Best Baseball Elbow Guard 2018 With Reviews

Best baseball Elbow Guard

Baseball like other games has its own fair share of safety hazards and injurious risks. Due to this, it is necessary to ensure that before you step on to the pitch to play your favorite sport of baseball that you put on an elbow guard for best protection. There are different kinds and types of elbow guards with varying features and durability. The best batters elbow guard should be comfortable, light and strong so that it does not crack when hit by the ball or after a fall.

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Premium (Baseball/Softball) Batters Elbow Guard Review

Featuring a breathable construction, the Premium Baseball Elbow Guard for batters boasts of a perfect and comfortable fit. The best thing about the guard is that it comes with adjustable straps for adjusting the guard to fit your elbow perfectly. The guard is designed for both hands and as such, it can be used on the right and left hands. The guard disperses impacts rather than absorbing them thereby ensuring that you do not experience any shock on the elbow after the guard is hit by the ball.

Hand washable

The most amazing thing about this elbow guard is that it is easy to clean as it is hand washable. Additionally, the guard is dried in the sun and hence you would incur any unnecessary costs for cleaning or drying the guard. Since the guard is made using an antimicrobial material, you need not worry about the material harboring germs and other microorganisms. The guard is not as bulky as other guards in the market and hence it is comfortable to put on even for long playing sessions.

PE Protective Plate and low profile design

The Premium Batters Elbow Guard features a PE Protective Plate for utmost protection from falls and ball hits. The low profile design of the guard ensures that the guard does not hinder the free motion of the elbow when swinging to hit the ball or preparing to catch a fly ball. This high-quality guard is not only reliable in providing the best elbow protection but also highly durable. As such, the guard is guaranteed to provide you with the best protection throughout its lifespan.


  • PE protective plate
  • High-quality breathable construction
  • Hand washable and suitable for air drying
  • Anti-microbial material


  • Does not fit young players below 9 years

Graduated Compression (Arm) Sleeve 20-30 mmHg Review


For batters looking for a medically approved elbow guard for use when playing baseball, the Graduated Compression Elbow Guard is the ultimate guard to purchase. This guard enhances blood circulation on the elbow thereby increasing muscle oxygenation and consequently enhancing the performance of the muscles. The best thing about this guard is that it is a great choice for people recovering from elbow injuries and swellings on the elbow muscles. This elbow guard features unique hinge movement for easy and comfortable movement of the elbow when playing.

Genuinely hard materials

One of the most amazing aspects about this elbow guard is that it is made from genuinely hard materials that make the guard hard, durable and resistant to breaking. The inner shell of the guard is cushioned with a soft material for efficient and reliable cushioning of the hand when playing. Another key advantage about the guard is that it is easy to put on and remove. This enhances the convenience of using the guard. It is worth noting that the guard is considerably lighter than most other elbow guards in the market are. As such, you can wear it comfortably without feeling tired due to excessive weight on the elbow.

Helps in supporting muscles and joints

If you have suffered from injury and vibrations to the muscles during previous playing sessions, you can use this guard for supporting the elbow joints and muscles. This in turn allows for faster healing and recovery from these injuries. The guard also helps in easing inflammation, swelling, as well as in reducing pain. The antibacterial fibers in the guard provide for a smooth, safe and comfortable fit thus making it exciting and thrilling to put on the guard during your playing and practice sessions.


  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Durable and resistant to wear and tear
  • Maximizes circulation of blood throughout the arms
  • Made from hard materials.


  • Does not fit young players properly

Premium Arm (Compression) Sleeves for Outdoor Activities Review

Designed and made using a classic compression technology, this athletically designed compression sleeves for protecting the arms and providing relief from lymphedema pains.  The sleeves are perfect for players who play games that involve the rapid movement of hand muscles particularly those on the joints like the elbow. The elbow guard provides sufficient superior support on the elbow to caution it from injuries or straining when making muscle movements when swinging to hit the ball. In addition to baseball, the sleeves for sports people in other sports like running, basketball, softball and running among other outdoor activities.

