Why Doesn’t Baseball Have Cheerleaders?


Baseball is a very entertaining and thrilling sport but there are no cheerleaders to cheer on the players as they play. There are a few sports where cheerleading does not fit at all and is thus non-existent in those sports. These sports are such as baseball, softball, gymnastics, chess, water polo, track & cross country, cricket, tennis, and swimming among other sports. This is because these sports are mostly individualistic and as such, the sports do not give an “us against them” feeling.

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1. The Game Itself (Baseball)

Unlike in other sports, in baseball, the ball is controlled by the defense. Therefore, the primary goal of the game is preventing the offensive team from scoring. This creates an inability of moving the team forward towards a score which is the norm and does not necessarily amount to failure. What is more unique about this sport is that most attempts at swinging will not yield a hit, which is a common occurrence in baseball. As such, cheerleaders chanting for a hit for every swing will end up getting disappointed which in turn creates an inappropriate situation.

Baseball is a sport that requires being played in a relatively quiet and interruption-free environment. Due to this, it is important to ensure that there are no distractions in the pitch for a baseball team to perform excellently. In essence, the interruption-free environment in baseball is designed to keep faults and injuries at a minimum. For instance, distracting the batter while hitting the ball can send the ball to the wrong direction into other players or the fans. This is why cheering in baseball is done scoring a point like after making a good catch.

Individualistic performance

Even though baseball is a team sport, much of the performance is individualistic. For instance, pitchers throw the ball, base runners make runs to steal bases, infielders catch low level and ground balls, outfielders catch fly balls, and batters bat. Cheerleading in baseball adds pressure to the individual players rather than lend them support and encouragement.

Another reason why there is no cheerleading in baseball is because baseball sessions are quite long and may stretch for hours before they end. Keeping fans and cheerleaders excited for such long time duration can be quite hard.

2. Nature of Cheerleading

Cheerleading is considered to be a separate type of entertainment from the primary game. In most cases, there is virtually no relation between present day cheerleading and the game being played. Presently, cheerleading can actually outshine the primary sport. For example, when skillful gymnastic routines are performed in the course of a baseball game, it is possible to distract fans from watching the game itself.

Why doesn't baseball have cheerleaders

Ideally, the female counterpart of baseball amounts to softball not cheerleading. This is because cheerleading is specifically reserved for overly-masculine sports like football not sports with a mix of muscle dexterity (major and minor muscles) like baseball. Some fans and baseball enthusiasts view cheerleading as a show of attractive women who are enthusiastically enjoying baseball on behalf of the fans. Being a member of cheer team requires you to possess feminine beauty, an upbeat personality, and be popular among the fans.

3. Fans reasons

Baseball fans know that cheering in the sport does not require cheerleaders. This is because opportunities for cheering are not definite but come up momentarily. The form of cheering in the sport is different from the traditional cheering most people are familiar with featuring girls in skimpy outfits. Baseball fans know when to cheer their teams and do not need to be advised to do so by cheerleaders. Additionally, fans of the sport reason that cheerleaders are not likely to enhance the experience of enjoying the game.

In baseball, fans are entertained in between innings through announcements made on the scoreboard, throwing T-shirts into the crowd, music, and games. Baseball seasons can be likened to marathon races as opposed to horse races and as such, the crowds drawn by sport are different from those drawn by sports like baseball and football.

Even at school and college leagues, there is no cheerleading despite cheerleaders attending to support their favorite teams as fans but not as cheerleaders. According to die-hard fans of baseball, there is little that cheerleaders can do to make baseball more entertaining than it is already.

4. Baseball is a complex sport

Baseball is played with a different rhythm and approached as compared to other popular sports like basketball and football. In football or basketball, cheerleaders psych up the crowd which in turn acts as motivation and inspiration to the players. This energizes the players and enables them to improve their level of play to the excitement and satisfaction of the crowd. In baseball, the rhythm of play is quite different as players require great focus and precision while playing. Playing sessions in baseball are discrete in nature and short as compared to football where there is continuous action.

Base coaches are tasked with motivating the players and helping them move around the bases. These coaches understand the sport perfectly and are therefore best suited to encourage the players on when and where they need to put more effort. In a nutshell, this is what cheerleaders do in other sports as they lead the cheering to encourage, reassure, and motivate the players.

While cheerleaders would play a vital role in killing the monotony and boredom of intra-innings in baseball, they definitely wouldn’t add much hype to the sport. A full game of baseball lasts for more than 3 hours with the breaks between the innings being not more than 5 minutes. This makes the sport less enjoyable for casual viewers who are only interested in experiencing the fun and excitement in football and other hyped up sports. If you do not understand and comprehend the rules of baseball perfectly, you are definitely going to see baseball being a less interesting and boring sport. It is relatively quite easy to lose interest and feel �lost’ when watching baseball than when watching any other sport. Baseball is an incredible sport but it is hardly an all-action sport so it doesn’t provide an opportunity for cheerleading.

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