Best Baseball Bats 2023: Top Brands And Review

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Best Baseball Bats Review Featured ImageLooking for the best baseball bats to purchase is what every player wants. There are some that are of exceptionally high quality while others are substandard.

Due to the differences in the design and consequent, it is important to search for the baseball bat with features such as good grip, superior design, durable and superb functionality. It is worth noting that products are made for specific classes of players; there are those for children, youths, and adults. Therefore, you should only purchase a product that is right for you.

Best Baseball Bats Comparison Table

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Easton MAKO COMP-3-BBCOR (Adult)

Best baseball bats in the world

The Easton MAKO COMP-3-BBCOR Baseball Bat is arguably the best product for adults/youth currently. The product is designed and developed using TCTATM (Thermal Composite) Technology that enhances an unmatched bat speed as well as a massively sweet build. The balanced barrel design of the model creates a lower swing weight index thereby enhancing a faster swing speed. The thermal composite technology used in the bats development maximises the transfer of energy for a well-optimized feel.

The composite handle of this model is 31/32†and has a 1.2mm Hyperskinatm grip. This cushioning on the grip offers an enhanced and comfortable grip for the best feel while playing. Players who use this model enjoy the benefit of a larger barrel combined with a high bat speed thereby creating the best baseball playing experience.


  • High-End Features
  • Balanced for better energy transfer
  • A swing weight that is balanced


  • It is only available in one color and design


Best baseball bats in the world

If you are looking for a high-end product made using fine quality and highly durable aluminum alloy, then the Easton S50 Baseball Bat is the best model for you. This 21/4†model is specially designed for use by youths who are enthusiastic about playing baseball like pros.

The most fascinating thing about this model is that it comes with an evenly-balanced design and shape that allows for a comfortable and firm grip. In addition to this, players who use the bat enjoy a light and powerful swing due to the lightweight nature of the model. For baseball players who like playing machine pitch league games, this Easton model is the best bat for them. This is because the 26-inch length combined with the 16 oz weight of the bat makes it easy for players to gain good control of the ball.


  • Highly durable aluminum alloy.
  • Comfortable and firm grip make good control.
  • Balanced design.


  • It is only available in one color and designation.

2015 (BB15S2Z S2Z CORE-3) BBCOR

Best baseball bats

Designed for players looking for a well-built bat with impeccable performance, this Easton baseball bat is a great choice for all types of players. This BBCOR certified product comes with a 31/32†composite handle that has a reinforced performance diamond grip. This ensures that the model is not only comfortable to hold in the hands but can also be held firmly and with the right grip while playing.

What is more amazing about this Easton 2015 Model is that it is uniquely designed for fast swing speeds thus making it ideal for use by all players including professional players. The barrel of the model is made of aluminum for maximum durability and resistance to wear and tear even with continuous use. Like other Easton products, this incredible bat is designed to provide its users with the best playing experience when playing a game. It’s massive speeds, functionality, and ease of use make it a great product to use for all classes of players.


  • Faster swing speeds
  • Maximum durability and resistance to wear


  • It is only available in one color and design

Demarini Wood Fungo Bat

DeMarini Wood Fungo Bat Review

For a long time now, DeMarini has continually developed high-class gaming items and products. In line with this spirit, the Wood Fungo model is an all-new model with a composite for excellent durability and fast swing speeds. The product is specifically designed for use by coaches and players alike when practicing how to hit balls for infield and outfield targets.

This Wood Fungo Model is easy to control and use in playing baseball due to its unique shape. Additionally, the lightweight aspect of the product makes it possible to swing at amazingly fast speeds without overworking your arms. Since the bat is mostly best suited for hitting fly and ground balls, its compact weight makes it possible to use the product for long without getting tired pretty fast. Fungo models have in the recent past become favourite bats for most experienced baseball players due to their durability, lightweight, and great ease of use.


  • Excellent durability and fast swing speeds
  • Easy to control
  • Compact weight


  • Only one 35-Inch/23-Ounce
  • Limit product number

DeMarini (CF Zen Balanced) BBCOR-3 (Drop)

Best baseball bats in the world

DeMarini is popular for optimizing its sports items/products to meet the needs of all players. As such, this BBCOR certified DeMarini bat is designed through a player-driven innovation to provide players with the most thrilling experience when playing baseball. Irrespective of your playing style, this product will definitely help you elevate your game and take it to the next level.

This custom built bat is developed with a unique dedication to performance and excellence. DeMarini uses state-of-the-art technology to design and develop classic models with unmatched comfort and easy handling and gripping. The product comes with an ideal length that makes it right for use by youthful players and adults alike. It is worth noting that when using this product, there are unlimited playing styles that you can experiment.


  • Easy handling and gripping
  • It comes in an average size that is good for all players
  • Helps in making lighter swings


  • It is only available in one color and design

2017 Combat Vigor

2017 COMBAT VIGOR Bats Review

This 2017 Combat Baseball Bat is a one of a kind product in its own league. The model boasts of an exceptional design that features an extended barrel with explosive power. What is more outstanding about this model is that it has an exceptional trampoline effect that provides a superior feel and maximum pop when playing.

This lightweight product is designed using a seamless technology that ensures that the bat is well hardened, and has an ultra-consistent mold for optimal performance. In addition to this, the seamless technology ensures that there are no dead spots when using the product. This COMBAT VIGOR model is wrapped with a premium quality wrap that not only reduces vibration but also provides supreme comfort when using the bat.


