Best Batting Helmets in 2023: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Batting Helmets

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The risk of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) in baseball and softball are present at every at bat. The most common cause of TBI for youth is being struck by a bat and struck by a ball for older ball players.

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks For Batting Helmets

By taking the time to choose the right equipment when comparing online for baseball gear, the risk of TBI is greatly reduced. Always settle for a high quality helmet that is solidly constructed and will not break easily. Here’s our top picks for batting helmets to keep the batter safe.


basballeagle-table__imageEaston PRO X Matte W/ Jaw Guard
  • Comfortable
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Great face and jaw protection
basballeagle-table__imageMizuno F6 Batting Helmet with Mask
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Lightweight
  • Soft & comfortable feeling
basballeagle-table__imageMACH Matte Batting Helmets
  • Cool & breathable
  • Extended jaw protection
  • Nice design
basballeagle-table__imageUnder Armour UABH2-110
  • Great shock-absorbent
  • Durable
  • Good odor-control
basballeagle-table__imageEaston Junior (Z5 Grip)
  • Dual density padding
  • Well-designed ventilation
  • Compliance with nocsae standards
basballeagle-table__imageRip-It Vision (Pro) Matte Softball Helmet
  • Superior quality construction
  • Features moisture management pads
  • Blackout Technology eliminates glare from the sun
basballeagle-table__imageRawlings Coolflo (Molded)
  • Molded finish
  • Unique air venting
  • Meets nocsae standards
basballeagle-table__imageWorth Storm Highlighter (60 MPH) WHL60FG
  • Solidly constructed
  • High visibility face guard
  • Ventilation system for excellent air flow
basballeagle-table__imageDeMarini (Paradox) Batting Helmet
  • Fits comfortably
  • Earpieces come with additional cushioning
  • Unique venting system

Editor’s Choice: Easton PRO X Matte W/ Jaw Guard

After the introduction of the original Easton PRO X Matte, this time, Easton comebacks with an Extended Jaw Guard version of this PRO X line!

The Pro X Matte line must be the most high-quality batting helmet of Easton. MDP tech, shorts for multi-density protections, is a three-layer shock-absorbing foam that helps take up all impact for the player. Besides three layers of foam, the Pro X also features a special BioDri liner made of air-wrapped mesh material. But it is not hot or sweat-trapping! In fact, this liner acts as a springy perforated wall that evaporates any moisture to keep you dry and cool during the game!

The outer cover of the helmet is actually a thermoplastic shell made of ABS, which is known for its sturdiness and impact resistance. This material is also lightweight so that you can wear it all day long. You can see that in the hard shell, there are several ventilation ports to allow air to fly in and out and keep your head cool!

One feature that Easton has upgraded from PRO X to PRO X W/Jaw Guard is the extended jaw defender, which protects your mouth from the facing pitcher. The looks of these batting helmets are cool too – those matte and bold finishes are stunning!

A significant drawback of this product is its glue quality. It really sucks! And if you are unlucky, you’ll probably have to find the glue to stick the falling cushion after several using times!

Best Face Guard Softball Helmet: Mizuno F6 Batting Helmet with Mask

The extended jaw guard helmet is not enough to protect you? No worries, you now have a batting helmet with a full-face mask! We call that a face mask, but it is actually just welded metal sticks that help protect you from the incoming ball without blocking your breaths.

This Mizuno F6 Batting Helmet with a mask is specially designed for fastpitch softball. Its shell is made of engineered ABS plastic just like the Easton. That makes the helmets remarkably durable and also offers a lot of protection.

This ABS plastic is shaped into an advanced Honeycomb Shell pattern to minimize the helmet’s weight while still maintaining its strength. That is why the Mizuno F6 is such a lightweight helmet but still can give you the best protection! It’s the best softball helmet with a face guard we’ve found.

Inside the headwear is an EVA foam working as a soft and comfortable cushioning for your head. Thanks to those Drylite Inner Linings, this Mizuno is also great at removing excess moisture, thus gives you a dry touch during the game.

Moreover, the metal face mask is removable in case you don’t feel like having extra protection when playing with your kids! There are two pre-marked holes in two sides for you to secure the mask.

Since the Mizuno F6 is mostly used by female batting players, it might be a bit tight-fit for those big-headers. A small/medium size can also fit your kids!

