Best Catchers Gear Sets Sets for Youth and Adults of 2022

Best Catching Gear

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Playing any game safely and with great fun requires you to have the best catchers gear sets and following the rules of the game. When you are considering playing baseball, the best catcher’s gear sets are some of the must-have equipment that you should buy. These gear sets ensure that you are safe and protected from injuries caused by ball hits thus enabling you to enjoy the sport to the fullest.

Baseball catcher’s gears come in different sizes, specifications, dimensions and different features. As such, the players get a chance to choose the gear that favors and suits them best. Read my review below here that I have for you. I’m sure you will soon find what you’re looking for.


basballeagle-table__imageAll-Star System (7-Adult) Pro Catcher’s Set
  • Premium protection and guard
  • Comfortable and considerably lightweight
  • A superior design used in the gear’s building construction
basballeagle-table__imageMizuno Boy’s (Youth) Samurai Box- Set Catchers Gear
  • Sufficient padding for the helmet and chest guard
  • Superior quality and classy design
  • Easily customizable to meet the player’s needs
basballeagle-table__imageEaston M10 (Adult) Custom Catchers Set
  • Excellent reliability and durability
  • Provides utmost body protection
  • Memory foam padding for shock absorption
basballeagle-table__imageLouisville Slugger (Youth) PG Series-5 Catchers Set
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Superior quality featuring sufficient padding
  • Provides full leg protection
basballeagle-table__imageUnder Armour PTH Victory Catchers Kit
  • Full-leg coverage
  • Stylish and classy appearance
  • Repositionable knee protection
basballeagle-table__imageWilson (EZ) Gear Kit
  • Comes with double knee & leg guards
  • Easy for kids to use
  • Provides ultimate head and chest protection
basballeagle-table__imageMacGregor (Junior) Catcher Gear Pack (Royal)
  • Provides sufficient coverage
  • Fits perfectly
  • Superior quality and design hence durable

All-Star System (7-Adult) Pro Catcher’s Set

Being one of the professionally designed and manufactured baseball catcher’s gear set, the All-Star System Pro Catcher’s Set is one of the must-have sets for any pro baseball player. This gear set includes a chest protector, MVP catcher’s mask, helmet, and leg guards. The helmet in this gear set comes with an (I-BAR VISION) steel cage, ABS plastic shell (High impact resistant), increased forehead thickness, a breathable (3D) mesh padding liner. These features ensure that the helmet provides ultimate protection and guard from potential injuries, safety hazards, and collisions with other players.

Advance design concept and features

The best thing about buying this gear set is that the developers have employed great creativity, skillfulness, professionalism and the latest technology in designing the gear set. This in turn leads to a unique gear set that provides the best protection to players while at the same time ensuring that it does not inhibit the players’ performance. The bars on the helmet’s eye cage are flattened for purposes of providing the best viewing range as well as enforcing the strength of the bars. The chest protector features wedge-shaped abs that help in providing the best protection to the chest from high-speed ball hits.

Lightweight and super comfortable

When using this protective gear set, you need not worry about carrying too much on your chest and head. This is because the gear set is made from lightweight but durable materials. In addition to this, the gear set features a large shaped design that makes it comfortable to put on the gear set even for long playing sessions. The internal moldable protective plates in this set are inserted into sensitive areas like the collarbone, sternum and throat to keep these parts protected.

Mizuno Boy’s (Youth) Samurai Box- Set Catchers Gear

This Mizuno Boy’s Set Catchers Gear is arguably one of the best and safest catchers gear for 2020. Mizuno is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end baseball sporting equipment. This gear features a chest guard,
helmet, and knee savers. This outstanding gear set boast of unique accuracy in sizing and is mostly designed for youthful players. However, adult players can also use it. Since all Mizuno products are built to last, you need not worry about the durability of this set as you can use it for several seasons without wearing out or tearing.

