Best Baseball Cleats 2023: Buying Guides With Reviews

Best Baseball Cleats for youth: Buying Guides with Reviews

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Find the best baseball cleats are an important part of the right gear and equipment to put on while playing a game of baseball. These products should be considered light, well molded, and comfortable for ease and convenience while playing. When shopping for these products, you should settle on a cleat that fits perfectly and is built to last.


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Adidas Performance Men's Poweralley 4 Tpu Baseball Shoe

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Easton Mens Matrix GT Low Turf Shoe

[usr 5]

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Under Armour Men's Leadoff Mid RM

[usr 4.4]

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Nike Boy's Vapor Strike 2 MCS BG Baseball Cleat

[usr 4.4]

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Under Armour Men's UA Charged Ultimate Training Shoes

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Mizuno Women's Finch Franchise 4 Softball Cleat

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Under Armour Boys' Harper 2 RM Jr

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Under Armour Boys’ Harper 2 RM Jr.

If you are looking for a good baseball cleat with a synthetic leather upper and a rubber sole for enhanced durability, then this is the cleat for you. These rubber molded products are reputable and popular for providing optimal traction and excellent foot grip. The products feature ankle strap locks that are designed to provide additional stability.

The mesh tongue in these Under Armour Baseball Cleats provides extra breathability for purposes of ensuring that the feet are cool, dry, and well-aerated at all times. In addition to this, the EVA midsole in the models provide excellent cushioning, dispersed cleat pressure, and added comfort.



Enhanced breathability
Exceptional comfort
Optimal traction
Considerable light
Excellent aesthetics

Wears out quickly if used inappropriately
and kept in unfavorable conditions

Nike Boy’s (Vapor Strike-2MCS BG)Baseball Cleats

If you want to buy your son a great cleat with an incredible design and an amazing step-in comfort, then this Nike Boy’s Baseball Cleat is the best shoe for him. This cleat features a low-cut design and has a synthetic leather upper that provides lightweight support. The cleat has toe box perforations combined with a mesh tongue and collar that provides excellent breathability.

The best thing about this incredibly unique boys’ baseball cleat is that it comes with a lightweight sock-liner that helps in cushioning the foot. When wearing this shoe, you need not worry about having sweaty feet as the unique breathability of the cleat ensures that your feet are well aerated at all times.



Synthetic leather upper
Unique perforations for cool comfort
Low-cut stylish design
TPU drag cap for enhancing forefoot durability
Lightweight sock-liner for cushioning the foot

Exclusively for boys only

Under Armour Men’s (UA Ultimate) Turf Training Shoes

Best baseball cleats

This Under Armour shoes is specially designed and made for people wishing to use comfy and durable footwear while playing baseball. With lightweight traction, the shoe is popular for providing other benefits such as natural stability and excellent performance to players. In addition to this, the shoe provides a one of kind optimal shock absorption to players.

The full-length midsole in the shoe provides natural comfort and an ultra-responsive experience. What is more amazing about this shoe is that its design features a combination of a lightweight breathable mesh and synthetic leather for incredible fit and feel.



Optimal shock absorption
Rubber sole
Lightweight traction on different surfaces
Unmatched performance
Stylish and functional

Requires great care to remain in pristine conditions

Adidas Performance Men’s (Poweralley 4 TPU) Baseball Shoe

Adidas is a giant sports shoemaker that has over the years made top quality sports shoes. Like other Adidas’ products, the Adidas Performance Men’s Baseball Shoe is an incredible shoe with lots of unique features. The shoe has a comfortable textile lining that ensures that the shoe is comfy and has a soft feel when worn. The shoe has a characteristic nubuck upper that is decorated with classy diamond perforations.

For purposes of enhanced abrasion resistance, this Adidas Shoe features a unique iron-skin toe overlay that is exclusively found in Adidas shoes only. In addition to this, the shoe has an internal shank that provides for torsional rigidity and mid-foot support.



Durable nubuck upper
Stylish and exceptionally functional
Decorated with diamond perforations
Great quality
Ultimate comfort and support

Exclusively a men’s shoe

Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Mid RM

Under Armour has been in the forefront of designing and making the best quality products for both men and women. Like other shoes from this brand, the Leadoff Mid RM models boast of having high-end features that include a mesh tongue for improved breathability thereby ensuring that the feet are cool and dry throughout the game.

The rubber sole of the shoe not only provides a better grip but also enhances the shoe’s durability. The textile and synthetic combination of the shoe makes it lightweight and convenient to use when playing baseball. What is more unique about these shoes is that the synthetic leather upper enhances additional step-in comfort with amazing support.



Unique step-in comfort
Enhanced breathability
Lightweight and well aerated
Eva midsole for dispersing clear pressure, extra comfort and cushioning
Rubber sole for optimal traction

Men’s cleat only

Under Armour Men’s (UA Deception-Low DiamondTips) Cleats

Designed using the latest technology and the best skills, Under Armour Men’s Baseball Cleats pride themselves on having an integrated tongue that hugs the foot thereby providing the ultimate feel and fit. The UA Clutch technology used in the making of the models enhances great ankle support and powerful support with ankle wrap supports. Like other top quality products, these Under Armour Men’s Cleats are made using long-lasting synthetic leather.

If you are looking for a cleat with an ultra-responsive performance as well as natural comfort and stability, then this is the cleat for you. The cleat has a stylish design, is reliably functional and durable for a long time even with everyday use.