Top Helmet with Extension Flap: MACH Matte Batting Helmets

Rawlings MACH EXT is the next NOCSAE certified batting helmet that we want to show you. Rawlings also uses ABS plastic to make their protective shells. No wonder it is such a common and high-efficient material for shock-absorbing. Making it our top helmet with extension flap.

Moreover, there is high-performance padding, which is called IMPAX, inside the helmet to reduce impacts by dispersing incoming force. In addition to its superior protection effect, this padding also changes the feel of the wide helmet into a snug fit, which makes me feel secure and confident!

In order to balance out the fabric’s temperature, there are multiple ventilation holes in the helmet to keep you cool and fresh all the time! Actually, we think that the cushioning is a bit too thin compared to other brands, which can reduce its protecting efficiency.

But what we really love about this batting helmet is its smart design! The MACH EXT comes with a removable one-side jaw guard, which will face the pitcher and protect your face and jaw. This extension can offer you extra protection while maintaining your visibility!

There are two versions of jaw guards, the left and the right-handed batter. Be careful not to choose the wrong side, or it will get into your sight!

The last thing we want to mention here is how chic and stylish a batting helmet can be! We agree that performance is the first thing we care about, but this Rawlings looks so smart and basic! There are nine color options for you to choose from; we hope that you will like them.

Coolest Batting Helmet: Under Armour UABH2-110

Under Armour UABH2-110

In case you think that your batting helmet is too thin and you still feel the balls hitting your head, then it’s time to look for a thicker helmet! Under Armour are known for their high-quality and effortful products. The UABH2-110 Batting Helmet is also a great UA’s head wear.

The top cover is made of hard and sturdy plastic that is durable when it comes to long-term using. This shell is full of ridges and grooves for extra impact-resistant. We love it when the helmets are painted in military patterns with four available colors in the market, which makes it the coolest batting helmet available.

What we said before is this head wear has really thick cushioning that works well on absorbing shock and impact. But not just because it is thick! Material that is too dense will cause the helmet to be heavy and burdensome. The UA has put inside the helmet the foam liners to absorb more energy!

These liners also work great in control heat and odor, although the helmet is not well-ventilated. Besides, because of the thick layer of fabric, the helmet might be a bit too tight for big-head players.

Best Youth Baseball Helmet: Easton Junior (Z5 Grip)

If you are looking for a durable batting helmet, then you should look no further than at the Easton Junior Batters Helmet. The helmet features dual-density foam that not only absorbs sweat but also pulls it away from the head. It’s comfortable to wear helping encourage the player to keep it on and makes it the best youth baseball helmet. This allows you to play comfortably without having to wipe down sweat from time to time. The wrapped ears feature of the helmet makes it highly durable thus making the helmet a perfect choice for everyday players.

Great for all players

The fascinating aspect about the Easton Junior helmet is that it is specially designed for use by all players. The helmet features an amazing ABS plastic that helps in providing an excellent protective guard/shell against impacts such as those from the ball or collision with other players. This Easton bat meets NOCSAE standards thus making it ideal for use in competitions and leagues. Like any other Easton product, the helmet is designed to last for long without any excessive wear or tear.

Best Softball Batting Helmet: Rip-It Vision (Pro) Matte Softball Helmet

Designed with revolutionary double density foam, the helmet prides itself in superior protection as well as comfort. The helmet is lightweight but very solid and as such, it does not cause any discomfort on the head when wearing it. The helmet provides players with amazing head protection while ensuring that it does not inhibit the field of vision. The helmet features a classic blackout technology that helps in eliminating glare from the sun and hence allows you to have an uninterrupted view even when playing in the sun.

Superior quality construction

This Rip-It Vision Helmet comes moisture management pads that ensure that your head remains dry even when you are sweating excessively. Additionally, there is a total of 21 air vents that are strategically placed all over the head for cooling the head while playing. The helmet’s unique construction and design ensure that it exceeds NOSCAE standards. As such, when you purchase this helmet, you get more than you bargain for; a reliable helmet for everyday use.

Best Cheap Batting Helmet: Rawlings Coolflo (Molded)

The entry of Rawlings Batting Helmets in the softball helmet industry revolutionized the sector for the better. This has made it the best softball batting helmet because Rawlings is popular for its exceedingly great products that boast of great durability and amazing reliability. The Coolflo Molded Helmet by Rawlings is one of the best and stylishly designed batting helmets currently in the market. This helmet features a unique venting system that provides excellent cooling while wearing the helmet.

