Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 2019: Top 5 Deals with Reviews

If you are interested in batting excellently, you should ensure that the bat you are using is of the best quality. The bat should specifically be designed to match your style of play. Selecting the best bat may not be easy without a buyer’s guide. The following is a detailed “Review of the best fastpitch softball bats”. It is meant to help you easily select the best bat that meets your needs and preferences.



Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch

Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Review

This is a very unique fastpitch softball bat. It is expertly designed to give you the best batting experience. The bat is purely composite and consists of 2 pieces that are joined together using iST technology. This seamless connection provides a firmer feel, better energy transfer and zero negative feedbacks.

Your comfort and control are also enhanced. The Louisville Slugger Xeno Bat features an inner aluminum disc that is made using S1iD technology. This makes it more flexible, responsive and forgiving. The bat comes ready and helps you bat efficiently and worry-free.

Swinging it is totally easy as the bat features thinner but stronger walls. This provides light swing weight and helps you bat without straining. The barrel-handle connection featured is designed to retain the stiffness of the handle and eliminate all the resulting vibrations. This helps you to maintain your grip throughout the swings.

The bat comes with a standard 7/8 inches handle that has an end knob. It provides a very good grip that is not slippery. It is evenly balanced and gives you the freedom of batting naturally using your own strength. The bat is good for fastpitch softball training and competitions.

Easton STEALTH FLEX Fast Pitch Softball Bat

This a great bat that is designed to enhance your performance. It is designed to transfer the player’s hit power to a specific hitting zone for better batting results. Its large sweet spot is well loaded and helps you to achieve more with minimal effort. With the Easton Stealth Flex bat, you are assured of zero vibration.

It is a TCT technology composite bat that features 2 pieces of construction. The pieces are joined using ConneXion technology that is effective in eliminating all the vibrations and giving you a better feel of the bat.

A good grip is important for your batting. The handle of this bat is designed to give you the grip that you deserve. It is ultra-thin and available in 29 and 32-inch sizes. The handle comes covered with a very efficient Hyperskin Grip that is 1.2mm thick. Its barrel load is balanced for better swings. The bat’s speed is totally unmatched and gives you a very good plate performance. An end knob is also featured in this fastpitch softball bat that promises nothing short of excellent performance.

Louisville Slugger 17 (-10) Xeno Plus

Louisville Slugger 17 (-10) Xeno plus Review

Louisville Slugger 17 is a famous fastpitch softball bat that is designed to give superior results. It features various technological innovations that are responsible for its excellent performance. The bat is evenly balanced for better feel and control during swings.

It is a composite bat that comprises 2 pieces that are joined together using iST technology. The technology helps in eliminating any negative feedback and giving a more rigid feel that enhances energy transfer. Its barrel is made using S1iD technology that gives a larger sweet spot and better pop.

The bat features a double-wall that is frictionless. The double-wall allows it to flex freely for more power. Its swing weight is lighter and works together with the flex power to give better hits that are non-strenuous. The bat also features an end knob and a synthetic grip that helps you to handle it better.

Easton FP17HL12 Fastpitch Hyperlite Bat

Easton FP17HL12 Fastpitch Hyperlite Bat Review

This is another great fastpitch softball bat that is designed to enhance your comfort while batting. It is a composite bat that is made using Hyperlite barrel technology. This optimizes its sweet spot and enhances its performance.

The bat’s weight is equally balanced for better swing speed. It features two construction pieces that are joined using CXN Zero technology. This enhances its stability and eliminates vibration completely. Its drop weight is -12.

The Easton FP17HL12 Bat also comes with a 1.2 mm grip that is slip resistant. This grip covers an ultra-thin 29 or 32 inches composite handle that sits firmly and comfortably in your palm. The bat requires very little holding effort.

DeMarini 2018 End Loaded CFX Fastpitch

DeMarini 2018 End Loaded CFX Fastpitch Review

If you have enjoyed batting with the famous DeMarini -10 model, then you will find this one more fascinating. The DeMarini 2018 Fastpitch Bat is an improvement of its predecessor and is giving an extra pop, better power distribution and better weight control. It is a Paraflex composite bat that features two materials of construction. This gives better weight distribution, more flexibility and better pop. Being an end-loaded bat makes it good for longer hits that are non-strenuous.

The bat is designed to give you better performance and weight control through the use of 3Fusion System. 3Fusion system is an innovation that brings various components together to provide a better and complete feel of the bat. Controlling it therefore gets better and easier.

Conclusion: Excellent batting performance is important in your game. You should be able to use a durable fastpitch softball bat that will help you set good records in your matches. The list above features high-quality bats that have positively been reviewed by many users. You can use it for comparison and selection of the best bat for your game. Move your game to the next level with any of the featured softball bats.

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