Best Baseball Sliding Shorts: 2023 Reviews

Best Baseball Sliding Shorts

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Baseball sliding shorts are used to protect players as they slide to a base. Sliding utilizes a baseball player’s momentum so they don’t overshoot a base and end up getting tagged out. However, falling to the ground and sliding can sometimes be painful because of the impact and potential cuts, bruises, or scrapes. Sliding shorts protect against all pain.


Choosing the correct sliding shorts for you depends on several factors. If they’re comfortable, well-padded, and easy to move in, they’ll work great. Below is a list of the best baseball sliding shorts so you can find your perfect match without any trouble.

Best Baseball Sliding Shorts

basballeagle-table__imageFranklin Sports Youth Baseball Sliding Shorts
  • Comfortable and supportive two-inch waistband
  • Protective polyester sliding pad
  • Accommodates for a cup
basballeagle-table__imageYouper Adult Elite Padded Sliding Shorts
  • Excellent protection
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Comfortable and lightweight
basballeagle-table__imageG-Form Baseball Pro Sliding Shorts
  • Impact-absorbing pads
  • Comfortable
  • Machine washable
basballeagle-table__imageEASTON ELITE Sliding Short
  • Increased padding
  • Cup pocket
  • Moisture-wicking material
basballeagle-table__imageSliding Padded Shorts with Protection Cup Included
  • Cup included
  • Compression technology
  • Great fit

Best Sliding Shorts: Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Sliding Shorts

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Sliding Shorts

These shorts are the perfect durable and protective sliding shorts for youth baseball players, keeping your skin safe from sliding and holding up under the hardest impacts.

Should You Buy This?


If you’re a youth baseball player who likes to go all-out, these sliding shorts are the ones for you. Franklin’s shorts have polyester sliding pads sewn into the thighs and rear for more protection. Flexible and close-fitting, they are unobtrusive, so you can keep going without distraction.

The polyester material is highly durable for long-lasting use. No matter how many slides you do or how many games you play, these shorts will hold up for the long term.

These shorts contain a contoured pocket that allows for a cup. A two-inch waistband provides comfort and support so your shorts stay put no matter what you’re doing.


If you’re older than 15, these shorts are too small. Even if you are a teen, these shorts don’t have their own protective cup. They also might not hold enough padding to keep you from bruising, though they certainly prevent abrasions and cuts.

The Good

  • Comfortable and supportive two-inch waistband
  • Protective polyester sliding pad
  • Accommodates for a cup

The Bad

  • Only sold for youth baseball players
  • Thinner padding than other brands

The Verdict

Overall, these are great sliding shorts for youth baseball players. The best baseball sporting goods offer top performance and this is the case with these as they provide ultimate protection from sliding for bases, and they are comfortable for long games or practices. Their polyester material is durable for repetitive slides, so they will continue to protect for years at a time.

However, if you’re not a youth, these shorts won’t do much for you. Even as a teen, it’s possible to grow out of the shorts quicker than you would like. Ultimately the biggest downside is the size of the shorts themselves. If you can’t fit them, there’s no point in considering them for your baseball needs.

Despite the limited age range and the small size, these are terrific shorts for games and practices. If you need sliding shorts for your teen or youth, these are the ones for you.

Best for Adults: Youper Adult Elite Padded Sliding Shorts

Youper Adult Elite Padded Sliding Shorts

These sponge-padded sliding shorts offer perfect protection and maximum movement so you can run, slide, and crouch with ease.

Should You Buy This?


The Youper’s sliding pads are sponges for the most shock-absorbing impact possible. The quilted panels allow for easy movement and a more form-fitting style. They sit appropriately on the thighs and contour to the muscles like a second skin for less bulk and easier maneuvering on the diamond.

The material is made from stretch fabric for freedom of movement, no matter what you’re doing. They also are conscious of skin types and use softer materials to reduce rashes or skin irritants. The moisture-wicking feature allows for a less sweaty experience for continued comfort as you play.

The sponge sliding pads are lightweight and comfortable, so the shorts are easy to wear during longer games. The elastic waistband provides a snug fit, so there’s no slipping or shifting while you play. The cup pocket at the front allows for further protection.


These shorts aren’t as bulky as some competitors, but the sponge panels still offer a thick layer of protection. Some panels that use foam or neoprene are thinner but offer comparable protection. If you favor less padding, these sponge shorts are probably not for you.

Extra padding can lead to more sweating which can be uncomfortable for long games. If you don’t want to be damp as you play, a pair of sliding shorts with thinner panels will leave you less hot and sticky.

The Good

  • Quilted sponge panels offer excellent protection and form-fitting contouring for easy movement.
  • Material is moisture-wicking and soothing on sensitive skin
  • Comfortable and lightweight

The Bad

  • Thicker pads than most can leave you sweaty
  • Not the most durable pair of shorts out there

The Verdict

If you want some serious cushioning for hard impact slides, these shorts are perfectly padded and won’t slow you down. They are also a great choice for maneuverability or if you have sensitive skin.