Pro-inspired attributes

This Rawlings batting helmet is designed by pros for use by the best players. As such, it meets the needs of all players and ensures that it provides players with the best head protection while playing softball. The helmet prides itself in having a unique and classy design that goes a long way in ensuring that the helmet is comfortable and does not cause any straining to the head. The construction of the helmet is solid and as such, it cannot break even with the greatest force from a ball or bat.

Best Fastpitch Helmet: Worth Storm Highlighter (60 MPH) WHL60FG

If you are looking for the best fastpitch helmet, then this worth batting helmet with face guard is the ideal helmet to purchase. The helmet looks great and fits well on the head. it’s sufficiently padded, providing the best head protection from vibrations and shock created when the helmet is hit by the ball.

Sturdy and solidly constructed

The construction of this Worth Storm Batting Helmet is sturdy and solid hence providing players with the best head protection. The helmet features a unique venting system that helps in ensuring that there is uninterrupted airflow in the head throughout its use. The helmet has a high visibility faceguard that enables players to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the pitch while playing. The one-tone matte finish on the helmet enhances the helmet’s classy and unique appearance.

Bonus: DeMarini (Paradox) Batting Helmet

The DeMarini Paradox Helmet boasts of a low profile shell that is uniquely designed to provide players with a superior as well as comfortable fit. The helmet has a premium rubberized finish that helps in absorbing shock and vibrations after the helmet is hit by a ball or bat. Like other DeMarini products, this Paradox Helmet meets the set NOCSAE standards on batting helmets. The helmet comes in two sizes; S/M and L/XL sizes for players to choose the best size that fits their heads perfectly.

Antimicrobial fabric

The padding in the helmet is made from an antimicrobial fabric that helps in absorbing sweat as well as providing protective cushioning to the head. The earpieces are wrapped in a soft cotton fabric to provide the ears with additional cushioning while playing. What is more unique about this helmet is that it comes with strategically placed venting that ensures maximum airflow hence keeping the head cool at all times.


How To Choose A Batting Helmet For A Young Player?

Batting helmets are used for providing head protection while playing baseball or softball. These helmets are very important since the protect players from suffering head injuries due to getting hit by balls or even bats. The helmets also provide players with an added sense of safety thereby enabling players to play with greater confidence and assurance of ultimate head protection. Here are a few things you should know about choosing batting helmets:


Batting helmets cost differently depending on the quality and specifications of the helmet of choice. The price of these helmets can cost from as little as a few tens of dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. Ideally, the price of the helmet to buy is dependent on the budget you have set aside for buying the helmet. If you have a limited budget, then you should opt for affordable helmets that are of high-quality. However, if you have an unlimited budget, you can shop for a classy and high quality that falls within your budget. When it comes to price, ensure that you buy the best quality you can afford. Long-lasting and superbly designed and styled helmets cost a lot more than standard helmets. Ensure that you fit every helmet before settling on any specific one. This makes it possible for you to check whether the helmet fits perfectly.

What Are The Materials Used For Batting Helmets?

The best batting helmet should be made from durable and strong material. This is material that can be able to withstand the force of getting hit by bat and balls thrown at high speeds. Avoid helmets that are made using weak materials as such helmets break easily. Consequently, they do not provide the required protection when playing baseball or softball. The most commonly used material in making softball and baseball helmets is reinforced plastic with unique hardness and rigidity. Only settle on helmets with protective padding on its interior surface.

How To Measure Helmets Size?

People have different head sizes. There are those whose heads are bigger while others are small. Due to these variations in head sizes, helmets also come in different sizes. Manufacturers of helmets use different measurements and dimensions but helmets of the same size are relatively equal. When looking for the best size that will fit your head perfectly, measure your head’s circumference and correlate it with the closest helmet size possible. You can also use a size chart that provides details on the standard helmet sizes depending on the head’s circumference.


What Are Baseball and Softball Helmets?

