The 8 Best Baseball Glove Oil or Conditioner 2018 With Reviews

Best Oils And Conditioners for Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves made using leather require frequent oiling to maintain them in pristine conditions. The oils and conditioners also help in breaking in the products such that they become efficient and reliable when out in the pitch playing. While there are many glove oils and conditioners in the market, it is worth noting that not all of these products are of a high quality. Some of these conditioners are substandard and hence may not be of reliable use and help. As such, you need to find the best baseball glove oil or conditioner that are formulated uniquely and have the capability of conditioning your products in the best way possible.


Leather Therapy Restorer (16 oz) Review

Featuring a unique blend of highly replenishing oils that condition dry and hard leather for purposes of enhancing original flexibility, the Leather Therapy Restorer is ideal for saddlers and leather products. Unknown to most people, this conditioner should not be used on a suede material as it has a damaging effect on these materials. The conditioner is perfect for restoring old stiff products, restoring and waterproofing leather. The best thing about this restorer is that it can be used alone or can be applied together with a conditioning cream for the best results.

Enhances the breaking in

The most fascinating aspect about the Leather Therapy Restorer is that it speeds up the breaking in of leather models. This is especially if you want to use the products right away after you purchase them and do not have the time to allow the gloves to break by themselves. The leather restorer helps the products in repelling moisture while at the same time ensuring that it provides a lightweight feel. The restorer is easy to apply on the products and does not require any special skills in doing so.

A versatile product that contains natural ingredients

The best thing about this leather models restorer is that it is a versatile glove conditioner that helps in breaking in, maintaining, preserving, and restoring products. With this product, you need not worry about the quality and durability of your leather models as the models will remain in the best condition throughout their life. Since the conditioner is made using natural ingredients, you need not worry about the oil having negative effects on the gloves such as discoloration.


  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Speeds up breaking in
  • Ideal for both new and old models
  • Hydrates leather well


  • Requires several treatments

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Franklin Sports MLB (Dr. Glove) Conditioning Oil Wipes Review

If you are looking for a high-end leather conditioner, you need to look for further than at this Franklin Sports MLB Conditioning Oil Wipes. Designed for use on 12” leather gloves, this easy application conditioner softens and cleans leather effectively thereby enhancing the life of the products. The best thing about the conditioner is that it is not only easy to use but also provides the perfect solution for conditioning your products in one application after every use. The wipes are disposable and as such, you get to throw them away after every use.

Specially formulated

The Dr. Glove oil wipes are uniquely formulated for use on leather gloves without interfering with the quality of the products or distorting their appearance. The solution in the wipes helps in repelling moisture thereby enhancing the durability of the products. Since these wipes are lightweight and barely noticeable, you carry them around comfortably in your baseball bag. As such, they are convenient to travel with especially when going to a tournament or competition in another place other than your frequent pitch.

Easy application and ideal for leather and suede

One of the greatest advantages of using these wipes is that they are designed for use on both leather and suede materials. These wipes help in removing any debris or dirt that may have collected on the products when playing. However, when using the wipes or any other leather glove conditioners thereof, it is necessary that you do not apply too much of the conditioner. This is because over conditioning the products can make the leather breakdown faster than it would under normal conditions.


  • Enhances breaking in
  • Conditions gloves to remain in the best conditions
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Can be used on both leather and suede


  • Can degrade leather when used excessively

Pecard Oil/Conditioner Review

Ideal for use on all oil tanned gloves, the PECARD Glove conditioner helps in keeping leather supple and soft, thereby enhancing its life. The best thing about this oil is that it does not interfere with the quality of the leather or the stitching on the products. The conditioner prevents the model from hardening and cracking thus making it easy to use when playing your favorite game of baseball. The conditioner works really well on products and gives the best results. As such, when you purchase this conditioner, you need not worry about its effectiveness as it is well defined.