Classy and stylish features

The chest guard in the Youth Samurai Box gear comes with should protectors for both shoulders; left and right. As such, when wearing this gear, you need not worry about guarding your chest cavity as the plates in the chest guard shield and protect the chest from fly balls or any other impact when playing. What is unique about this gear is that the helmet is made using high impact resistant and high-strength material. Therefore, the helmet provides the best head and facial protection when in the pitch. It is worth noting head injuries when playing baseball can be fatal.

High quality and exceptional reliability

This Mizuno gear set comes with a guarantee of durability and reliability throughout its life. Therefore, when you invest in this gear set, you need not to have concerns and worries about the set wearing out fast and exposing you to potential danger and safety hazards when in the pitch. The knee savers in the set are made from extra-hard material that provides ultimate protection to the knees. The kneepads come with straps for securing the pads on the knees when playing.

Easton M10 (Adult) Custom Catchers Set

Featuring asymmetrical designs for both right and left legs, this Easton M10 Custom Catchers Set is a conventional protective gear set for baseball players. Unlike other gear sets that do not come with knee savers, this Easton set for adults features adjustable knee pads that can be customized for best fit. The gear set features a streamlined profile that provides for a snug fit thereby enabling the player to feel comfortable when playing. The gear set includes a solidly designed and built helmet, chest guard and leg guards. The best thing about this gear set is that the leg guards protect the entire leg as opposed to only knees like in most common gear sets.

Zero shocks (memory) foam for inner knee and leg protection

When out in the pitch playing your favorite game of baseball while wearing this gear set, you need not worry about experiencing vibrations and stings on the knees and legs after impact with the ball. This is because the knee and leg protection guards feature inner knee protection functionality that is lined with memory foam for absorbing shock and vibrations. The chest protector is uniquely designed with protective plates for shielding and protecting the chest from impact and hits from the ball.

Streamlined profile

The streamlined profile in this Easton M10 gear set provides a smooth radius that allows for quick removal of the ABS plastic shell hence providing the shell with strategic venting for cooling the chest cavity when playing. The Hyperlite EPP foam in the chest guard provides excellent strength and absorbs impacts before it reaches the chest cavity. The helmet comes with a rubberized facemask for providing the best protection against fly balls aiming for the face.

Louisville Slugger (Youth) PG Series-5 Catchers Set

Featuring a sleek glossy fine finished helmet with a moisture-wicking pad for the chin, this Louisville Slugger Youth Catcher’s Set is a professionally designed and manufactured gear set for pro baseball catchers. The set includes a highly durable and extra-strong helmet, chest guard and leg protection. The best thing about this set is that all the materials used are lightweight and considerably resistant to breaking even with the hardest impact from fast-speed balls. The high-density padding deadens the impact of the ball on any of the protective gear thereby providing ultimate protection to the players.

Anatomically inspired design

The most intriguing aspect about this guard set is that the developers have used an anatomically inspired design for the shin guards by featuring a double-knee design that allows for a better and comfortable fit as well as less restricted motion. This in turn ensures that the gear set does not inhibit the player’s performance in any way. Therefore, the set is a perfect choice for pro players especially those preparing for tournaments and competitions. The chest guard is reinforced by a precision pad plate with sufficient padding and harnessing at the shoulders for the best fit.

Lightweight, perfect fit and durable

This Louisville Slugger gear set comes with a guarantee of providing the best protection and guards from all potential hazards and dangers that a catcher may be exposed to when on the pitch. The materials used in the manufacture of this gear set are lightweight and hence do not create any unnecessary weight on the shoulders of the players. In addition to this, the set fits perfectly onto the players and hence is comfortable to put on when on the pitch.

Under Armour PTH Victory Catchers Kit

This catcher’s gear set includes a chest protector, catching helmet and leg guards. The manufacturers of the set recommend it for use by players between 12 – 16 years and offer smaller size for younger players. In addition to this, the catching gear is a perfect choice for intermediate and entry-level players. This is because the set is not only flexible but also is correctly sized for the best comfortable fit. The AEGIS Microbe Shield protects against microbes that cause bad odor especially for players who sweat excessively.

