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Hand protection is essential when playing baseball, and find the best batting gloves is very important. As such, it is only right to ensure that you purchase the best batting gloves for the ultimate playing experience and protection. Always look for durable gloves; those that are designed and made uniquely to withstand wear and tear. In addition to this, ensure that the gloves of choice are comfortable to wear especially if you are going to be using the gloves for long durations. It is worth noting that the perfect batting gloves should provide you with an excellent grip.


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Under Armour Men's Clean-Up VI Batting Gloves

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Rawlings Workhorse Adult Batting Gloves

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Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Batting Gloves

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Louisville Slugger Series 7 Batting Gloves

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EvoShield Protective Speed Stripe Batting Gloves

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Franklin Sports (MLB CFX) Pro Review

If you are looking for classy and exceptionally outstanding batting gloves, then you should look no further than at this Franklin Sports gloves. Made using high-end sheepskin leather that provides tactility and unique softness in all conditions, these gloves are designed for pro baseball players. The one-piece palm construction of the gloves provides an unrivaled seamless feel that enhances comfort when using the gloves.

Enhanced adaptability and flexibility

Franklin Sports Batting Gloves feature an exclusive floating thumb technology that allows for the glove’s increased adaptability and flexibility. Since the gloves are made for use in major leagues, they are classically designed to enhance performance and perfect grip on all types of bats despite the prevailing weather conditions.



Asymmetrical wristband that shapes to the wrist
Smooth & seamless feel on any type of bat
Has a neoprene bridge that provides added flex
Exceptionally durable

The palm surface gets damaged
when rubbed on hard surfaces

Rawlings Workhorse (Adult) W/Compression Strap Review

If you are looking for the best adult batting gloves, then you should look no further than at this Rawlings Workhorse gloves. The gloves feature a double-knit spandex technique on the finger gussets for a more comfortable feeling when wearing the bats. In addition to this, the dynamic fit system used in the gloves provide greater feel in play and flex. The sizing of these gloves is done perfectly such that they are players to fit the hands well without the gloves sliding around when playing.

Loop closure feature due to the compression strap

The best thing about these Rawlings Workhorse gloves is that they can be worn for long sessions without feeling uncomfortable or straining the hands. This is because the gloves come with a compression strap for ensuring that the gloves are firmly and gently secured on the wrists. What is unique about these gloves is that they also feature a leather palm pad for added protection and cushioning the palms from vibrations. The gloves are also quite roomy compared to other gloves in the same category as these gloves.



Roomy compartments and fit perfectly
The compression strap provides added support.
Good quality and durable
Great wrist support

Designed for adults only

Under Armour (Men’s) Clean-Up Review

Under Armour is a popular brand for its superior quality sports equipment and gear. The Clean-Up Batting Gloves from Under Armour comes with a Goatskin leather palm that delivers a comfortable and soothing feeling to the hands when wearing the gloves. Additionally, the palm construction of the gloves also features finger perforations that deliver additional ventilation hence preventing sweating in the palms and fingers when wearing the gloves. The strong fibers used in the construction of the gloves provide excellent grip and support without losing flexibility.

Personal customization

Unlike other batting gloves, these Under Armour gloves feature personal customization functionality in the internal locker tag that provides added support on the wrists. Since the design of the gloves is well articulated, the gloves can last for a long time without wearing out or being torn. What is amazing about the gloves is that they are multi-purpose as they can also be used for motorcycle riding. With the right size, you will definitely be enjoying wearing the gloves.



Great feeling and comfortable
Nicely stitched
Good quality material
Well ventilated

Designed for use by men only

Louisville Slugger (Series 7) Review

Louisville Slugger is reputable for designing and making innovative sports equipment and gear. In line with this spirit, the Series 7 Batting Gloves from Louisville Slugger boast of an innovative textured palm and superb construction. This makes the gloves unique in comparison to other similar gloves in the market. The gloves are made using a comfort-stretch material that optimizes fit and feel thereby making the gloves comfortable to put on even for long durations.

Classy and stylish features

The most fascinating thing about these Series 7 batting gloves from Louisville Slugger is that they feature unique and stylish
features. The gloves have a diamond mesh that provides ultimate breathability and ventilation when wearing the gloves. In addition to this, the gloves feature a Silicone-Tech palm functionality that provides enhanced grip as well as durability. Since the gloves are designed for use by professional players, you can be guaranteed that they meet all the industry standards on batting gloves.



