The 5 Best ASA Softball Bats 2023: Reviews And Buyer Guide

Best ASA Softball Bats in 2017 for your money

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Are you looking for the best ASA Softball Bats that fit your play gives you the ability to produce efficiently and without straining?. Selecting the appropriate one for you may be hard and that is why it is important for you to have a comparison of the best bats before selecting the most suitable one.
Read my article below for more information, an in-depth look at the best ASA products in 2018. The guide can help you in selecting the most suitable bat.


Product Names

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DeMarini CF9 Insane Fast Pitch Bat

[usr 5]

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Easton MAKO CXN ZERO 10 Fastpitch Softball Bat

[usr 4.8]

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Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Bat

[usr 4.4]

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Easton SP16MBA ASA Mako Torq Helmer Balanced Bat

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Easton 2018 STEALTH FLEX Fast Pitch Softball Bat

[usr 3]

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Easton – Stealth Flex

Easton 2018 STEALTH FLEX Fast Pitch Review

A good product needs to be correctly weighted for you to be able to swing it efficiently. Easton 2018 FastPitch Bat is specifically designed to offer you the swing you need. It is a composite bat that is manufactured using 2 pieces of material but is totally enhanced to remain as weightless as possible. The model also features a long barrel that allows a better weight distribution over it. Speed is important and the product is designed to offer a better swing speed while efficiently reducing the moment of inertia.

Easton 2018 model is as well certified and authorized by most softball associations and can be used in their matches. It offers a great grip on it’s 29 or 32 inches handle that has a diamond pattern on it. Thermo Composite Technology (TCT) is also featured in this product and provides a larger sweet spot that is highly effective. To eliminate all the vibration and also offer ultimate performance, the product features the CXN Zero technology that is based on its two-layer conation. This product is simply made to give you the best softball feel and performance.



It offers a good pop
The bat comes in different sizes to match your needs
It has a large sweet spot

The pop may be too much
for some people

Easton SP16MBA ASA Mako Balanced

Easton SP16MBA ASA Mako Review

This is a good bat that is designed to give you a good feel and an excellent performance. It is completely made using IMX composite material that is the latest in the industry. This gives the product a better sweet spot and also enhances its performance. To eliminate all the vibration, the product features a technology called CXN Zero. This gives you a better feel and also boosts your confidence while playing.

This product is evenly balanced and offers a very good swing weight that is distributed equally. Swinging remains easier and faster for all kinds of players. It is also designed to give you a better feel of your palm while holding it. This is through the use of its 1.2 mm Hyperskin grip. It is a 2 ¼ inch diameter bat that offers the performance you need. This model is approved and certified by most softball associations.



It comes in varying sizes
The bat has a good pop

If not used properly,
the bat may start making
rattling sounds from the inside

Easton Salvo

Easton Salvo Slow Pitch Bat Review

Being in total control of the bat is what every softball player wants. This is what the Easton Salvo slow-pitch bat offers. It is a composite model that is made using a single piece of construction material that provides a whole control over the bat. The product has been tried, tested and found fit for batting in softball. It is approved by most of the softball associations.

Easton Salvo is a product that is made using an advanced IMX composite material that gives a very good sweet spot which is fairly large and highly effective. Its handle is 29 or 30 inches thin and is covered using an extremely thin Gauze grip. This helps you to grip the product in a firm and comfortable manner. Its barrel that is evenly balanced is 13.5 inches long and provides excellent hitting power. This means that your whole swing strength is transferred to the ball by the bat immediately a contact is made.



It has a good pop
It is evenly balanced
The bat comes in two sizes

The pop may not be enough to some

DeMarini CF9 Insane (-10)

DeMarini CF9 Insane (-10) Review

Bat simplicity is important for softball players. It is the best way you can express yourself without any exaggerations. DeMarini Insane CF9 is a model that is made with simplicity and plainness. It is designed to meet your specific needs. The Paraflex Composite material used in making it allows lighter swings and gives better performance.

This product is technologically customized to enhance your game and show your potential. Its weight distribution is good as the bat is balanced to fit your play. The D-fusion handle it has also helped in the weight distribution as it is designed to redirect the hitting power result back to the ball during contact. This as well reduces the hand stings.