High-impact resistant plastic shell chest guard

When wearing the chest guard in this set, you need not to be concerned about the safety of your chest cavity as the high-impact resistant plastic shell provides the best and ultimate protection from all fly balls and other hazards aiming for the chest when playing baseball. It is worth noting that the set comes in handy for intermediate and entry-level players who are not highly experienced in playing the sport. The ventilation holes in the helmet and facemask allow for great breathability thereby ensuring that the players do not sweat too much when wearing the protective gear.

High-strength helmet and leg guard

The helmet in this set boasts of high-strength that enables it to exhibit great resistance to impacts from balls and bats. Consequently, the high-strength functionality of the helmet provides for the best and utmost protection when playing baseball. On the other hand, the leg guards come with reposition-able kneepads that protect the knees from ball hits and falls. The rest of the leg guards ensure that the entire leg is protected from injuries and other safety hazards that it may be exposed to when in the pitch.

Wilson (EZ) Gear Kit

Featuring 11 inches double knee guards, the Wilson EZ Gear is one of the most functional leg kits to consider investing in for pro baseball players. The kit is made with great simplicity to allow young players to easily put on and remove the protective gear set. Built using QuickChange technology that allows for effortless and simple put on and removal of the gear, most players find the set easy to handle especially when they need to make quick changes on the pitch. The protective gear set includes a chest protector, a protective helmet, and a pair of leg guards.

Classy and unique features

With this protective gear for baseball players, you can be assured to enjoy the best protection against common safety hazards when on the pitch playing baseball. The helmet provides well-defined head protection while at the same time ensuring that it does not cause over sweating even when playing in hot sun. This is because the helmet has ventilation and holes that allow for a smooth flow of air in and out of the helmet. The chest guard protects and shields the chest from potentially fatal chest injuries that may be caused by high-speed balls.

Sufficient leg and knee protection

Unlike other sets that only provide protection around the knees only, this Wilson EZ set protects the entire leg right from the thighs to the foot. This ensures that there is no part of the leg exposed to potential injury when playing. Additionally, the shin guards that come with this set are exceptionally thick thereby providing guaranteed protection on the shin. It is important to note that the guards are not only ideal for use with baseball but can also be used for other sports like tennis and hockey.

MacGregor (Junior) Catcher Gear Pack (Royal)

Junior Catcher Gear Pack - Royal

The MacGregor Catcher Gear Pack is a hockey-style design protective gear set for junior baseball players. This set is designed for use by players of ages 5-8 years. As such, it is not an ideal choice for older players and adults. Featuring a 4†throat protector, this gear set provides the much-needed protection for junior players who have little or no experience in playing the sport. Included in this set are junior double knee& leg guards and a junior chest protector. This set fits perfectly on junior players and does not cause any unnecessary baggage that may prevent them from unleashing their full potential.

Great equipment and superior quality

The MacGregor Catcher Gear Park is a great set for softball and baseball players as it features uniquely solid construction. This high-quality set boasts of exemplary performance and reliability for consistent use in minor leagues and for practice. Since it is specially designed for junior players, it is worth noting that the sizing of the set is correct. Due to this, it is important to ensure that you only settle for the correct size so as not to impair the efficiency and performance of the player. This superior quality protective set for junior players is superbly finished for the best appearance.

Wide chest and knee coverage

The MacGregor catcher set is a favorite choice for most parents and junior baseball players since it provides the best chest and knee coverage. This ensures that the players are sufficiently protected on all vital parts including the head, throat, chest cavity and the legs. This goes a long way in reducing the likelihood of injuries and other related fatalities arising when playing the sport. The extreme protection provided by this set goes a long way in guaranteeing the safety and wellbeing of the players when on the pitch.

There are a wide variety of catchers gear sets in the market presently. Some of these brands are of high-quality while others are poorly designed. Due to this, it is necessary to know the aspects and features to look for in the best gear set. Always opt for a set that meets your standards and provides the best protection to the players.


How To Size Catchers Gear for Youth or Adult?