Feature a professional pattern
Comfort-stretch material for excellent fit and comfortable feel
Neoprene wrist strap for added support
Enhanced durability and ultimate breathability

Glove sewing gets ripped
when rubbed against hard surfaces

EvoShield Protective Speed (Stripe) Review

The EvoShield Protective Speed Batting Gloves are specially designed for professional players and those looking forward to advancing their batting skills. These gloves boast of having a custom-molding shield for preventing injury and fractures to the lead when batting. The gloves also have a sleek adjustable strap for securing the gloves firmly on the wrists when playing. The most fascinating aspect about these EvoShield batting gloves is that they are engineered with an unmatched capability of withstanding high impact and remaining fully functional even in the toughest conditions.

Thinner, lighter and stronger

These EvoShield Protective batting gloves are designed using a superior quality material that is thinner, stronger and lighter than most other materials used in making batting gloves. The quarter inch patented composite material used in the glove also makes the gloves to stand out from other gloves in its class. These batting gloves also have an impact dispersion functionality that is made up of several multi-layered materials that disperses impact after the bat hits the ball. This ensures that the player does not feel any vibrations or stings in the hands.



Lighter and stronger
Extended Grip
Enhanced durability
Supportive wrist strap

The glove seams need to be
reinforced as they seem to split
after continued use.

Batting Gloves Buyer’s Guide in 2018

Baseball is one of the ball sports that require a high level of strength, accuracy, concentration, skill, and competence. Nearly all professional players of the sport use the best quality batting gloves. This is because the gloves offer enhanced grip, protection and extra comfort when playing. Despite there being many different types of batting gloves in the market, identifying the right glove may not be easy like it is commonly presumed. Some of the tips and ideas you should follow when looking for the best gloves are such as:

Why players wear batting gloves

Ideally, wearing batting gloves helps players in enhancing their performance while playing. This is because the gloves help them in maintaining a firm, tight and controlled grip when swinging to hit the ball with the bat. This in turn goes a long way in enhancing power and ultimate hitting accuracy. It is worth noting that gloves provided an added grip in whichever type of bat you are using; whether metal or wooden bats or even other types. Another great reason for wearing batting gloves is for the provision of hand protection against shock and vibrations that arise after hitting the ball with the bat. It is worth noting that these vibrations may cause a tingling and stinging feeling on the players’ hands.


The material of the batting glove of choice is an important consideration when shopping for these gloves. There are 2 types of materials used in making batting gloves; synthetic materials and leather. There is neither of the two materials that are better than the other as both have their own unique benefits. Leather gloves offer a better and firmer grip than synthetic gloves. Additionally, leather gloves provide players with a natural feel, which in turn enhances comfort when playing. On the other hand, synthetic gloves provide players with flexibility and comfort while playing. They are also easy to clean.


The ideal size of batting glove to purchase is determined by the size of your hand. To find a perfectly fitting glove, you need to measure the size of your hand right from the base of the palm to tip of your middle finger. After you have measured the size of your palm, you should then refer to the batting glove sizing chart to identify the glove size that will fit you perfectly. You should ensure that the glove of choice needs to be comfortable and should be neither loose nor too tight.  Uncomfortable gloves will hinder you from fully enjoying your playing session.

Batting Glove Brands

There are countless brands of batting gloves currently in the market. Some of these brands are of higher quality while others are substandard. As such, you need to be keen when looking for the ideal brand to purchase. High-end brands are often pricey but are of high quality and equally durable as compared to lower quality brands. Some of the best batting glove brands currently in the market are such as Nike, Franklin, and Under Armour among other brands. There are also other top batting glove brands in the market that are considerably affordable and are of very high quality.

Wrist style

There are various wrist styles used in designing batting gloves. The most popular style that is preferred by most pro baseball players is Velcro. This style is easy to adjust depending on your level of the desired comfort. There are also high-profile wrist styles that create a compression feel that is preferred by some players. The best way of identifying the style that is perfect for you is by trying out a batting glove before purchasing it to identify how it feels on your hands.

Extra features

There are added features in batting gloves that are designed to enhance the efficiency of the glove as well as the comfort of putting on the glove. There are gloves that come with an articulated thumb for enhancing the glove’s mobility. Other gloves come with added padding on the palm for superior cushioning and protection. There are also other brands of gloves that come with custom molded shields for protecting the hands from a pitch.

Ideally, when shopping for the best batting gloves, it is advisable that you consider the functional aspects of the gloves. This goes a long way in ensuring that you settle on a glove that will be beneficial to you and help you in advancing and improving your playing skills.

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