Best Baseball & Softball Equipment Bags 2023: Top Deals And Reviews

Best baseball equipment bags

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If you are a baseball player, then you know the importance of having the best baseball & softball equipment bags. This is a bag that comes in a considerable size (neither too small nor too large), has a top-quality design and is well decorated thus having an attractive and pleasant look.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks For Baseball & Softball Equipment Bags

The wide selection of bags available is overwhelming. We went through all of them and compiled a selection of the best high quality equipment bags to aid you in narrowing your search.

Comparison of Table

basballeagle-table__imageBoombah Brute Rolling
  • It is spacious
  • It has fence hooks
  • Its top compartment protects your items from dirt
basballeagle-table__imageDeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack
  • It has a fence hook
  • It is spacious
  • The bag has a customization area
basballeagle-table__imageBoombah Rolling Superpack
  • It has many compartments
  • The bat’s compartment can hold up to 4 bats
  • It has a good look and feel
basballeagle-table__imageLouisville Slugger Select Stick Pack
  • Durable construction
  • Spacious storage
  • Comfort back padding
basballeagle-table__imageEaston Walk-Off Iv Bat Pack
  • Sports utility bat pack
  • Vented shoe compartment
  • Padded side compartment
basballeagle-table__imageRawlings Sporting Goods Velo Back Pack Gray
  • It can be hanged on most fences
  • It is spacious
  • The bag has a storage pocket for electronics
basballeagle-table__imageEASTON E100T Youth Bag
  • Superior quality construction
  • Can hold 2 bats
  • Durable
basballeagle-table__imageLouisville Slugger EB Series 3 Bag
  • Durable construction
  • Spacious storage
  • Comfort back padding
basballeagle-table__imageEaston E610W Wheeled Bag
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy mobility
  • Lockable zippers
basballeagle-table__imageDeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag
  • Wheeled for easy mobility
  • Convertible shoulder straps
  • Sturdy base


Boombah Baseball Rolling Super Pack

When going for a match or training, you should be able to carry all the necessary baseball equipment without struggling. This is what Boombah Baseball Rolling Super Pack enables you to do. It is a spacious baseball bag that is designed to help you carry all your baseball equipment with ease and in an organized manner.

It is a heavy-duty bag that is made using quality nylon, zippers and j hooks. The bag is spacious enough and comes with a shoe compartment, bat compartment and many other reliable compartments. It is a nice baseball player’s bag that is designed to ease the process of packing and carrying baseball gear.

To simplify the process of transporting your equipment, the Boombah baseball super pack features heavy-duty bag wheels that run smoothly on both bare and covered grounds. The bag also features a telescopic handle that makes it easy for you to pull it.



It has many compartments
The bat’s compartment can hold up to 4 bats
It has a good look and feel
Its handle runs smoothly

Shoulder straps are not included

Rawlings Velo Sporting Goods Backpack

The safety of your baseball gear matters the most and should highly be emphasized on. Rawlings Velo Sporting Goods Backpack is designed to enhance the safety of your baseball gear. It is made using the best materials and technology to ensure that your items are safe when kept inside the bag.

Rawlings Velo backpack features various compartments where you can neatly arrange your items. During the game, you can use its main compartment as a shelf. It also comes with a storage pocket that can safely hold a tablet or laptop. The bag is spacious enough for all your equipment.

It comes with several external hooks that can be used to hang it on most fences. To hold your bats firmly, the bag features side sleeves on both sides. It also features a beavertail that can safely hold your shoes or helmet. The bag is a nice backpack that can meet all your needs.



It can be hanged on most fences
It is spacious
The bag has a storage pocket for electronics
Its main compartment can be used as a shelf

Its beavertail may not hold bigger helmets

DeMarini Rebirth Voodoo Backpack

Fields get wet from time to time and the baseball bag that you choose should be able to protect your gear from getting wet. Demarini Rebirth Voodoo Backpack features a waterproof bottom material that is composite treated. The bottom is designed to keep your gear dry even when the bag is placed on a wet surface.