There are only three pieces of equipment in the gear sets that have sizes to choose from. Most of the others are one size fits all.


Most face masks on the market are available in two sizes: S/M (young) and M/L (adult).

The manufacturers do not make two many sizes out of catchers’ helmets because these are actually very easy to be customized. You can simply adjust the sliding pads or strap to get a secure and snug fit.

Chest protector

The chest guards have more measurements to deal with than the helmets. Most of them are sized from 11 to 18 inches, measures from your collarbone down to your waist.

Don’t worry about the width! You can modify the strap at the back of the protector after that!

Leg guards

Leg guard is the gear that needs to be in the right size the most!

If they do not fit properly, you can not move properly either!

First, measure from your knee down to the ankle, that is the size you need to find. Make sure that you’ve tightened hard enough so that they do not fall out when you are moving around or sliding.

Components of Catcher’s Gear

First, we will go through the most basic catcher’s gears that you’ll need for a real match:


The most essential equipment that you need as a catcher is a face mask.

Not only does the mask defends your head, but it also protects your teeth!

There are two common types of catcher’s masks that are allowed on the field. Although their advantages and disadvantages are different, they still make up for each other.

The first type is the classic two-piece helmet. They are more ventilated than other masks, and also more affordable. The second type is the hockey-style, which offers more comprehensive protection, but also costs more!

Chest protector

After the helmet, you also need some protection on your body. A chest protector will cover your central body area to protect your ribs and organs inside.

Most of the missed catches, foul balls, or players’ mistakes on the field hit your body. A proper chest protector will prevent any accidental bruises, broken bones, or some severe injuries in the organs.

Because of these critical functions, you should never be skimp when purchasing a new chest protector! Low-priced protectors might not be comfortable or durable enough to protect you in a real fight.

Leg guards

While your upper body parts are covered by chest shield, the legs below also need some protection: the leg/shin guards.

Leg guards will protect you from missed balls to prevent any bruises or scrapes on your shins, knees, and ankles. They also protect your knees when you slide into home plate! Though its shell is stiff-hard to cover your legs, inside the guards, it still feels incredibly comfortable thanks to the padding!

Other accessories

Catcher’s mitts

The catcher’s gloves are different from their teammates’. They should be specially manufactured to protect your hands from incoming balls whose speed could reach up to 100MPH! It also broadens the aiming target for the pitcher, from your hands to the mitts.

Knee savers

When you have to crunch for a long time during the match, your knees are likely to sore. These soft foams are attached to the back of your shins and help to reduce stress on your knees when you crunch.

Although there are some arguments on whether knee savers are necessary or not, you should still consider buying knee savers, especially if you have knee injuries.

Throat guard

Some catcher’s gear sets also come with a throat protector to enhance the protection ability of the helmet.

A throat guard is simply a sturdy plastic piece that covers the front part of your neck. Most of the products available are one size fits all.

Groin protector

This is a necessary equipment for young players. Adult players might prefer to wear a cup protector.

This piece is attached to the bottom of the chest protector by some sorts of straps for easy replacement. However, some do not really like to use a groin protector. They say that it hinders their steps and movements.

What To Look For In Catchers Gear Sets?

Fit & Comfort

First, if you are a young player, don’t ever think of buying a loose-fitting gear set and hope that it’ll fit even if your body grows up after that!

Why so?

It is because: fit is everything to a defending gear! If it does not fit, it cannot protect you. Finding the right size is important.

Besides, look for a protector with some padding so that your bones won’t impact directly with the stiff shell. There’ll be bruises!

Protection & Performance

A good gear set should provide you with enough protection while still maintaining your sight & movability.

The chest or legs guards need to be sturdy to protect you from deflected balls or other players. Meanwhile, the helmet should still be flexible enough for your neck to move around, searching for the flying ball.

Besides, they’d better be well-ventilated and lightweight, too!

Overview Of Our Methodology And Picks

Overall, to find the best catcher’s gear set for yourself, you should consider three factors: your budget, your needs, and the set’s quality.

