Best Baseball Gloves 2022: Buying Guide And Reviews

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Find the best baseball gloves are very important in the game. The game becomes more thrilling and exceedingly enjoyable when wearing the quality and finely designed baseball gloves. These gloves come in different specifications, with different hand sizing considerations, and look for freedom of choice when looking for the best to purchase. Some of the common aspects include a flexible fit, enhanced durability, and high-end finishing for excellent grip.

Now, read my review below here that I have for you. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.

Review Section: Best Baseball Gloves 2022

Rawlings Premium (Pro Series)

The Rawlings Premium Pro Baseball Glove is an outstanding glove that is specially designed using cutting edge technology and unmatched skillfulness. The glove has a 20 percent player break-in and prides itself in bearing the Solid Core Technology. This technology is reputable and popular for enhancing feel, fit, and function.

This 12.5-inch feature a Pro-1 Web Style and has a conventional back with a wide wrist opening. This Rawlings Premium baseball glove is perfect for youngsters and participants in pony leagues. What is more unique about the gloves is that they are great for shortstop and second base.



High quality
Conventional back W/ a wide wrist opening
20 percent break-in
Excellent choice for beginners
Great value

Small size for older players


Rawlings Sporting Goods (Player Preferred)

These Rawlings Sporting Goods Gloves are a popular choice for pitchers and infielders. This is because of the gloves’ unique basket-web knitting that forms a closed and deep pocket. These products have a modified conventional back that has adjustable pull straps.  The lace in these products is made of full-grain leather for maximum durability and resistance to wear and tear, boast of enhanced performance throughout their life.

The Rawlings gloves feature a soft leather shell that is designed to enable shape retention as well as quick unhindered break-in while at the same time not sacrificing the glove’s overall functionality. These models are specially designed for use by recreational players of different ages as well as skill levels. These seamlessly designed and knit products cover softball, baseball, and recreational leagues.



Easy break-in
Excellent durability & quality
Perfect fit
Zero-shock palm protection/pad
Adjustable pull straps

Size limitation
The laces can cause an uncomfortable tightness
when tightened too much

Mizuno (GMVP 1154SE MVP) Prime SE

If you are looking for a pair of high-quality baseball gloves with a soft palm liner and an ultra-soft finish, then you should look no further than at the Mizuno Prime SE Gloves. These products feature bio soft leather that is professionally styled with smooth edges for firm control and convenience when playing baseball. The strong edge lace styling and design create a stable thumb functionality that enables to have better grip and control of the ball. The best thing about these models is that they are designed for use by all: professional players and amateurs alike.

This Mizuno Catcher Mitt has a center pocket design pattern that centers the pocket beneath the index finger thereby allowing for a versatile break. What is more unique about these products is that the Heel flex technology in the gloves provides a flexible heel thereby enabling ultimate performance and feel. The models pride themselves on having vivid colors that make the gloves attractive as well as a nice break-in.



Ultrasoft palm liner
Ultra comfortable due excellent padding
Center pocket design
Flexible heel for excellent performance
Excellent for all skill levels

Get ripped easily when used without care
Stitching falls apart when used inappropriately

Louisville Slugger 12-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders

If you have always wanted a nicely fitting pair of baseball gloves with supreme comfort due to smooth leather stitching, then the Louisville Slugger Batting Gloves are the best choice for you. These products feature amazing rub free zone interiors that ensure that you do not experience any chafe when using the gloves. Like other Louisville Slugger sports models, these gloves are designed, developed, and made using the finest technology and exclusive workmanship for overall high quality.

The wrist strap in the gloves provides for a wide strapping that in turn makes it possible to enjoy an unobstructed and unhindered swinging motion. These products are perfect for players with moderately long fingers as the leather stitching in the gloves is stretchable thereby providing additional room for the fingers. Additionally, these models are perfectly fitting and are amazingly durable thereby making it possible to use the gloves for a very long time without any signs of dilapidation or wearing out.



Uniquely durable
Supreme comfort
No chafe
Low profile wrist strap
Classic feel and fit

Wear out fast when used extensively and excessively

Easton Scout Flex Yout

Like other Easton Sports items, Scout Flex Youth are specially designed and made using a sophisticated approach coupled with the latest technology. These models boast of having digitally-etched microfiber on the palm surface for a superior grip, also have a top grade (genuine) leather heel patch for convenient use. The Tri-curve technology used in the making of these gloves accounts for their perfect fit. This flexible and multi-functional glove has an athletic fit, look, and feel. This product deserves to be one of the best baseball gloves.

These models instill confidence when in the field playing your favorite sport of baseball. In addition to their excellent functionality, these products also have an exclusive digital-camo print which makes the gloves stand out from other products, users not only enjoy great sizing but also benefit from the comfy feel.



Multi-functional glove
Perfect fit due
Digitally-etched (micro-fiber) palm
Excellent quality

Size limitation (can only be used by youngsters)

Ideally, choosing the right baseball glove is paramount in enabling you to find the sport exciting and thrilling. As such, it is necessary to be cautious when shopping for these models so that you settle on a glove that fits perfectly, and one that is comfortable to wear while at the same time offering the best protection and something that is easy to clean.

Final Verdict

As stated, when searching for essential baseball supplies there is a good chance that gloves will be near the top of your list. By taking in all of the various factors into consideration you can make sure that you make the right pick for you.

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