One of the leading causes of head injuries among youthful players and teenagers is a failure to put on a baseball helmet. Ill-fitting helmets are also likely to cause head injuries among baseball players. This is why it is important to ensure that you purchase the right size and best quality baseball helmet. When shopping for a batting helmet for youthful players, it is necessary that you consider several aspects before you make your purchase. This makes it possible for you to find the best and well-fitting helmet that covers all sides of the head.

The best batting helmet should cover the ears to protect them (ears) from getting hit by oncoming balls. Another important consideration when shopping for these helmets is that you should consider the provided helmet requirements provided by the league or competition that he will be taking place in. There are leagues that have requirements that are stricter than those of other leagues.

Just like when buying a baseball helmet, you also need to be excessively cautious so that you purchase the right helmet for your daughter. Ensure that the softball helmet of choice meets the set NOCSAE standards on the design and construction of softball helmets. Wearing helmets that do not conform to these standards pose a serious injury risk as they do not provide sufficient protection. The best helmet to settle for should be solidly constructed, have face guards and come with interior foam padding. Helmets need to be comfortable and gentle on the head especially if the helmet will be worn for long hours.

Who Invented The First Batting Helmet?

A batting helmet, which is a hard plastic hat, plays an important role when playing baseball. It is worn over a normal cap of players and protects them from any damages on the field. In reality, this kind of helmet is usually used by offensive players especially on deck and when running the bases.

It is surprising that batting helmet was invented in the late stage of the history of baseball. The main reason is the catchers are easily hit by a pitched baseball. Meanwhile, in 1890 catcher’s masks and chest protectors were earlier used in the field, people decided not to use equipment to protect their heads.

It was mandatory to use batting helmet in Major League Baseball in 1971. However, some veterans still have worn cloth caps. Players had to wear a helmet that covers their ears in 1983. The last one who worn a flapless helmet was Tim Raines Sr. In 1964, Tony Gonzalez was the first player to use a helmet with a flap. There are no changes in batting helmet until 2013, a new model of the helmet was designed by Rawlings and firstly introduced in Major League Baseball. This helmet was made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber composite. It enables players to withstand the impact of a 100 mph fastball, more than 32 mph compared with previous models. According to the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, wearing it was obliged throughout the major leagues.

After that, baseball helmets were designed with cheek protectors because they can be easily injured on the face. The first ones to wear this kind of helmet were Gary Roenicke and Ellis Valentine and it became common in the late 2010s.

How To Clean A Batting Helmet?

It is necessary to clean up the batting helmet regularly. With batting helmets with unremovable interior padding, we should use warm water and mild detergent to clean it inside and out. Taking special care to clean it because If you put it under the water too long or close to high temperature or strong cleaning chemicals, it can be broken. In the next stage, we should put it in an airy place to dry it completely for the next use.

Why Do Some Batting Helmets Look Burned?

It is common to see a darkened area on the batting helmet of a baseball player that looks like it was burned. Actually, that area is pine tar – the sticky, brown substance and is made from the process of distilling pine wood. Baseball players believe that coating their helmets in pine tar can reduce slippage and help them have a good performance. Baseball players usually have to adjust their helmets.

Therefore it is important to put pine tar to reduce slippage. It is useful and time-saving. For example, if the players want their bats more stick to their grip, they don’t have to go to grab the pine tar rag, all the things they can do is adjusting their helmet and get a little more pine tar.

There is a common belief that pine tar firstly used in the bat and the players transferred pine tar from bat to helmet. While some people suppose that the put this substance on the helmet and transfer it to their gloves and put onto the bat to keep it close. Craig Biggio is one of the most famous players became very well-known for using it.

How To Disinfect Batting Helmets?

In order to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria, baseball players have to spray detergent to disinfect batting helmet. The primary step is removing any debris and loose dirt from the batting helmet. You should make sure that there is nothing left in your helmet.

In the second step, spraying liberally detergent on the inside and outside surfaces of the batting helmet, especially on the forehead area and chin straps. Paying close attention to cleaning the helmet’s crown and spraying in the crevices.

The last but not least step is hanging your helmet in the airy area to dry it fully and completely. If you place it in a damp and musty place, your batting helmet can be smelly and moldy and hard to use it again.

When looking for the best batting helmets to purchase, it is important that you only settle on high-quality helmets; those that are well designed and superiorly constructed. These are helmets that will provide you with sufficient head and face protection while playing your favorite batting sport.