  • Superior feel and maximum pop when playing.
  • Swinging the product remains quicker and easier


  • It is only available in one color and design

Rawlings Adult Velo Balanced (BBCOR-3)

Best baseball bats in the world

If you are looking for a nicely designed model with a premium synthetic leather reinforced grip, then this RAWLINGS bat is the best baseball for you. The model boasts of an ultra-unique 5150 alloy barrel for excellent performance and easy handling. The long barrel of the product also provides a sweet spot that in turn translates to added speed and strength.

This RAWLINGS ADULT Baseball Bat has a unique pop as well as a nice ping noise that makes a game more exciting and thrilling. Since the bat is BBCOR-3 certified, you can be sure that it will provide you with the best playing experience by ensuring that you hit the ball on target.


  • One-Piece Alloy Construction
  • Easy handling
  • Precision-Optimized-Performance (pOp 2.0) Technology


  • It is only available in one color and design


Best baseball bats in the world

COMBAT bats are known to be the pacesetters and industry leaders in the products category. In line with this spirit, this all-new 2017 Combat Maxum Product is not only BBCOR certified but also has an incredible weight to length ratio (3). This product consistently delivers an extreme combination of extremely fast swings, unparalleled performance, and a balanced feel.

This fully composite bat boasts a seamless construction that features carbon-fiber sleeves that run along the length of the model. This provides a finely tuned performance and uniform strength thereby allowing players to enjoy a comfortable and exciting experience when using the model.

The 2 5/8†barrel diameter, as well as BBCOR certification, makes the bat a great choice for playing in high school and college leagues. When using this product, you can be guaranteed that there will be no dead spots and miss-swings when playing.


  • The extreme combination of extremely fast swings.
  • Balanced feel.


  • It is only available in one color and design.

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Choose The Right Bat Size


It goes without saying that a heavy bat requires more energy to swing and strike the ball. Due to this, it is necessary to consider the weight of the product of choice so that it is easy for you to use it. Ideally, a model should be considered light for you. As such, you should pick a bat whose weight matches your hands power and ability. When choosing a bat for your child, you should settle on products designed for use by kids; small and light products.

Consider your height

The perfect size of a bat should not exceed your hips. This rule also applies to kids models. It is worth noting that a product that exceeds your hips is too long for you and will most likely find it hard to swing the bat comfortably. Additionally, you should not get a product that is too small for you as such a bat will make you strain very much while playing.

How to Pick the Right Baseball Bat Size

Barrel Diameter

How to Pick the Right Baseball Bat Size

Most players under 12 years should use bats with a 2.25-inch barrel diameter. Other players above this age and those who play in professional clubs and leagues should use bats with 2.75-inch barrel diameters. The maximum barrel diameter allowed for high school and college students is 2 5/8 inches.

League requirements

Ideally, all leagues have their own provisions and requirements as far as bat size is concerned. Therefore, your choice for the ideal size of a product to settle for may be influenced by such regulations and requirements. To avoid inconveniences and unnecessary expenditures, it is important to consider the sizing requirements put in place by the league you are interested in playing for. Some leagues require all players to have a specific bat size for purposes of fairness to all players.


Drop refers to the weight-length ratio of products. Commonly, products used in youth leagues and by most high school students have a (-7) t0 (-13.5) drop. Higher drop numbers indicate lighter bats. For children, it is necessary to settle for models with the highest drop numbers as children should use light bats with a considerable weight.

Metal vs. wood

How to Pick the Right Baseball Bat Size

Wood is predominantly the most common type of material used in making models. However, in recent years, the popularity of metal products has also grown incredibly as they are lighter and longer than wood bats. Most professional players train with and take care of wood bats for practice and then opt to use metal products when playing in the field. This is mostly because metal products are easier to swing and provide better ball handling and control.

There are also composite baseball bats that are commonly preferred by children and other young players. This is because these models are designed in a way that the weight is evenly distributed all over the model. This makes it easy to control such bats and gives the player an added advantage over the opponents.

Legal to play

Before buying any product particularly for your kid to use in participating in a childrens league, it is important to consider the legality of using such a bat. The easiest way to ensure that you only use a legal bat is ensuring that it is stamped with an official suppliers logo. This logo ensures that the model of choice is of approved material, barrel size, length, and knob.

Handles and grips

A good grip provides a perfect grip. Thick handles provide a stable grip and absorb most shocks on mishits. On the other hand, a thin handle enables players to move their hands quickly and swiftly. Generally, the ideal size of a handle to choose depends on the playing style of the player as well as the preferences of each player.

There are some products that come with knobs at the base of the model for easy control of the ball and for ensuring that the bat doesnt slip out of the hands when making hard swings. Often, products with this knob are preferred to other bats since they are safer to use as they prevent coaches, spectators, and other players from being hit by the ball.

Have a budget

It is wrong to shop for a product or any other item without a budget. This is because a budget helps you to identify the best type of product to settle for depending on quality, weight, size, and grip as well as other important factors. What is more important about a budget is that it helps in ensuring that you do not spend too much money on bats while you can spare some cash for other items such as bag or rackets.

When shopping for the best model of ideal size to you, it is also advisable to use the bat size charts, usually found in most sports houses and shops that sell sports items. These charts contain a great breakdown of the ideal bat size to settle for depending on the players height and weight. The best thing about these charts is that they are easy to use and interpret even for players who do not have any experience in selecting the best products according to their sizes.

Ideally, when looking for the best baseball bats, you should consider more than just the appearance of the product. This is because the feel, ease of use, and performance of the bat are what matters most when it comes to choosing models. Always settle for a product that suits your playing style perfectly.

In Summary

Any search for the top baseball equipment will include a bat and by choosing one of the best models you can set yourself up for success.