that it is easy for you to use it. Ideally, a bat should be considered light for you. As such, you should pick a bat whose weight matches your hand’s power and ability. When choosing a bat for your child, you should settle on bats designed for use by kids; small and light bats.

Consider your height

The perfect size of a bat should not exceed your hips. This rule also applies to kid’s bats. It is worth noting that a bat that exceeds your hips is too long for you and will most likely find it hard to swing the bat comfortably. Additionally, you should not get a bat that is too small for you as such a bat will make you strain very much while playing.

How to Pick the Right Baseball Bat Size

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Barrel Diameter

How to Pick the Right Baseball Bat Size

Most baseball players under 12 years should use bats with a 2.25-inch barrel diameter. Other players above this age and those who play in professional clubs and leagues should use bats with 2.75-inch barrel diameters. The maximum barrel diameter allowed for high school and college students is 2 5/8 inches.

League requirements

Ideally, all leagues have their own provisions and requirements as far as bat size is concerned. Therefore, your choice for the ideal size of a bat to settle for may be influenced by such regulations and requirements. To avoid inconveniences and unnecessary expenditures, it is important to consider the sizing requirements put in place by the league you are interested in playing for. Some leagues require all players to have a specific bat size for purposes of fairness to all players.


Drop refers to the weight-length ratio of baseball bats. Commonly, bats used in youth leagues and by most high school students have a (-7) t0 (-13.5) drop. Higher drop numbers indicate lighter bats. For children, it is necessary to settle for bats with the highest drop numbers as children should use light bats with a considerable weight.

When choosing bats on the basis of weight and length, it is important to ensure that you settle on a bat that can be used for a long time without seeming inappropriate. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your hard earned cash on a bat that will become useless after short time duration.

Metal vs. wood

How to Pick the Right Baseball Bat Size

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Wood is predominantly the most common type of material used in making baseball bats. However, in recent years, the popularity of metal bats has also grown incredibly as they are lighter and longer than wood bats. Most professional players train using wood bats and then opt to use metal bats when playing in the field. This is mostly because metal bats are easier to swing and provide better ball handling and control.

There are also composite baseball bats that are commonly preferred by children and other young players. This is because these bats are designed in a way that the weight is evenly distributed all over the bat. This makes it easy to control such bats and gives the player an added advantage over the opponents.

Legal to play

Before buying any bat particularly for your kid to use in participating in a children’s league, it is important to consider the legality of using such a bat. The easiest way to ensure that you only use a legal bat is ensuring that it is stamped with an official supplier’s logo. This logo ensures that the bat of choice is of approved material, barrel size, length, and knob.

It is also important to consider the Bat Performance Factor. The BPF acts as a measure of the speed at which the bat strikes the ball. 1.15 is the globally accepted BPF in most leagues and club competitions.

Handles and grips

A good grip provides a perfect grip. Thick handles provide a stable grip and absorb most shocks on mishits. On the other hand, a thin handle enables players to move their hands quickly and swiftly. Generally, the ideal size of a handle to choose depends on the playing style of the player as well as the preferences of each player.

There are some baseball bats that come with knobs at the base of the bat for easy control of the ball and for ensuring that the bat doesn’t slip out of the hands when making hard swings. Often, bats with this knob are preferred to other bats since they are safer to use as they prevent coaches, spectators, and other players from being hit by the ball.

Have a budget

It is wrong to shop for a baseball bat or any other baseball item without a budget. This is because a budget helps you to identify the best type of bat to settle for depending on quality, weight, size, and grip as well as other important factors. What is more important about a budget is that it helps in ensuring that you do not spend too much money on bats while you can spare some cash for other baseball items such as bag or rackets.

When shopping for the best bat of ideal size to you, it is also advisable to use the bat size charts, usually found in most sports houses and shops that sell sports items. These charts contain a great breakdown of the ideal bat size to settle for depending on the player’s height and weight. The best thing about these charts is that they are easy to use and interpret even for players who do not have any experience in selecting the best bats according to their sizes.

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Personal playing skills


Players have different playing skills and preferences when it comes to baseball. There are players who prefer playing with long bats while others prefer short ones. Whichever option you set for, you should get a bat of the right size according to your playing needs. Ideally, you should use a bat that is comfortable for you and does not cause any strains to you while playing.

You ought to know that your choice of a bat will definitely influence you’re your playing experience and how easy/hard you find baseball to be. For instance, if you settle for a bat that is too long or too heavy for you, you will have a hard time controlling such a bat thus resulting in poor ball control, slow swings, and loss of balance while swinging.

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