2019 Marucci CAT 8 Baseball Bat Review

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Choosing the best baseball bat has never been easier especially for beginners. This is because there are lots of aspects and features worth considering. You should only settle on brands that are reliable, strong, durable and dependable. These features save you the need of having to invest in a new bat every season. Marucci is a reputable brand with an amazing reputation due to its unique design, unmatched strength, durability and a massive hitting spot. The Marruci Cat8 Bat is an aluminum alloy bat that is USSSA certified hence ideal for use in competitions. Here are some of its high-end features:

2019 Marucci Cat8 Review

Great balance

Marucci is fast becoming a household name for the best quality bats in the market. The design of the bat is done professionally and uniquely for purposes of great balance. The length and weight of the bat are accurate thereby giving players better control and accuracy when swinging.  The -8 Length-weight ratio ensure that the bat is perfect for use by both inexperienced and pro players. As such, you can buy the bat for a youthful player to use for advancing to intermediate and professional players.

The bat is considerably lightweight compared to other bats in its league. As such, players can use the bat for long practice and training sessions without straining their muscles.  The aluminum alloy used in the bat provides for thin barrel walls and consequently providing higher response rates.

Thick & large barrel

When using this bat, you can be guaranteed that you will never miss any ball. This is because of the bat’s thick and larger barrel compared to other bats.  The barrel features a new technology that eliminates any dead spots on the barrel. The large barrel makes the bat an ideal choice for use by children and other levels of beginner players.  The thickness of the barrel ensures that shock generated after hitting the ball is absorbed. What is more amazing about the bat is that it features an anti-vibration knob. The knob ensures that it absorbs stings and vibrations produced upon impact with the ball. As such, the player does not feel any stings or uncomfortable vibrations in the hands when playing.

The Cat8 bat boasts of a large sweet spot. Due to the bat’s -8 drop, it has a great and favorable for all players. It goes without saying that the bat has a characteristic loud pop sound.  This sound makes the bat stand out from other bats when playing in the pitch.

Overall superior quality design and build

Marucci ensures that all its bats and other sport accessories pride themselves in the best quality. The manufacturer has undertaken extensive improvements from previous bats to get the best out of its latest models.  For starters, the enhanced alloy construction not only ensures that the bat has a pop sound but also guarantees that the bat does not dent easily.  In addition to this, the construction allows players to make strong swings without worrying about the bat bending due to intense impact.

Since the Cat8 bat is BBCOR compliant, it requires only a few hits to break in. As such, you can use it right from the box.  The bat exhibits unique resistance to damage due to weather effects such as cold and intense heat. You can use it in all weathers throughout the season.  The performance and durability of the bat are guaranteed at all times. This makes the bat a great choice for daily use for practice and training.  The best thing about this bat is that it uses an all modern technology while at the same time ensuring that it enhances a traditional feel for optimizing the playing experience.

Minor setback

The only downside to using this bat is that its grip may need reinforcement for some players especially young players. However, this does not affect the performance and capability of the bat in any way. The ergonomic knob shape compensates for the setback of the handle by providing unique comfort and control.

Overall, The Cat8 bat by Marucci is designed for use by progressive players who are keen on advancing to higher playing levels.  This versatile bat is an excellent tool for players who are honing their accuracy and power hitting skills especially when preparing for leagues. The bat delivers beyond the player’s expectations.