It has a massive pop
It greatly reduces the MOI
The bat Comes in different sizes

Comes in varying drop weights
that might be confusing especially
to the beginners


Easton MAKO CXN ZERO 10 Fastpitch Softball Bat Review

Performance in products is crucial and a good product should be able to combine a number of features and offer the best feel and play. Easton Mako is a fastpitch softball bat that features both new and old bat technologies to offer you the performance you need. Among the technologies, it features, Thermo Composite is one of them and is useful in bringing out a larger sweet spot while providing a very good bat speed. CXN Zero technology is also used in the product and its main purpose is to eliminate all the vibration through the use of a 2 piece construction material.

This product is certified by most of the softball associations and can be used in their matches. The product comes with an ultra-thin handle that is 29 or 32 inches thin and is covered using a 1.2mm hyper skin grip. It is evenly balanced and is uniquely designed to give you enhanced power that is original and effective.



The bat has a good pop
It enhances your performance
It comes in different sizes

The pop may be too much
for some people


Amateur Softball Association of America, commonly referred to as ASA is tasked with approving slowpitch & fastpitch softball bats, which then become the best ASA bats in the market. Products that are not approved by ASA are not admissible for use in ASA matches. Products approved by this body have clearly certified stamps. Before certification, the products are taken through a series of tests to determine their performance limits.

What is ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats?

ASA bats are simply the products that are approved and accredited by ASA for use in ASA matches and competitions. These products are tested to ensure that their performance is up to a certain limit to provide players with a fair playing level regardless of the type of bat they are using. ASA specifies the extent to which the maximum performance of a bat should not exceed for purposes of promoting safety in the field. ASA has the strictest guidelines and provisions for regulating products. ASA approved models require to adhere to a batted-ball speed limit of 98mph. In addition to this, these bats should have a BFP of 1.20 or higher in some cases.

What Is The Difference Between ASA And NSA bats?

The main difference between ASA and NSA models lies in their certification, and by extension, the leagues that they are used in. NSA products are certified for use in NSA leagues and competitions. These products have a 1.20 BPF. Like ASA, the NSA also sets the maximum bat performance that can be used in NSA leagues and competitions to ensure that no player has a greater advantage than the opponents. All NSA approved bats have high-quality construction, have a perfect weight balance, and feature other customizations to address the needs of all players.

Alloy vs Composite ASA

Alloy ASA products are made from aluminum alloys. These products blend aluminum and other elements to reinforce its strength and quality. Even though alloy products are not the most expensive ASA bats currently in the market, the quality of the alloy increases the value of the products. Most of the times, Alloy ASA bats are affordable than those made from composite materials.

Composite ASA bats on the other hand boast of superior designs, are solidly constructed and are of very fine quality. These products have a high price range and perform optimally. Moreover, their functionality is quite impressive, and as such, they are a favorite option for most professional softball players. While most traditional composite ASA bats had durability issues but modern ones last for very long, especially with proper care and maintenance. These products come with uniquely characteristic styles and designs that enhance their functionalities.

While the playing abilities and performance of softball players depend on their playing skills, the choice of equipment/bats also determines their performance. Due to this, it is paramount to use highly efficient and well-designed products to complement your playing skills. Composite ASA bats perform better than alloy models due to their designs, unique construction, enhanced durability, massive sweet spots, and better bat control.

What Are The Best Brand Of Asa Softball Bat?


Easton is arguably one of the best softball bat brands not only for ASA products but also for other types of bats. These products boast of a balanced weight, are end-loaded, high swing speeds, and much of their weight is oriented towards the barrel. There is a lot of consideration, research, and professional design work that goes into the manufacture of these products. This is why the products provide players with better control thus enabling the players to exhibit excellent playing skills. The products adopt a two-piece construction that minimizes feedback vibrations after hitting the ball.

Ideally, ASA and NSA bats come with advanced features that make them perfectly suitable for premium performance and added functionality as compared to other standard products These products have large sweet spots and well balanced overall weight hence easy to swing and control. The best ASA softball bats come with leather and rubber cushioning to protect players from vibrations and strings produced after the bat comes into contact with the ball. The cushions also provide players with a firm and better grip thus enabling players to have a steady grasp of the products. The bats come in different sizes and weights to address the needs of all players.


 Softball requires your speed and conciseness. You should use a bat that maximizes your ability and effort, while not giving too much than it should. The list above gives you a better understanding of the best products on the market. It should guide you when shopping for the most appropriate product.