If you don’t believe you need that level of protection, or if these shorts are too hot or sweaty, there are plenty of other options.

Most Protection: G-Form Baseball Pro Sliding Shorts

G-Form Baseball Pro Sliding Shorts

The G-Form Baseball Pro gives you maximum protection with its innovative technology and unique design.

Should You Buy This?


The G-Form ups their level of protection by installing three SmartFlex pads on either leg. This technology is body-mapping and impact-absorbent for the best protection of any sliding shorts. If you slide a lot within your league with high-impact slides, these are the shorts for you.

The technology involved uses repellant molecules in the foam to keep the SmartFlex soft before impact. As the impact takes place, the molecules bind together to absorb it. Then they redistribute the energy away from your body, and the foam returns to its original soft state.

Made from breathable, moisture-wicking material, these shorts are comfortable and contain a secure pouch for cup wear. Grippers made out of silicone are used at the bottom of the legs to keep the shorts from riding up so you can focus on the game.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on sliding shorts, many less expensive brands serve just as well. The G-Forms are flashier than most shorts and aren’t vastly superior, so there’s no obvious reason to purchase this brand over another.

The Good

  • Uses SmartFlex, impact-absorbing pads instead of foam
  • Comfortable for long games and practices
  • Machine washable

The Bad

  • More expensive than comparable brands
  • Too flashy for some players

The Verdict

Highly recommended, these shorts perform well for professional and casual players alike. If you’re a major league player or highly active in your baseball community, these G-Forms give you everything you could ever want in a pair of sliding shorts. Their shock-absorbent technology outperforms all other brands for exemplary protection from abrasions and bruises.

Though they are admittedly more expensive than other brands, it’s possible to buy a pair of G-Forms with comparable prices. Furthermore, some players might find the cost worth the advanced technology. So if you want the fancier, more protective, and innovative sliding shorts, these are the ones for you.

Most Durable: EASTON ELITE Sliding Short

EASTON ELITE Sliding Short

These Easton Elite shorts will give you long-lasting protection and comfort for years to come with their neoprene sliding pads and simplistic design.

Should You Buy This?


Though simplistic, the Easton Elite offers maximum sliding protection for the longest possible time. They contour with your leg without disrupting your movement or coming off too bulky. The pads are 2-ply neoprene, which makes them more durable and long-lasting.

The double-layer makes these shorts great for sliding, especially in a league setting. Though they might not be as flashy as other brands, Easton’s provides good coverage and a comfortable fit for serviceable use as long as needed.


Easton’s shorts are good and serviceable, and that’s about it. If you’re looking for more than just durability, these probably aren’t the shorts for you.

These shorts use neoprene instead of foam for their padding, which some players might not enjoy. Though they function very similarly, players might prefer one over the other in terms of softness and comfort. If neoprene doesn’t feel like enough protection for you, try another pair of shorts.

The Good

  • Has 2-ply neoprene for increased padding
  • Contains a pocket for the cup
  • Moisture-wicking materials keep you dry

The Bad

  • Cup not included
  • Plainer than other brands

The Verdict

If you’re into simple, good function, these shorts are great. They might not come with a cup, but they provide complete coverage of all impact areas for optimal sliding. A 2-ply neoprene means they have an extra layer of padding comparable to foam pads. Neoprene is extremely durable and very tough to damage, so if you often replace battered sliding shorts, these are great for more extended use.

Furthermore, neoprene is very form-fitting and can stick more to your skin when wet. The moisture-wicking polyester-spandex blend works to counteract this, and in fact, some players might think stickier pads are easier to wear. But if you prefer your shorts to be more than simply functional, these aren’t the pair for you.

Best with Cup: Sliding Padded Shorts with Protection Cup Included

Sliding Padded Shorts with Protection Cup Included

These shorts protect first and foremost as they integrate cup-wearing while also functioning as fantastic sliders.

Should You Buy This?


These shorts incorporate ultimate compression with complete protection. Thanks to the included Shock Doctor bio-flex cup: you’re protecting more than your legs as you slide. These shorts are durable, with moisture-wicking technology set to prevent chafing while you run. The padding is foam for a softer impact, and the shorts’ design compresses for optimal blood flow while you play.

These shorts are great for league players or pros. They cover every aspect of potential baseball needs. They even have a low-profile slide zone that maximizes protection from the impact of sliding. They keep you going no matter what level of intensity your game reaches.


These shorts run small, so ordering the correct size can be a trying ordeal. If you’re not in a high-performance league, the compression function isn’t necessary. For all the fancy features, they can be overkill.

The Good

  • Comes with its own cup
  • Uses compression to increase blood flow
  • Foam padding doesn’t compromise fit

The Bad

  • Difficult to match sizes
  • Some features might be overkill

The Verdict

These are great shorts if you have cup anxiety. They come with their specifically engineered cup, which can withstand shocks and impacts. An included cup means you don’t have to worry about a secondary purchase or concern yourself with whether or not your cup will fit your shorts.

