2019 Anderson Techzilla S-Series Hybrid Youth Bat Review

2019 Anderson Techzilla S-Series Hybrid Youth Bat Review

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The 2019 Anderson Techzilla is a classy baseball bat that is designed for use by talented baseball players.  The bat comes with a unique handle that ensures a firm grip thereby allowing players to make strong and powerful hits.  The drop weight of the bat is low and hence youthful players are able to control and make perfect swings using the bat.  The bat is end-loaded and as such, it is a perfect choice for power hitters.  Due to its USA Bat approval, you can use the bat for competitions and leagues including Dixie Youth, Little League, & Babe Ruth among other leagues. Some of the key features of the bat are such as:

Anderson Techzilla Review

Comfortable handle &knob

The composite handle of the bat is professionally designed to provide a comfortable grip to the hands. It is worth noting that the handle plays a crucial role in determining the ease of holding the bat firmly in the hands.  This high-performance bat features a sweat absorbent grip that allows players to play for long durations without their hands becoming overly sweaty.  Additionally, the grip is soft thereby ensuring that it does not bruise the players’ hands.  The grip is durable and hence does not wear out easily.

The knob at the handle acts as a stopper that prevents the bat from slipping off the players’ hands when swinging to hit the ball. This feature doubles as a safety measure as it ensures that the bat is safe for use by all players including the inexperienced ones.  The knob is tough but expressly comfortable to hold in the hands even for long durations.

Unmatched performance

This 2019 bat by Anderson Techzilla is exclusively designed to exhibit unmatched performance by other similar bats. In line with this, the bat features -9 drop weight for easy handling and control by players as young as 10 years.  The most fascinating aspect about this bat is that it does not require any time to break-in. This is because it is ready to use right out of the box.  The ultra-thin handle is designed to provide for high bat speeds. As such, this bat favors power and contact hitters more than any other levels of players.

The bat boasts of a newly designed end cap that is lightweight for supporting improved barrel performance. The barrel measures 2 5/8 inches for a perfect hitting zone.  The M1 aerospace alloy barrel is durable and does not break or dent easily. Since the bat is end-loaded, it does not compromise on power and accuracy.

Reduced vibrations

One of the classiest features about this 2019 bat from Anderson Techzilla is that it uses modern technology that reduces vibrations. As such, players do not feel any stings or vibrations in the hands after the bat hits the ball.  Coaches and parents can use the bat as a training tool in readiness to advancing into higher playing levels.  For players who love hearing a magical pop sound from their bats, this Techzilla bat is ideal for them. The pop sound sets the bat apart from other bats in the pitch due to its unique intensity.

This professionally-inspired bat has an excellent general feel and as such, players will find the bat enjoyable both for practice and competitions.  The playing experience of using the bat is one of a kind and therefore players are likely to become fond of the sport.

Minor setback

The only slight setback about this all modern bat is that the size of its barrel does not compare to that of most composite bats in its league. It is slightly smaller and hence players shifting to the bat from other composite bats may find the transition hard at first. However, after getting used to the bat, players will barely notice the difference and hence will enjoy the convenience of the bat to the fullest.

Overall, this bat is one of the best youth bats to purchase in the market presently.  From excellent weight distribution to end loaded barrel and unique vibration reduction, this bat will definitely give you the best value for your hard-earned cash.  The superior control of the bat will make it easy to master the sport and become a pro. Invest in this bat today and enjoy the convenience of a high-quality baseball bat.