Breathable material construction and boosts circulation

The material used in making is this product boasts of excellent breathability thereby preventing discomfort caused by sweating on the elbow when wearing a guard. The nylon material used for the guard’s construction is designed for 24/7 compression and comfort to relieve elbow pain, arm pain, soreness, swelling, and discomfort. The breathable material also allows for smooth and healthy circulation of blood around the elbow and throughout the hand. This in turn prevents injuries and swelling on the elbow.

Comfortable sizing

For players who find it hard to get the best fitting elbow guard, this product is perfect for them as it comes with comfortable sizing for the best fit. The best thing about this guard is that it is ideal for both male and female players. With this guard, you not only get a chance to protect the elbow from possible injuries attributed to contact with the ball but also, it helps you in muscle recovery after suffering injuries. The guard features a unique low profile design complemented by an efficient hinge design that in turn allows free and relaxed motion of the elbow.


  • High-quality construction
  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Enhances smooth blood circulation
  • Comfortable fit sizing


  • The padding on the guard is not sufficiently strong for cushioning against high-speed balls.

G- Form Baseball (Pro-Extended) Elbow Guard Review

The G-Form baseball elbow guard is designed to provide players with maximum protection around the elbows. The guard features impact-absorbing pads that protect the elbow from ithe mpact caused by balls and bats or other external forces. The guard is comfortable to wear as it features a moisture-wicking construction that keeps the wearer comfortable and dry throughout the playing session. For purposes of fitting perfectly on the elbow, the guard comes with silicone grippers and an elastic band for ensuring that the pad remains intact throughout.

Breathability and easy care

When using the G-Form elbow guard, you need not worry about taking care of the guard as it is easy to take care of. This is because requires little care as it is machine-washable and is not affected by moisture or other weather effects. You can wash the guards after every use or after two or three intervals. The technical mesh back in the guard provides sufficient breathability and compression thereby enhancing a lightweight and comfortable fit.

Good support & flexible

The sturdy design and construction of this product make it possible for it to provide good support and enhanced flexibility. This allows for multiple use of the guard for other activities such as gardening and gardening in addition to sporting events. The guard is durable and hence can last for long without wearing out or getting torn. It also features a low profile design that allows for unhindered motion of the elbow and muscles in the hands. Additionally, the guard enhances blood circulation throughout the arms.


  • Light and strong construction
  • Low profile design for flexibility and mobility
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Easy to care for and maintain


  • Padding wears out with time especially after repeated washing intervals

EvoShield (Evocharge) Batter’s Elbow Guard Review

EvoShield Batter’s Elbow Guard is a classic guard designed using sophisticated technology for ultimate excellence and performance. The guard features a soft and flexible construction that allows for increased mobility and flexibility around the elbow while at the same time offering the best protection from injuries. The guard comes with a custom-molded shield for purposes of providing a perfect and comfortable fit. The best thing about this guard is that it is ideal for use in sports as well as other outdoor activities like running and gardening.

Impact dispersed hence providing sufficient protection

The design of the guard provides a unique technique that disperses impact rather than absorbing it. This in turn ensures that no impact reaches the arms and thereby cushioning the elbow from any injuries whatsoever. The guard is hand washable and as such you do not have to incur any unnecessary costs in maintaining and caring for the guard. The guard is light and comfortable hence allowing for unique hinge movement that is ideal when swinging to hit the ball.

Great and worthy investment

When you buy this elbow guard designed for batters and other sports people, you get great value for your money. This is because the guard is durable and as such, it is guaranteed to provide you with the best protection throughout the guard’s life. The guard is easy to fit and flexible and hence fits on different sizes of elbows. The fabric in the guard features anti-microbial properties and therefore, the guard protects the elbow from any microbial attack due to wetness and dampness in the guard.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable and convenientProvides the best protection
  • Ideal for use for use in outdoor activities like running.


  • Does not fit children perfectly

Cutters Ultra Batter’s (Flex-Cap) Elbow Guard Review

For players who are keen on finding the best elbow guard with an adaptive and flexible design, then the Cutters Ultra Batter’s Guard is the ideal elbow guard to purchase. The guard
is anatomically designed for smooth flexing and contraction when wearing the guard. The most fascinating aspect about the guard is that it features Quick-Fit Straps that allow for easy putting on and off of the guard. The guard comes with a universality feature in that it can be worn on either hand; right or left.

