Best Fastpitch Catchers Mitt 2019: Top Deals With Reviews


Sorting through the limitless options available for fastpitch catchers can be a daunting experience. This is because you need to settle on a good quality mitt that is readily affordable to you. Additionally, the mitt of choice should provide you with sufficient protection while at the same time not hindering the flexibility of your hands.  There are countless options available in the market with some of the options being poor quality while others are considerably high quality.

Some of the best fastpitch catchers mitt in the market include:


Mizuno Prospect Finch (Youth Utility Mitt)

Over the years, Mizuno has continually produced classy sporting equipment. The Prospect Finch mitt by Mizuno is one of the high-end softball gloves in the market. Designed using the latest technology, this youth utility mitt provides players with classic shock absorption capabilities hence offering excellent protection. Ideally, this glove is arguably one of the safest and most reliable fastpitch gloves currently for youthful players.

Exceptional durability

This glove is constructed using full-grain leather for the palm surface and is complemented by a pigskin backing hence providing players with exceptional durability. The PowerClose Technology aspect in the mitt makes it easy and effortless to catch all types of balls including fly and ground balls. In addition to this, the mitt offers players with a classy and comfortable luxurious feel. When wearing the glove, you can be assured to enjoy ultimate protection even from high-speed balls.

Increased flexibility

Mizuno sporting equipment is designed to complement the players’ playing skills. True to this, this Prospect Finch mitt features increased flexibility for the unhindered motion of the wrist and fingers. For purposes of convenience and comfort, the mitt features adjustable wrist straps for securing the mitt onto the wrists. The mitt requires a few hits to break in but after it has broken in, it exhibits unparalleled performance.


  • Designed using a sophisticated technology hence reliable performance
  • The comfortable and luxurious feel
  • provides the best hand and wrist protection
  • made using high-quality and genuine leather


  • Requires to break-in and hence cannot be used right from the box

Louisville Slugger (2019) Xeno- Fastpitch Glove Series

This right-hand throw glove is designed for creative and hardworking players who are keen on polishing their pitching skills. The 33” catcher’s mitt requires minimal break-in as it is almost ready to use out of the box. Unlike other mitts, this Louisville Slugger glove comes with memory foam lining round the wrist for added protection and comfort when wearing. Additionally, the dual-post construction pattern provides a pocket-like shape for easy catching of the ball. This shape makes the glove ideal for use in practice and training sessions.

Unmatched flexibility

The sewing on this Louisville Slugger mitt is done professionally for purposes of providing unmatched flexibility. This works best for new players who are interested in perfecting their pitching skills. What is unique about this mitt is that it is constructed using premium quality leather for excellent durability, reliability and resistance to wear and tear. The premium quality leather combined with dual web construction gives rise to a classic mitt that is designed to meet every player’s needs.

Superb comfort

The pocket design of this mitt offers a superbly comfort and luxurious feel. As such, you can put on the glove for long durations without feeling any discomfort in the hands. The glove is designed for female players and hence favors people with small-sized hands. The wrist straps in the mitt allow for secure fastening of the wrist opening of the glove to the player’s satisfaction. The glove offers value for money as with proper care and maintenance, it can last for long durations without wearing out extensively.


  • Comfortable and luxurious to wear
  • Adjustable straps for a personalized fit
  • High-quality hence durable
  • Perfect for practice and competitions


  • Designed for use by female players only

Rawlings Liberty (Advanced) Softball Glove Series

Rawlings Liberty is one of the leading manufacturers of the best sporting items for all sports. The Advanced glove series for softball by this manufacturer boast of the best quality and superior design. Rawlings has invested massively in the production of the gloves in line with industry standards for professional fastpitch mitts. This right-hand throw mitt offers guaranteed hand protection thereby affecting the players’ playing experience positively. The glove is made using real and genuine leather and hence its durability and reliability are not questionable.

Adjustable and comfortable fit

When purchasing this mitt, you need not worry about whether or not the mitt will fit perfectly in your hands. This is because the gloves come with an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. The gloves do not require a lot of time to
break in and hence you can use it for competitive playing after a few hits. The leather material is soft and hence allows for the flexible motion of the fingers and wrist in preparation to catching the ball. The leather is good quality and hence players need not have any concerns about the performance and reliability of the mitt.

Nicely padded on the palm surface

The padding on the surface of the palm is done professionally such that it absorbs shock and vibrations generated by the ball after it hits the glove. This glove can be used for both practice and competitive playing as it meets the standards for competitive approved gloves. The unique strength of the leather material in the glove makes the mitt durable and resistant to wear and tear.


  • Professionally designed and durable
  • Reliable performance
  • perfect for practice and competition use
  • Provides sufficient hand protection


  • Designed for use by female players only

Wilson A2000 12″ Glove

The Wilson A2000 glove is a specially designed versatile glove that provides the best hand protection to fastpitch catchers. With this glove, players can comfortably play all over the pitch without worrying about straining or injuring their hands. The glove is designed for all levels of players including amateurs, seasoned players and expert players. Due to its superior design, the glove provides ultimate protection as well as enhancing the catching skills of the players. As such, it comes in handy during training and practice sessions.

Perfect sewing and super quality material

The high-quality material in this hand glove provides players with great value for their hard-earned cash. This is because the material is able to withstand daily friction from the ball without dilapidating extensively. Therefore, with this glove, you can be assured of unmatched reliability, efficiency and durability throughout its lifespan. The sewing on the mitt is done professionally thereby ensuring that it does not develop weak lines along the sew lines. This in turn ensures that the glove lasts for long without requiring any repair or replacement.

Excellent flexibility

This Wilson A2000 mitt is ready to use out of the box and does not require any break-in time whatsoever. Additionally, the gloves come with excellent flexibility and therefore, you will not experience any straining on the hands, particularly on the fingers. The pocket design fits perfectly on the hands and hence the hands will feel free and comfortable when catching the ball. For purposes of convenience when wearing the glove, the mitt comes with adjustable straps for securing the gloves firmly on to the hands.


  • Ideal for both slow and fast catchers
  • Good quality hence durable
  • Features adjustable straps for comfortable fitting
  • Comes with a pocket-like shape for easy catching of the balls


  • Sizing is wrong for young players

When shopping for the best fastpitch mitts, you may consider widening your search to include other options that may work best for you. Technically speaking, you should only opt for a mitt that meets your preferences and standards. This goes a long way in ensuring that you only settle on the best mitt for yourself.
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