Best Fungo Bats 2023: Buying Guide And Top Rated Reviews

Best fungo baseball bats

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The best fungo bats are known for their strength, uniquely solid construction, excellent durability, functionality, and a massive sweet spot among other features.

The best thing about these bats is that they are professionally and articulately designed for reliable performance throughout their life. When you buy these bats, you can be guaranteed to enjoy a fantastic playing experience characterized by a decent spot. Here are some of the best fungo bats to purchase :


basballeagle-table__imageEaston MLF5 Maple
  • Unique design
  • Ideal for both infield and outfield practice
  • Perfect weight balance
basballeagle-table__imageLouisville Slugger (K100) Ash Wood Bat
  • Perfect weight balance
  • Better control
  • Solid construction
basballeagle-table__imageSsk 33 inch Ps (100) Wood Fungo Bat-Black
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect length
  • Good weight balance
basballeagle-table__imageLouisville Slugger Fungo 17 (-13) Training Baseball Bat
  • Superb pop
  • No sting/vibrations on the hands
  • Perfect for hitting practice
basballeagle-table__imageFungo Coach Practice Baseball Bats AS-200 37″
  • Unique appearance
  • Solid construction
  • Resistant to dents


Easton MLF5 Maple

Easton MLF5 Maple (Fungo) Baseball Bat Review

This 37†fungo bat Easton is stylishly designed using North American Maple material for a distinctive outlook and is a durable bat. The laser-engraved barrel in the bat comes with a cupped end for a large sweet spot to hit deep fly balls. The handle in the bat measures 7/8†and is uniquely designed for a comfortable and firm grip.

Perfect for infield and outfield practice

This ready to use Easton fungo bat comes with perfect weight balance thus making it a great choice for both infield and outfield practice. For excellent performance and unmatched reliability, it is advisable to take good care of the durable fungo bat by ensuring that you do not hit the ball close to the handle’s bat.

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Louisville Slugger (K100) Ash Wood Bat

Louisville Slugger (K100) Ash Wood Bat Review

If you are keen on taking your baseball playing skills to the next level, you should consider buying this Louisville Slugger bat. The Louisville Slugger fungo bat comes with a natural finish and is therefore nicely looking and equally appealing. When using this fungo bat, you can enjoy hitting fly balls and ground balls with great ease without wearing out the arms too much. In addition to this, the fungo bat is end-loaded thereby enabling you to hit the ball with better accuracy towards the target spots.

Solid constructed and professionally constructed

The solid construction of this bat makes it possible and easy to swing, especially when targeting outfield spots. The fungo bat also works great for players playing on deep infields as well as hitting ground balls hard. The bat has the right weight, thus allowing better control when hitting balls.

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Ssk 33 inch Ps (100) Wood Fungo Bat-Black

Ssk 33 inch Ps (100) Wood Fungo Bat-Black Review

If you are looking for a good bat with a perfect weight balance, then you should look no further than at this bat. The fungo wood bat is quite reliable for everyday use and enables its users to accurately hit fly and ground balls with great ease. The 33†is made with top-grade ash and has a unique shape.

Lightweight and solidly constructed

The most amazing aspect about this fungo wood bat is that you can use it for long durations without worrying about feeling tired pretty fast. This is because the baseball fungo bat is one of the lightest fungo bats and features an end-weight design for better control and swing speed. The Japanese white ash finish on the bat not only makes it exceptionally looking but also provides protection from water. Youthful players such as those in high school and junior college students can also use the bat.

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Louisville Slugger Fungo 17 (-13) Training Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Fungo 17 (-13) Training Baseball Bat Review

This Louisville Slugger product is a classy training bat with a durable synthetic leather handle for a firm grip. The bat comes with a rolled end design for added accuracy and a massive sweet spot. The handle’s size is 7/8†thereby allowing a comfortable grip even for youthful players. When using this bat, you can be guaranteed to hit the ball with minimal effort and get better speed and distance.