First, your budget: if you are not a professional player to spend that much money on catcher’s gears, then start with the essential ones. Helmet and body protectors are enough for this case.

Consider your needs, like whether you need a knee saver or not. You’d better not buy low-quality defending gears to save money, or you might need to use that money for bruise cream!

If you want a recommendation, check out our reviews on some of the most outstanding catcher’s gear set below!


Is There A Difference Between Softball And Baseball Catcher’s Gear?

No, there is rarely any difference between these two. But softball and baseball are close siblings, not the same sport, and they still slightly differ from each other.

In general, the helmet, chest protector, shin guards, etc. can be used in both fields. After all, they are just protective gear.

But the gloves are a bit different, and they are not switchable from softball to baseball. It is because of the balls’ sizes and weights that you have to use suitable mitts.

What Are The Best Brands Of Catchers Gear?

There are many popular names in the sports equipment manufacturing industry. Under Armour, Rawlings, Adidas, Mizuno, Louisville, etc., they are all old but gold companies.


All-star is the most frequently used brand amongst the catchers! Their chest protectors and leg guards are the favorites of many MLB players over the world.


One series of Mizuno has reached an impressive list of customers: the Mizuno Pro. Mizuno is a Japanese brand, which is known for its high-quality and durable products.


The most impressive series of Wilson must be A2K and A2000. They are claimed to be made of the most high-quality feather in the market!


Nike is a catcher’s gear brand that both the starters and the professionals love. Recently, Nike has been the dominant brand in the fields of many professional leagues.


However, if you are looking for a pair of mitts, Rawlings is the one that you should count on. They have the best gloves that are proved by the pros!

What Equipment Does A Catcher Need?

Generally, you should have at least four essential equipment: one pair of mitts, a helmet, a chest protector, and finally, leg guards!

The helmet is a must because your head is extremely important and… unpredictable. You will never know where that ball hits your head!

Chest and leg protectors come right after, they both prevent the bruises and scratches from appearing. Chest shields also need to cover your vulnerable organs!

For other accessories, it entirely depends on your preferences and the leagues’ rules. Groin protector is a must in some associations. Besides, you should also consider your body’s status to choose a helpful accessory. If you have leg or knee injuries, then knee savers will help a lot!

What Catchers Gear Do Pros Wear?

This might surprise you, but the professionals do not wear all supporting equipment possible on their bodies!

Professional catchers have their favorite gear sets, which come from many famous sports brands all over the world. Nike, Rawlings, All-star, etc., all are well-known names in many major baseball leagues.

One accessory that has been left out by the pros is the knee saver! Master players have trained their strength and endurance to sustain the long game without knee savers to reduce their stress. They say that these pieces are attached to the back of their shins and hinder their movement.

Another surprising fact is that not all catchers choose to wear a modern hockey mask to the match. Many of them prefer traditional masks, which are well-ventilated during summer’s boiling weather.

Can You Paint Catcher’s Gear?

Yes, but you should not do that.

Here why:

Painting baseball gears is as easy as you thought. All you need is some acrylic color or spray and a brush. There are many videos on Youtube telling you what to prepare and do to alter your helmet or protectors.

But this painting is not solely an appearance reformation!

An incorrect choice of paint can be harmful to the safety properties of your gears! After all, our safety is more important than the fancy patterns on the helmet, right?

What’s worse is this paint might affect the product’s warranty or even the NOCSAE certification! According to NOCSAE, a product is certified in its sale design and condition. And that’s why any alteration is considered as a performance change.

What Are Catcher’s Chest Protectors Made Of?

There are two types of chest protectors: one model is made full of foam, and another model has a stiff shield on the front.

These days, most high-quality chest protectors on the market are of type one. Not only do they reduce the uncomfortable, stiff feeling and more comfortable to move around, but they are also more lightweight and durable than the old styles.

It depends on the manufacturers that the technology and foam material used in the chest protector differ. But in general, high-end chest protectors are made of pressed multi-layer foam to provide the best rebound control and breathability.