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best baseball radar gun

The importance of the best baseball radar gun cannot be underrated at any costs whatsoever. In addition to measuring pitch speed, this baseball equipment is also used for tracking progress for pitchers. For the best results on tracking pitching progress, it is crucial to invest in the best radar gun for baseball; a gun that boasts of high efficiency and performance.

Some of the best baseball radar gun in 2019 include:


Bushnell (Velocity) Speed Gun

Fitted with a digital signal technology for data processing, the Bushnell Velocity Gun measures the speeds of baseballs for up to 30 meters (90 feet). After releasing the trigger, the point and shoot pistol grip of the gun shows the highest speed timed thus making it easy to monitor a pitcher’s progress. The best thing about this Velocity radar gun is that it is a multi-purpose gun that can also be used for tracking the speed of race cars.

Ease of use

Operating this radar gun is easy and effortless as it does not require any complicated know-how on its operation. The point and shoot mode of operation combined with the gun’s large LCD display makes it easy to use and read data recorded. To operate the gun, you just need to point the gun towards the target and press the trigger. For ultimate accuracy, ensure that the gun is in a direct line to the direction of travel of target. The accuracy range of the gun is +/- 1.0 MPH.

Excellent and reliable performance

The Bushnell Velocity Gun is powered by removable batteries prides itself in having reliable performance thereby making it a great choice for both amateur and professional pitchers. For coaches and trainers who prefer km/hr to mph, the gun can be set to record either of the speeds. With the right operation, the readings in the gun are consistent and the machine rarely gives errors. The gun is portable and hence you can easily carry it around the pitch for training sessions.

Pocket Radar (Ball Coach/Pro Level) Speed Training Tool & Radar Gun

For coaches looking forward to fast and instant feedback for tracking pitching progress, the Pocket Radar Speed Training Radar Gun is the best speed to purchase. The gun Features powerful features including easy automatic triggering and inbuilt memory for recording up to 25 speeds readings. This pro-level gun is a powerful training tool designed for smart player training and development through self-guided drills. The speed range of the gun is 25-130mph with a +/- 1 mph and has a 120 feet range.

Features unique capabilities and functionalities

With hands-free capabilities that include Bluetooth connectivity, the Pocket Radar Gun enables its users to export data to CSV file for enhanced tracking and monitoring. The gun is designed with a smart feature functionality that makes it possible for the gun to measure the highest speed of a baseball in flight. The pro-level gun coupled with a speed-training tool offers coaches and trainers with the best one-on-one coaching experience.

Portable and discreet

The Pocket Radar Gun makes crucial results such as pitching speeds, hitting power, serving power, shot speeds and throwing speeds readily visible on the large display screen. This makes it easy and effortless to read and interpret the data recorded instantly, thereby making it a reliable and dependable training tool. The rugged plastic outer-casing of the gun provides the best protection against all types of weather effects including extreme sunshine and rain.

Stalker Sport (2) Radar- Deluxe Package

Powered by 6AA rechargeable batteries, the Stalker Sports Radar Gun is a powerful and easy to use a baseball radar gun. Featuring two active speed windows, the gun makes it easy to accurately measure running and pitching speeds. The best thing about this gun is that it boasts of certified accuracy, simple operation, true pitch speeds and greater range. All these features make the gun a perfect choice for use by both amateurs and professionals. The gun shows consistent results thereby making it possible to depend on it for tracking pitching speeds and progress.

Simplified operation

Unlike other radar guns that are complicated to operate, this Stalker Sports gun has a simplified mode of operation. As such, you do not require possessing any special skills to operate the gun or even read data captured by the gun. Another great functionality about this gun is that it provides consistent readings and true pitch speeds Therefore, if you are keen on polishing your hitting and pitching skills such as when preparing for a competition, you can rely on this Stalker 2 Radar Gun.

Amazing working capabilities

Most standard radar guns for baseball come with a working range of 90 feet. However, for this Stalker 2 Gun, the working range stretches up to 300 feet. As such, you can use the gun in large pitches such as those used for major league baseball. The ultra-high sensitivity and versatility enable the gun to mark the speeds of multiple balls. Additionally, you can also use the gun for monitoring the speed of traffic on different surfaces over land and water.

Stalker Radar Pro (II) Radar Gun- Deluxe Package

Stalker has for a long time developed and designed classy baseball radar guns. The Radar Pro II Gun is a lightweight, powerful and accurate baseball radar gun that is impressively easy to operate. This Pro II Gun features an improved radar design, sophisticated software algorithms, and new modern components. Using a highly sensitive and versatile system, the Pro II Gun captures and records data of balls moving in different directions simultaneously.

Simple and well-defined operation

The best thing about this Stalker Pro II Gun is that despite it having a complex and detailed system, this radar gun is simple to operate. As such, you can use the gun right away after purchasing it by following the guidelines and instructions given by the manufacturer. The default settings in the device are optimized to measure pitch speeds.  However, you can customize the settings to meet your needs, demands and preferences.

Ideal for multipurpose use

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing the Pro II Gun by Stalker is that you can use the gun for other uses in addition to monitoring pitching speeds. For instance, you can use the gun to monitor the speed of traffic. You can also use the gun for monitoring the speed of tennis balls hence making the gun a perfect choice for players who are keen on playing several ball games. This Pro II Gun comes with a long range of up to 500 feet. As such, it does not have any range limitations whatsoever.

SKLZ Bullet Ball

Designed for players who are not fond of using radar guns, the SKLZ Bullet Ball is a perfect alternative. This Bullet Ball uses a sophisticated system that enables the ball to measure speeds of up to 120 mph. The ball is powered is powered by a replaceable (LR-41) Mercury Battery. The ball is an ideal pitching gadget for players at any level/skill or age. Young amateur and old professional players can use the ball reliably for the best pitching tracking.

Ease of operation

The SKLZ Bullet Ball is arguably one of the simplest pitching monitoring gadgets to operate. This is because unlike pitching guns, the bullet ball just requires you to hit it with the bat and view the data recorded once the ball comes to a stop. The data recorded is easy to interpret and understand thus making the gun a great choice for amateur coaches.

Adjustable working range

The working range of this Bullet Ball adjusts to distances between 46-60.6 feet. This variation makes it easy for the 9-inch circumference ball to be used by young players whose hitting range is short. Due to the nature of operation of the ball, it is necessary to take extreme caution so as not to break the ball after hitting it. The ball comes in handy for players who are keen on improving and perfecting their ball speeds.

The best radar gun to purchase depends on several aspects including your budget, preferences, and needs. However, it is advisable that you purchase a radar gun that can be used for multi-purpose use including measuring the speed of traffic. With the best quality radar gun, you can be assured to get accurate results.

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