The bag comes with a spacious main compartment, a ventilated shoe compartment and several other compartments. It has a phone pocket that is fleece lined. The bag has enough room for all your baseball equipment. It enables you to keep your equipment in an organized manner.

Demarini Voodoo Backpack features neoprene sleeves with customized barrel locks. The sleeves are designed to safely and firmly hold your bats. They can carry up to 2 bats. With the bag, you can carry your bats, helmets, cleats, gloves and all the other equipment that you may need.



It has a fence hook
It is spacious
The bag has a customization area
It allows free flow of air to your shoes

It may rip at the zipper
if continuously overloaded

Boombah Rolling Brute Bat Bag

A strong bag that is rip/tear-resistant can help you keep your baseball equipment safely for many seasons. This is what the Boombah Rolling Brute Bat Bag offers. It is a heavy-duty baseball bag that is made using materials of the best quality.

The bag is made using heavy-duty nylon and features strong zippers and j hooks. It is rip/tear-resistant and comes with two handles that make it easy for you to lift the bag. The bag also comes with large wheels that can roll over any surface.

It comes with plastic runners on its base to enhance stability. The bag contains a top compartment, a bottom shoes or helmet compartment, and a spacious main compartment for anything else you may need to carry.



It is spacious
It has fence hooks
Its top compartment protects your items from dirt
The bag’s bat compartments can carry up to 4 bats

Its 3 compartments may not be enough to some

Louisville Slugger (EB Series-3 Stick) BackPack Bags

For baseball players looking for an equipment bag with spacious storage as well as a large opening, this Louisville Slugger bag is the best bag to purchase. The bag comes with 2 shoulder straps for carrying the bag conveniently on your back. There is also comfortable padding that ensures that the bag rests on your back and shoulders comfortably.

The best thing about this bag is that it has spacious storage for storing a helmet with a facemask. Ideally, when using the incredible Louisville Slugger bag, you can be assured that all your baseball equipment will fit perfectly in the bag. There are also abundant storage pockets for storing other items including personal effects.



Durable construction
Spacious storage
Comfort back padding
Good quality and nice aesthetically
Great colors

Exclusively for children
Difficult to zipping when full

Easton (E100T) Tote Bat Bag

The Easton Tote Bat Bag is a popular bag among most baseball fanatics. This is because the bag is designed to fit all equipment needed for a game of baseball. It holds two bats, helmet, batting gloves, fielding glove, cleats as well as a water bottle. When using this bag you can be guaranteed that you will not find any tears, snags or rips. The bag is made using superior quality fabrics that are resistant to wear and tear thereby making the bag uniquely durable.

The structural piping design of the bag provides a maximum volume within the storage space. There is also a separate pocket that protects valuables such as watches, phones and other personal items from equipment.



Superior quality construction
Can hold 2 bats
Two storage compartments
Perfect size

Zips are hard to close for kids
Designed for use by children

Louisville Slugger Select Stick Pack

Like other Louisville Slugger Bags, this amazing 7 stick baseball bag boasts of having a superior design, uniquely strong construction, and roomy compartments. The bag has a pair of mesh pockets for storing additional bats or water bottles. In addition to this, the bag also has a removable personalization panel that you can use for customizing your bag.

This 7 stick baseball bag is well built and has amazing storage capabilities particularly for kids. This high-quality bag comes with 2 bat sleeves and a pair of straps for carrying the bag on the back. The bag holds all baseball equipment comfortably. Generally, it is a great purchase that is bound to last for years.



Plenty of storage
Separate storage compartments
Personalization tag
Unique appearance

Designed for kids’ use only
Zippers are not very durable

Easton (Walk-Off) IV Bat Pack

Are you looking for a one of kind bat pack with amazing functionality and reliability? If yes, you need to look no further than at this Easton Bat Pack. This sports utility bag has dual zipper design that comes with a fence hook for the convenience of use. The bag also has an exclusive helmet holder that provides additional space inside the bag for placing baseball equipment and personal items.

