Backspin Tee Review

Backspin Tee Review

The batting tee has over the years proved to be an essential tool and training gadget for all baseball players. This tee is not only a reliable tool for beginners to use in honing their skills but also for major league players to perfect their playing skills. The tee comes in different dimensions and with varying features to cater to the needs of all players. This Backspin Tee is designed for use by both softball and baseball players.  The tee prides itself on being the only backspin tee with an inverted tee for training the player’s eyes to focus on the middle half of the ball. This in turn enhances accuracy and precision.

Backspin Tee Review

Portable and Lightweight

The manufacturers of the Backspin Tee have put great emphasis on the need for a portable tee. This tee makes it easy to transport the tee from one point to the other. The portability of the tee allows coaches and players to carry the tee around the pitch or in other areas of play.  Professional Pitching Coach, the developers of the Backspin Tee guarantee the strength of the tee for optimal performance. With this tee, you do not have to worry about the inconvenience of using the tee at different locations.  What is more amazing about the portability of the tee is that it is easy to pack and transport in a vehicle.

The Backspin Tee features a classy design that comprises of a lightweight frame. This design also impacts the portability of the tee positively while at the same time guaranteeing the sturdiness and strength of the tee.  The Pro model weighs more than the standard model. The easy pin system enhanced by the tee’s lightweight also provides for the tee’s improved portability.

Heavy-base steel plate and solid frame

The Backspin Tee features a classy and iconic design characterized by a heavy-base steel plate for guaranteed stability.  The base rests comfortably on different surfaces including dirt, concrete and turf among other surfaces. Consequently, the heavy base provides for the unique stability of the tee thereby ensuring that it remains firm and does not sway sideways due to wind. Additionally, the stability of the steel plate ensures that the tee remains in a stable and upright even after hitting the ball with the bat.

In addition to having a stable base, the tee also features a solid frame construction.  This construction promotes the durability of the tee thereby enhancing its longevity. Additionally, the reliability of the tee remains consistent throughout the tee’s life. Therefore, you need not concern yourself with any need for replacing the tee due to a drop in performance.  The design of the tee incorporates an inverted tee that favors players by enabling them to set their focus on the lower middle half of the ball where the bat strikes.

Adjustable with classic features

The best thing about the Backspin Tee is that it is adjustable to meet the needs and preferences of all players. The height adjustment feature makes it possible for players with varying heights to use the tee with great ease and convenience. The height adjustment in the pro models is more refined than that in the standard model. This is because pro models are designed for pro players while the standard ones are for amateurs and youthful players.  The maximum height adjustment in the pro model is 48 inches while in the standard one is 40 inches.

The cone-shaped ball holder in the tee clamps onto the ball tightly and hence the ball does not fall off midway your swing. It is also easy to set up and use, thereby saving you the trouble you would have gone through if using a complex tee.  The tee works perfectly and is engineered to help you work on hitting skills.

Minor setback

The only challenge you are likely to encounter is putting the spring clamps on. However, with a few attempts, you will become well-versed in the technique and accomplish it with great ease.

For players and coaches looking for the best tee to purchase, the Backspin Tee is the ultimate choice for them.  This gadget is designed to last for long while providing reliable performance and unmatched functionality.