Synthetic leather upper
Excellent durability
Incredible feel and comfort
Powerful ankle support
3D molded tongue provides ultimate feel & fit

Designed for men’s use only

Mizuno Women’s Finch Franchise 4 Softball Cleat

Best baseball cleats

The Flinch Franchise 4 Softball Cleats are designed for softball and baseball players looking for a pair of stylish and functional products. These models are incredibly comfortable to wear and have a soft padding along the interior surface for a comfy wearing experience. The upper part of these shoes features synthetic leather that provides lightweight comfort and convenience while wearing.

These molded products by Mizuno Girls are exclusively designed for use by girls in baseball and softball. These shoes boast of superior performance and have a unique man-made sole that enhances the cleat’s durability and resistance to wear. It is worth noting that these models provide comfortable traction and unique on-field support.



Superior performance
Comfortable traction
Synthetic leather upper
Very functional

Exclusively for girls
Kids’ cleats only

With the right choice of durable and highly functional products, you can be assured to enjoy great comfort, support, and convenience when playing baseball. Ideally, baseball is a very exciting sport but the fun only gets better with the right gear.

BUYING GUIDES SECTION: How to choose the right baseball cleat?

Baseball cleats come in different designs, types, and specifications. Products are very important as they determine your flexibility in making movements across the pitches and plates, and provide you with stability when standing in a ready position to swing the bat or throw the ball. When looking for products, it is necessary to settle for the type that provides you with the best traction depending on the field you are playing in. Some of the factors you should put into consideration when choosing the perfect cleat for you include:

By Position

Your position in the team as well as the type of playing surface determines the right baseball cleats for you. For instance, flexible models are ideal for base stealers as they allow the players to sprint from one base to the other. On the other hand, for defensive players, the best cleat to choose should be that with multi-directional ability.

Infielders and Outfielders

The choice of metal and plastic cleats for infielders is dependent on the type of field on which the models will be used. If you will be playing on a surface that is dense and compact, then metal models are your best choice. This is because plastic cleats will collect much dirt including sand and gravel. This will in turn make it hard to run with such cleats.

If you are playing on a lush and firm outfield, metal cleats are the ideal choice as they do not pick up much grass patches like molded products would. Outfielders need high-end models that will into and out of the ground with much ease and reliably.


The push-off foot is every pitcher’s greatest asset if they want to play. If a cleat does not provide good stability, then the pitcher will not be in a position to pitch perfectly. Metal cleats are the best cleats to use by pitchers playing on heavily packed grounds. In addition to this, pitchers should use products with low tops as such shoes are comfortable and do not hurt the ankle bone.

Types and metal

Best baseball cleats 2017

There are mainly three types of baseball cleats: metal, molded plastic, and fitness/turf.

These baseball shoes provide good traction as they can effectively and effortless dig into hard ground in-fields and grass. These products provide players with the right grip needed for taking off and slowing down. What is more amazing about metal cleats is that they are also ideal for batters as it helps them in hitting without slipping. However, care should be taken when using these cleats as they can cause injuries when the player changes direction suddenly. Additionally, the cleats should only be used on grass and dirt surfaces as other surfaces are known to wear out the spikes on the cleats.

Molded plastic

Rubber or molded plastic cleats are fixed permanently onto the sole of the shoes. These cleats are strong and stable and hence can be used on different surfaces without wearing out extensively. The products can also be used on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Rubber cleats are less expensive compared to metal cleats and are also more durable.

Trainer/turf shoes

Turf shoes in baseball are mostly worn during practice and training. These shoes provide a good grip when worn on hard surfaces. In addition to this, the shoes also keep the feet close to the surface thereby providing good stability, minimal injury risk, and maximum traction. Molded plastic cleats should not be worn on artificial turfs as they do not grip such surfaces and thus increase the risk of injury.

Properly size your cleat

Ideally, when putting on a baseball cleat, it is necessary to ensure that the toe should be at most a quarter an inch from the cleat’s end. Similarly, the heel needs to fit snugly so that the cleat is comfortable to wear. It is worth noting that if you do not find the perfect size of the cleat for you, you should opt for a tighter cleat rather than a loose one. A perfectly fitting baseball cleat provides you with the best support needed when making twists and movements in the pitch. It is important to ensure that the cleat of choice has the right cushioning amount for a comfortable feel when wearing the cleat.

Stud length

There are different considerations that should be made in respect to stud length depending on the type of ground you will be using the cleats on. Long studs are perfect for use in muddy terrains as the longer studs have a better grip. These studs prevent players from falls and slips when playing on wet grounds. Always settle for cleats with the best stud length; those that will provide you with a firm ground grip.

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Age- Youth Baseball cleats

Kids cannot use the same cleats as adults. This is because kids require using well-fitting cleats that provide them with the best support when running on the pitch. Appropriate footwear is crucial for safety and excellent performance among young baseball players. Outfitting young baseball players not only cause extreme discomfort but can also result in injuries. Most youth leagues and high school baseball competitions only allow youthful players to use plastic cleats.

Caring for the cleats

Whichever type of cleat you purchase, it is necessary to accord them the right care to prolong their life as well as improve their functionality. The models need to be cleaned well after use and hang out to dry to prevent the build-up of moisture. Avoid using your cleats on surfaces that they are not designed to be used on. This is because such surfaces are likely to cause extreme wearing out and tearing of the cleats.

Enjoying playing baseball requires you to possess more than playing skills. You need to invest in good quality equipment including footwear. With the right pair of baseball cleats, it becomes quite easy to exhibit great performance and enjoy unmatched safety.


Synthetic or genuine leather are the materials used in the construction of best baseball cleats. Genuine leather has superior quality, is more breathable, supple and is more durable compared to synthetic leather. However, the price tags for genuine leather cleats are very high and less affordable. Synthetic leather is cheaper than genuine leather but provides extra support to the feet and ankle.

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Choosing the best cleats for baseball can help you when purchasing new apparel.