The best thing about this bag is that it also has an external (padded) side compartment that can be used for storing a tablet, laptop or clothes. In addition to this, the baseball bag also has a top pocket that can be used for storing personal items.



Sports utility bat pack
Vented shoe compartment
Padded side compartment
External helmet holder
Padded back for comfort when carrying the bat pat

Designed for use by kids
Size limitation

DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag

The DeMarini Momentum Bag has a holding capacity of up to 4 bats at a time and has one large (main) compartment that fits essential baseball equipment like gloves, helmet, and cleat. The base of the bag is made using water-resistant material combined with an abrasion-resistant material. What is more unique about this bag is that it also has convertible shoulder straps that provide for an optional carrying style.

The wheeled sturdy base of the bag makes it easy and possible to move around effortlessly with the bag especially on smooth surfaces. This Wilson bat pack comes with a separate shoe bag for purposes of ensuring that the bat pack is clean, dry and well kept at all times.



Wheeled for easy mobility
Convertible shoulder straps
Sturdy base
Can hold up to 4 bats
Lots of space

Poor quality zippers
Ideal for kids only

Easton (E110) Bat Pack

If you want a classy baseball bag for your kid, then this Easton Bat Pack is the best choice for you. Designed using classic Easton technology and workmanship, the ball is durable for a long time and is very roomy thus making it easy to store all your baseball equipment. The polyester material in the bag is top grade and ensures that the bag is resistant to wear and tear.

The shoulder straps in the bag are well padded to ensure that the bag rests comfortably on the shoulders without causing any straining on the shoulders. In addition to the large main compartment, the bag also has a smaller compartment for storing personal items.



Superior design
Good quality material
Roomy compartments
Padded shoulder straps

Size limitation
Weak zippers

Easton (E500C) Catchers Bag

For quite a long time now, Easton has had a good reputation for designing quality sports bags. In line with this spirit, the Easton E500C bag is an incredible baseball bag that is specially designed for use by kids. The bag comes with a telescoping handle that provides for efficient transportation and reinforced straps for stabilizing load disbursement.

There are 10 lockable zippers in the bag thus providing maximum durability by preventing blowouts. Additionally, the wide-set wheels in the bag come with the full axle that prevents tip-overs. When using this bag, you can be guaranteed to enjoy great comfort and efficiency for a long time.



High-quality construction
Easy mobility
Lockable zippers
Large compartments
Removable personalization panel

Kids’ bag only
Size limitation


A baseball or softball bag enables you to carry your gear and equipment to the diamond/pitch with great convenience. Usually, players required to carry equipment and personal effects when going to the pitch. This makes it practically impossible to carry all your gear under your arms or shoulders without an equipment bag. By investing in a good quality equipment bag, you get a carrier that will last while at the same time guaranteeing that it is expressly functional and reliable. There are unlimited reasons why you need an equipment bag but the most crucial one is so that you are able to get to your game and back to your car with ease.

How to Choose the Right Equipment Bags for Baseball or Softball?


Baseball and softball equipment bags come in different types and styles. The most popular types are handheld, shoulder strap, bat pack and wheeled bags. The choice of either of these types depends on how you prefer to carry the bag. Handheld bags come with short-length handles that are firm and are padded for a comfortable grip. Shoulder strap bags are the most common equipment bags since they feature both shoulder straps and a handle for versatility. These bags allow for quick travels to the pitch.

Wheeled equipment bags are a perfect choice for players who walk long distances to the pitch. If you are a coach, this bag will work best for you since you may need to carry a lot of luggage in the form of bats and other coaching gear. Bat pack bags are new entrants that are increasingly becoming a favorite option especially for beginners. They are similar to school backpacks. The bags limit the bat-carrying capacity but have a spacious center compartment for placing the helmet and gloves.