Stretch mesh sleeve for breathability

When wearing this guard, you need not worry about sweat being a bothersome concern. This is because the design and construction of the guard incorporate a stretch mesh sleeve that allows for excellent breathability when wearing the guard. The superior design of the guard ensures that it does not affect swing or mobility of the hands thereby making it easy to play freely without any inconvenience whatsoever. Additionally, the guard fits perfectly and does not cause any straining to the muscles around the elbow. Consequently, it does not hinder smooth circulation and flow of blood throughout the hands.

Great arm coverage

The Cutter’s Ultra Batter’s guard comes with a uniquely sophisticated design that provides excellent arm coverage. As such it provides excellent support not only to the elbow but also to the arm. Additionally, the guard provides support to the elbow thereby allowing for powerful and accurate swings for the batters. It is worth noting that the guard is considerably light and strong compared to other guards in the market.


  • Sufficient arm protection
  • Light and strong
  • Durable and hence long lasting
  • Comes with quick-fit straps


  • Does not fit children perfectly

EvoShield MLB (Batters Speed) Stripe Elbow Guard Review

Featuring a custom-molding shield that disperses impact in a better and more defined manner compared to traditional form and plastic guards. The shield is soft and flexible while at the same time ensuring that it provides ultimate protection from impacts and other external forces. You can customize the guard to fit either elbow; right or left. The unique design of the guard allows for its durability and convenience thereby making it a worthy purchase.

Thinner, lighter and stronger

Unlike other sub-standard guards in the market, this EvoShield guard boasts of having a thinner, lighter and stronger design. This in turn allows for a lightweight construction that is durable and strong thereby providing players with the best protection without creating any unnecessary bulkiness. The composite material in the guard is patented and hence durable for a long time. The guard disperses impact rather than absorbing it. This ensures that players do not experience any stings or vibrations in the elbow upon impact with the elbow.

Durable and long lasting

When you purchase this EvoShield guard, you are guaranteed to get a durable product as the superior technology used in the design of the guard enhances its resistance to wear and tear. This technology also ensures that the guard provides sufficient protection from different types of impacts even those that are generated by high-speed balls. The guard is perfect for all levels and types of players including male, female and youthful players. The guard also features a flexible fit that allows for one size to fit different players with varying arm sizes.


  • Durable and long lasting
  • Superior construction and lightweight
  • Provides sufficient elbow protection
  • High-quality design with a comfortable fit


  • Does not fit young players well

Shock Doctor Ultra (Batters Flex Cap) Elbow Guard Review

For players interested in purchasing an elbow guard with unique features and designed using a sophisticated technology, then the Shock Doctor Ultra Elbow Guard. The anatomical low profile technology and design employed in the construction of the guard integrates a unique mold that provides a comfortable and amazing fit around the elbow. The comfortable compression sleeve of the guard provides sufficient arm coverage and protection when out there in the pitch.

Flexible and unhindered mobility

When putting on the Shock Doctor Ultra guard, you need not worry about the mobility and flexibility of the elbow being hindered. This is because the design of the guard enhances flexibility and hinge mobility of the elbow thereby allowing you to make perfect swings. This maximizes the batter’s performance thereby enhancing their productivity at the pitch especially when playing competitively. The guard fits comfortably and perfectly without the need of using straps.

Lightweight and well padded

The most fascinating aspect about this guard is that it is lightweight and hence allows for a comfortable fit without any bulkiness putting you down. In addition to this, the padding on the cushion allows for maximum absorption of impact and hence no impact reaches the elbow. The guard will provide you with the best protection even from the fastest balls especially when playing in major leagues. The guard molds perfectly to the elbow thereby creating the best coverage on the elbow and arm.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable fitting size
  • Strong and reliable
  • Allows for excellent elbow mobility


  • Does not fit young children comfortably and securely

When looking for the best elbow guard to invest in, it is necessary that you shop around for the best guards in the market. This makes it possible for you to get the best quality guard that will be of reliable protection and convenience to you.