Perfect for restoring old gloves

For old gloves that are extremely hard due to extensive use or storage in poor conditions, you can use the PERCARD baseball oil to restore these models. What is more important about this conditioner is that it also helps in removing stubborn dirt and stains on the products. As such, when using, you not only restore the leather but also enhance its appearance. This quality oil is not only easy and convenient to use but also enhances the durability and reliability of leather products.

Restores leather scent

Leather gloves are not only unique due to their appearance but also their scent. The conditioner provides ultimate protection against damage due to extreme weather effects like rain and water. Additionally, it also keeps the fibers in the leather soft and flexible. You can also use for breaking in new models thereby enhancing their ease of use. For the best results, you can consider using soap and water when applying the conditioner on the products.


  • Great quality and highly efficient
  • Ideal for both new and old models
  • Does not harm the sticking
  • Restores leather quality and stitching


  • Excessive use may lead to leather discoloration

Rawlings (Baseball/Softball) Gold Butter Review

For baseball players looking for an all-round glove conditioner, the Rawlings Gold Butter is the ultimate leather glove oil to purchase. Featuring a red Covey Sports cloth for applying the oil to the product, the conditioner is efficient in restoring, preserving and maintaining leather gloves. The oil is perfect for use on both new and old models. As such, you can buy it for use either on new models or for restoring the old products that have become stiff and hard.

Made with the best technology

Designed and made by one of the legendary pioneers in the baseball equipment sector, this Rawlings Gold Butter boasts of being a high-quality conditioner with unique features and efficiency. The cloth that comes with the conditioner makes application easy and convenient especially when restoring excessively hard gloves. The best thing about this conditioner is that it not only helps you in restoring old models but also speeds up the breaking in of new products.

Enhances the appearance

In addition to restoring hard and stiff leather gloves, this model conditioner also enhances the appearance of products by improving their color. It also helps in cleaning and removing stubborn dirt and stains on the surface of the gloves. This quality oil also helps in restoring the scent of leather thereby giving the leather a new-like appearance and feeling. The oil is made from natural ingredients and as such; you need not worry about the oil having a damaging effect on the quality of the products.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Versatile cream for restoring, preserving, and restoring products
  • Enhances breaking in
  • Good value for money


  • Needs to be stored away from warm surfaces as it melts when exposed to heat

Wilson Pro-Stock Glove Conditioner Review

The Wilson Pro-Stock oil is a perfect for restoring old products as well as conditioning the new ones. This conditioner cleans, restores and conditions leather gloves in one step. This dependable glove oil revitalizes leather and does not leave a greasy residue on the surface of the leather. The contains Vitamin E that helps in restoring the natural scent of leather. The most fascinating thing about the conditioner is that it is used sparingly and hence can last for long and hence being economical.

Convenient to use and apply

The most fascinating aspect about this Pro-Stock Glove Conditioner by Wilson is that it is easy to use and apply. When restoring or breaking in products, you only need to apply a small amount of the oil on the glove and use a soft cotton cloth to rub the oil evenly on the surface of the model. What is unique about the product is that it is also safe for use on other leather products and items such as handbags and belts. The only caution that should be taken when using the conditioner is that it should be applied sparingly to prevent leather discoloration.

Restores the feel and look

When using this model conditioner to restore old products, you not only get to enhance their feel but also give them a modern look. This ensures that you are able to get functional products that have a unique appearance. Additionally, when using the glove conditioner, you also get to rejuvenate, clean and improve the quality of the leather. What is unique about the conditioner is that it smells nice and hence gives the products a pleasant smell.


  • Perfect for both new and old products
  • Nice scent and shiny appearance
  • Softens hard and stiff gloves
  • Multi-purpose cream that can be used on different leather products


  • Darkens leather when used excessively.

Hot Glove Treatment (Instant) Glove Break-In Review

There is no other glove conditioner that works faster and instantly than this Hot Glove Treatment. The conditioner breaks in new products safely and quickly while restoring old products within a short time period. The conditioner penetrates deep into the fibers of the leather when the model is exposed to considerable heat from the oven or any other heating element. Once it has penetrated into the fibers, the treatment works its magic in restoring and breaking in the products for ultimate and best performance.