Like any other baseball/softball equipment, it is necessary to settle for a bag that you can customize to meet your preferences. For starters, you need to shop for a bag with a functional design and style. The bag of choice should have interior padding and additional cushioning to protect the essentials in the bag from damage due to falls and other impacts. Additionally, the bag should have a compartment that allows you to add a name tag or any other labeling on the bag. What is more to note about these bags is that the ideal carrier should have removable straps or wheels. This makes it convenient to carry the bag in any way you prefer.


The price of baseball/softball equipment varies from one brand to the other. There are bags that cost a few dollars while others cost a couple of hundred dollars. Due to this, you need to have a budget so that you identify the best bag for you depending on the amount of money you want to purchase. It is advisable to avoid investing in cheap bags as they are usually substandard and of low quality. Always compare the quality of an equipment bag with its pricing. This gives you a chance to get value for your money while getting a good quality bag at the same time.

Brand and make

There are tons of brands that make equipment bags for softball and baseball players. Some brands are popular for high-end bags with large carrying capacities, vented/meshed pockets, multiple compartments, and ease of personalizing. In addition to these brands come with heavily rubberized handles that provide for excellent comfort and perfect grip. What’s more to note about these brands is that their bags feature full bottom rails that enhance the strength and structure of the bags. Some of the top brands of baseball/softball bags include Easton, Mizuno, Louisville Slugger and Under Armour among other brands. These brands use the best craftsmanship and professionalism in designing and making bags. Consequently, they are reliable, durable and dependable carriers.

Water-Resistant Material

The material used in making an equipment bag for baseball and softball gear can limit the usability of the bag. For instance, if the material in the bag does not possess water-resistance properties or is affected by heat, then you cannot use the bag in moist conditions or in environments with extreme heat. As such, it is advisable that the bag of choice is made from water-resistant materials. Such bags come in handy when you are looking for all-weather carriers that can be used in any weather without any damage whatsoever.

Lockable zippers

It is crucial to ensure that every compartment in the bag has a lockable zipper. This helps in guaranteeing that your personal effects and other belongings in the bag are always secure. Bags with lockable zippers allow you to confidently leave the bag and its components in the changing room while you are out on the pitch enjoying your favorite sport. The locks should open and lock easily without needing any additional force to prevent them from breaking.


The ideal size of a baseball/softball equipment bag is determined by several factors. For starters, your playing level will determine the size and gear you will carry to the pitch. For instance, if you are a beginner, you may not necessarily require a massive bag since you are not likely to carry a lot of gear. On the other hand, professional players require large bags since they carry more equipment and gear. Personal needs such as water bottles, an additional pair of cleats, and phone chargers will also require you to settle for a large bag.

Other considerations such as color do not have any functional provision when choosing the best equipment bag. Color is purely a personal taste that allows you to choose a bag with your favorite color. However, if you are likely to be using the bag in dusty or dirty environments, you should consider a bag with a dull color since dirt patches are not readily visible in such colors. Always make an informed decision when choosing these bags so that you get a bag that you can use with comfort and ease.


What Is A Baseball Bag Or Backpack?

A baseball bag is ideally an equipment carrier for baseball gear.  In baseball, just like in other sports, a bag comes in handy for carrying your gear and personal effects to the pitch. The bags come in different styles and sizes to cater to the needs of all players.  The bags are partitioned in different compartments that allow for neat arrangement and organization of personal gear.

What Are The Best Brands Of Baseball Equipment Bags & Backpack?

There is no definite answer as far as the best baseball bags brands are concerned. This is because there are tons of brands in the market with most of the brands being durable and reliable. However, there are some brands that are not as reliable or superior in quality as most top brands. The leading brands of baseball bags currently in the market include Easton, Athletico, Rawlings, DeMarini, Under Armour, Boombah and Louisville Slugger brands.

A common feature among these brands is that they feature outstanding designs and styles. The brands are designed for a practical use when carrying your gear to the pitch. The brands come with roomy compartments and are sturdy in their construction to last a couple of years before wearing out.

