2019 Axe Bat Avenge Review

Axe Bat 2019 Avenge

Boasting of lighter swings compared to its predecessors, the 2019 Axe Bat Avenge is arguably one of the best USSSA youth bats.  This two-piece composite bat is speed balanced thereby providing players with a chance to attain high swing speeds.  Additionally, the bat boasts of incredible control and accuracy when delivering swings to hit the ball.  The best thing about the bat is that USSSA certified and conforms to the international 1.15 BPF standards.  The massive barrel is hard to miss even for youthful inexperienced players.  The all-new technology adopted in the design and construction of the bat provides players with a reliable tool for training, practice and competition.

2019 Axe Bat Avenge Review

Ergonomic handle with a perfect grip

The ergonomic handle of the Axe bat is one of the most sought after features by a majority of players. The handle is not only comfortable but also designed uniquely to guarantee a comfortable, firm and secure grip. As such, when swinging with the bat, you need not worry about the bat slipping midway your swings.  The patented Axe handle provides for maximum speed with enhanced barrel control for every swing.  In addition to this, the handle is well cushioned to provide the best protection from stings, vibrations and shocks generated in the bat when hitting the ball.

With a stable and firm grip on the handle, it becomes possible for players to use as much energy as they wish to make powerful hits.  There is arguably no better feeling than being able to exert as much energy through your swings as you wish. The Axe bat handle plays a pivotal role in allowing players to make their swings according to their preferences. Ideally, the bat puts you in charge of your swinging pattern and technique.

Reliable with unmatched performance

There is no experience that matches owning a reliable and dependable bat with unique performance.  This modern Axe bat is an all-time bat with unparalleled durability and reliability. As such, you can rely on the bat for your daily practice and training as well as for competitions due to its USSSA certification status. Due to its incredible durability and overall resistance to wear and tear, the bat can last for long without the bat breaking apart. When maintained in the best condition, it becomes possible for the bat to remain in the best condition without any decline in its performance or functionality.

The most fascinating aspect about this Axe bat is that the modern technology used in its design and development makes the bat performance proof. The unique performance and efficiency of the bat remain unchanged throughout the life of the bat. As such, you can depend on the bat for all your playing and practice needs on a daily basis. The consistent performance and reliability of the bat is akin to that found in high-end bats in the market.

Massive barrel w/ sophisticated barrel technology and amazing pop

One of the things you can be assured about when you invest in this bat is that in addition to its reliable performance, you will enjoy an amazing pop sound. The bat prides itself in a classy pop sound that will surely turn heads your way when on the pitch. Even though the pop sound does not contribute any functional aspect to the bat, it enhances the overall experience of using the bat.

Another key feature about this modern Axe bat is that it comes with an impressively massive barrel that features sophisticated barrel technology.  The ACR technology provides for enhanced control and max barrel performance throughout the entire 270- degrees (engineered) hitting zone.  This saves the players the trouble of rotating the barrel when preparing to hit the ball.  The composite HyperWhip-End Cap ensures that any unnecessary weight at the tip of the bat is removed for purposes of faster swings and large sweet spots.

Minor drawback

The only minor setback about this bat is that it requires a few hits to break-in.  As such, the bat is not ready to use right from the box.  However, once the bat breaks in, you can be guaranteed to enjoy an uninterrupted playing experience.

Ideally, this 2019 Axe bat is a classy bat that you can invest in for your kid to use for practice and perfecting their playing skills. The bat provides great value for your cash while at the same time ensuring that your kid gets a bat to transition from amateur levels to pro-playing levels.