Add that in with the comfort and function of the rest of the features, and you’re not only protected, but you have a great pair of compression shorts.

However, if you already have your own cup or don’t mind the extra purchase, there’s no apparent need for shorts like these.

More about Baseball Sliding Shorts

Below are some common questions about sliding shorts.

What Are Sliding Shorts?

Also known as compression shorts, sliding shorts belong to a group of athletic garments worn under uniforms for specific purposes. Sliding shorts are sometimes known as “sliders.â€

In baseball, sliding shorts help protect a player’s hips and legs while they slide. Sliding in baseball is a technique players use to slow themselves down to arrive on a base with the correct momentum. It reduces the possibility that a baseball player will overshoot a base while running.

Sliding shorts are not mandatory to play, but they prevent scrapes, bruises, and road rash. If you play baseball competitively, you should already own a pair to protect your legs and hips.

If you only play recreationally and rarely slide, you don’t need to own a pair of sliding shorts.

How to Wear Sliding Shorts?

Sliding shorts go underneath your baseball or softball pants. As they fall under the same category as compression shorts, sliding shorts are usually tighter than baseball pants and will not stretch overtop. They should fit as close as possible to your body to better protect it when you slide.

The closer the padding is to your skin, the better protection you will receive. If you try to wear sliding shorts over your pants, not only will they not fit, but they will also fail to protect you to the same extent. Wearing them underneath your baseball pants will also protect them from damage, so you can continue to wear your sliding shorts for as long as possible.

What Should I Wear Under Sliding Shorts?

Since sliding shorts typically go underneath baseball uniforms, what you wear underneath is up to you. Personal preference will dictate how comfortable you are wearing something under your sliding shorts.

Some athletes prefer to wear underwear because they feel more comfortable than going without. Athletic underwear can also help with wicking sweat and provide an extra layer that can stave off bruises. If it gives you more personal comfort, wear underwear.

However, if you don’t feel the need, there is no obligation to wear underwear. For most sliding shorts, underwear doesn’t necessarily add anything useful. Some athletes find them too constricting for movement, especially if you’re adding more layers on top. So if you don’t want to wear underwear, you don’t have to.

How Do You Wear a Cup While Wearing Sliding Shorts?

Sliding shorts will have a pouch at the front where you can put a cup. To use the pouch, slide the cup inside with the narrow end first. The narrow end of the cup should sit closer to the ground, and the wider end should be next to your waistband.

Compression shorts pouches securely hold cups, so you don’t have to worry about the cup moving around while you play. As sliding shorts are a form of compression shorts, they function in the same way. Once you have your cup in place, you shouldn’t have to worry about it further.

How to Get My Cup to Sit Right in Sliding Shorts?

For most sliding shorts, placing a cup in the front pouch will be enough for the cup to sit correctly. As long as the cup is placed with the narrow end down and the wider end up, it will offer maximum protection.

Some players might assume that their cup isn’t stable as the placement might feel too loose. However, a loose fit is normal and usually nothing to worry about. When worn under your baseball pants, the sliding shorts should prevent your cup from moving around too much or falling out completely.

How Long Are Sliding Shorts Supposed to Be?

The length of sliding shorts depends on the make and manufacturer. Sliding shorts protect your rear and thighs, so they are typically long enough to cover those areas most likely to take damage when you’re sliding. Sliding shorts generally are shorter than the knee, but their lengths depend on the manufacturer.

Typically, sliding shorts end at mid-thigh or a little lower. Some brands end just below the knee or even go the full length of your leg. The longer they are, the more protection you receive. Some players enjoy a full-leg because it ensures everything stays where you want it.

Others prefer shorts that end just beneath the knee because those sliding shorts provide extra cushioning for your knee. Knee cushioning helps to protect the knees from a rough impact.

Some brands will be shorter and protect less of your leg. They might be long enough to qualify for short-shorts. If you hit more of your thigh as you slide, you will likely prefer a pair of longer shorts because they will protect more of your leg.

If you can slide without much thigh impact, you might prefer a shorter pair. Shorter pairs of sliding shorts will also offer less sweaty experiences.

How to Find Correct Fit of Sliding Shorts?

Sliding shorts should be tight enough that they feel like a second skin. However, they shouldn’t be so constricting that you struggle to get into them or feel uncomfortable wearing them. If you are aware every moment of your game that you’re wearing sliding shorts, they may be too tight. Your shorts fit if they are snug to your legs and rear, and you can forget you even have them on.

Similarly, if the pads in your sliding shorts sit on the areas they are supposed to and protect you from bruises or scrapes, they fit correctly. It’s possible to find shorts that feel great, but the protective padding is too low or high on your body. If this happens and you receive injuries despite wearing your shorts, you need to invest in another pair.