Non-toxic and safe

The best thing about this hot glove treatment conditioner is that it is non-toxic and safe to use. As such, even after the conditioner is heated, you need not worry about the product having any negative implications on your health. In addition to this, the treatment does not contain any chemicals that deteriorate or damage your leather gloves. This conditioner not only softens hard & stiff leather but also waterproofs and restores the appearance of the products.

Cream with natural ingredients

This cream conditioner for treating leather gloves contains Vitamin E and natural lanolin ingredients that help in moisturizing and conditioning the products. Additionally, the conditioner is superior to other conditioners and oils that are toxic and flammable. It is worth noting that the conditioner does not add any weight to the products. The oil helps in repelling moisture and in restoring the appearance and scent.


  • An all-round conditioner for all leather products
  • Helps in repelling moisture
  • Softens hard and stiff leather
  • Works instantly


  • Excessive use can lead to degrading of leather

Hot Glove Cream Oil/Conditioner Review

The Hot Glove Cream for conditioning leather gloves is one of the best product conditioners on the market. Containing natural ingredients including Vitamin E and Lanolin, the conditioner does not stain or make the product heavy. As such, it is perfect for breaking in new models while at the same time conditioning and restoring old products. The conditioner cleans, softens and restores leather gloves to perfection for excellent results and efficiency. The conditioner is perfect for repelling moisture on the surface of the products thereby enhancing their durability.

Ideal for maintaining

For players looking for a perfect management system for their leather gloves, this cream conditioner for products is the best oil to use. This is because the cream is efficient in breaking in, maintaining, preserving and restoring leather gloves to their best working conditions. If you use your products extensively hence make them prone to extreme degradation, this cream will be beneficial in helping you to maintain the products in optimal conditions despite their extensive use.

Easy to apply and efficient

The best thing about this Hot Cream conditioner is that it does not require any special skills to apply on the leather gloves. Additionally, it is highly efficient and hence will help in restoring and preventing any likely damage or destruction to the gloves due to continuous use. The cream does not leave any residue on the surface of the products and hence does not interfere with the weight or overall condition of the products. The cream also helps in restoring the scent of the models.


  • Easy to apply and efficient
  • Ideal for both new and old models
  • Great product for restoring old and dilapidated
  • Restores the scent


  • Excessive use can lead to leather discoloration

Nokona NLT (Classic Leather Glove) Review

For players looking for a glove conditioner that will help in speeding up the breaking in of new models, the Nokona NLT Oil is the ultimate conditioner to purchase. This oil is reliably efficient in cleaning and maintaining your model throughout its lifespan. Made using a proven oiling formula, the conditioner helps in keeping your product well-conditioned and less messy. The cream has a unique advantage of softening extremely hard and stiff gloves without interfering with the fabrics in the models.

Convenient to use and easy

The Nokona NLT Conditioner has unique consistency functionality such as that in petroleum jelly thereby making the conditioner convenient to use on different leather products in addition to products. However, like other highly efficient conditioners, the Nokona conditioner requires to be applied sparingly so that it does not discolor leather and form unpleasant patches. The conditioner also hydrates your products so that the gloves remain flexible and well cushioned even when playing in the harshest weather effects.

Efficient and works instantly

It is worth noting that this leather glove conditioner works instantly when using it to break in or restore old gloves. As such, you need not wait for hours or even days so that the products can be restored. The conditioner ensures that it makes the gloves smooth and flexible thereby making the models highly reliable and efficient when using them on the pitch. What is amazing about the conditioner is that you only have to apply a little amount of the conditioner on your gloves for the best results.


  • Works perfectly and efficiently
  • Enhances the breaking in
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Versatile product for use on different leather surfaces


  • May require multiple treatments to fully restore old leather gloves

Whether you are looking forward to breaking in a new model or are keen on restoring old gloves, it is paramount that you only choose the best baseball glove oil or conditioner. This is a product that will be efficient in softening leather quickly and reliably.

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