How To Clean A Baseball Bag?

After sessions of continuous use, your baseball bag will require a thorough wash. Usually, your bag will be exposed to sweaty gear, grass, dirt and dust among other types of stains when on the pitch. The first thing you need to do is remove all the components from the bag including cardboard bottoms for those bags with these extras. It is not advisable to wash your bag in a washing machine unless the manufacturer advocates for it.

Soak the bag is a basin with water then use soap or any alternative detergent then hand wash the bag. Use scented soaps as they will help to remove any stinks or smells in the bag. After washing the bag, the next thing you should do is clean your gear and equipment. This is because putting back dirt equipment and gear into the bag will make the bag dirty again.

For purposes of quick cleaning, when on the pitch, always pack disinfectant wipes in the bag. These wipes come in handy when you want to instantly clean spills that may make your bag stink and look like a mess. Additionally, this also helps in killing bacteria and germs especially those that cause bad odor.

What Is The Difference Between A Catcher’s Bag And Normal Baseball Bag?

Catcher’s bags are quite different from normal baseball bags. This is because catcher’s bags are specialized since catchers have a ton of gear hence the need for special roomy bags with multiple compartments to keep all the gear. On the other hand, baseball bags are just like normal backpacks with compartments for bats.  Additionally, catcher’s bags come with great allowance for customization unlike normal baseball bags whose customization is limited.

Catcher’s bags are larger in size than normal baseball bags. What is more unique about these bags is that most catchers’ carriers are wheeled for ease of movement on the pitch. The base and overall frame of the bag is done using strong material that holds together the bag throughout its lifetime.  Hardbody construction is not a common feature in normal bags.  The compartments in catcher’s bags are not only roomy but also well protected and cushioned.

Most catchers’ bags feature metallic/plastic zippers with additional hooks for hanging the bags on the fence. Normal baseball bags do not feature fence hooks but may come with durable wheels. Catchers’ bags do not feature back straps like most normal baseball bags do.

What Is In Your Baseball Bag?

You put whatever gear and personal effects you want in the baseball bag. However, there are basic equipment and gear that are common in any bag. For starters, you should have the necessary baseball gear including a helmet, a pair of gloves, a bat, a pair of cleats, a ball and knee & face guards.  Other essentials you should have in the bag are first aid kit, wet wipes, bug spray, sunscreen, tissues, and an umbrella.

Most bags come with bottle compartments for a water bottle. You can also spare a compartment for items such as a mobile phone, car keys, gum stash, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses. You can also have a pair of sunglasses and a pair of sandals for wearing after your game.

Why Do You Need A Baseball Bag?

Baseball bags are a necessity just like any other baseball gear. A bag comes in handy when you want to carry all your gear and personal effects at one go. Ideally, you cannot carry all your gear and equipment using bare hands when going to the pitch. Additionally, a bag allows you to keep all your personal effects safe when playing on the pitch. Also, with a baseball bag, you are able to carry spare gear such as bats, mitts, and helmets. A baseball bag also helps you to be organized for easy retrieval when on the pitch.

Should I Buy A Duffle Bag, Bat Pack Or Backpack?

The choice of either bag style to invest in depends on your personal preference and taste. The ultimate question to ask yourself is the amount of equipment you have and the size and number of compartments you need. Answering these questions helps you in understanding the ultimate style of bag to settle for. If you are likely to be moving your bag for a long distance, then you should opt for a bag with wheels.

When you are shopping for a baseball bag, it is advisable that you settle for a reputable brand with quality construction and design. This is a brand that is designed to last for several seasons without falling apart.  Such a bag is a convenient accessory since it will help you keep your gear in the best condition even during off-seasons.

Whether you are simply traveling to the next time for your Holiday league or getting in a professional tournament, a baseball bag can provide reassurance that when you reach your destination, your equipment will have happy and arrived safely. I hope the above article will help you find the best baseball bags to purchase.