Produces a superb pop

This fungo training bat has a superb pop sound that is characteristic to Louisville bats only. This bat is durable and equally resistant to denting even when used in cold weather. This training bat is an excellent choice for players looking forward to refining their hitting and accuracy skills. Since the bat is not allowed for use in leagues and competitions, it is advisable to use it for practice and skill perfection for competitive playing.

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Fungo Coach Practice Baseball Bats AS-200 37″

Fungo Coach Practice Baseball Bats AS-200 Review

Like any other classic fungo bat, this 37′ long bat is specifically designed for use by coaches primarily for infield and outfield practice. The unique shape of this bat makes it exceptionally lightweight. Consequently, it is easy to swing and does not wear out the hands. The best part about using this bat is that it gives extra distance and better accuracy with every swing. This fungo bat boasts of excellent durability and great ease of use.

A favorite option for coaches

This fungo bat is a favorite bat option for coaches as it helps them in improving the swinging and controlling abilities of their players. The solid construction of the bat makes the bat very resistant to dents after the bat strikes the ball. The bat’s end weight design makes it possible to build momentum when swinging the fungo bat thus requiring little effort to hit the ball farthest. The perfect natural finish on the bat adds on to the bat’s unique decor and appearance.

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Choose a good fungo bat: Our Experience and Common Bat Questions.

In baseball, the bat you use while playing usually has a great impact on how enjoyable you will find the sport to be. If you settle for a low-quality bat, then you are most likely going to find the sport less enjoyable and fun to play. This is why it is necessary to ensure that you only opt for a high-quality bat; one that will help you play to your full potential in an exciting and fun-filled manner. Fungo bats are some of the finely designed, easy to swing and well made baseball bats currently in the market.

A fungo bat will often have superior features and are very good for practice.

What is a fungo bat?

Fungo bats are an exceptional and a special variety of classic bats that are typically designed for use by coaches and baseball players during practice. In the recent past, the popularity of these bats has grown far and wide especially because the uniqueness of these bats has become well known in the baseball sector. Ideally, a fungo bat is a lightweight and long bat that is used in training batters to hit fly and ground balls with less fatigue and more consistency. These bats can be used for both infield practice and outfield practice.

What makes a fungo bat different than any other bat?

Since the 1800s, fungo bats have been preferred to other types of bats by coaches due to their exceptional performance compared to a normal baseball bat. These smoothly finished bats are specially made for use in the highest baseball levels. The main reason for the preference of the bats to a normal baseball bat by coaches is because fungo bats have long barrels, balanced weight, amazing durability, and are more of a lightweight bat. This combination of features is not found in other types of bats particularly those that are designed for use in practice and training.

Fungo bats weigh 17-22 ounces while standard bats weigh as much as 30 ounces or more. Similarly, the length of fungo bats is usually 35-37 inches while that of regular bats is 34 inches. The size, weight and length of fungo bats are meant to enable their users to hit balls rapidly, accurately and quickly. Heavier and shorter bats are hard to swing and control when hitting the ball.

Fungo bats are a favorite option among most baseball players since they are light in weight but very durable at the same time. The bats come in two options: wood bats and metal bats. The wood used in these bats is top quality and is equally durable thus extending the life of the bats. They are smooth swinging sticks that are able to withstand the force and shock generated after hitting the ball. The handles in the bat are designed for a comfortable and firm grip thereby making it possible to use the bat for long durations without straining the hands or hurting the fingers.

Can you use fungo bats in games?

Fungo bats are mostly training and practice bats. As such, their use in games is restricted to use for fun only. Most leagues and competitions do not allow players to use these bats while participating in competitions. The lightweight and solid & dense construction of the bats enables players to swing the bat rapidly and hit incoming balls with utmost accuracy and precision. The excellently well-balanced nature of the bats puts players in a better position of hitting the ball farthest. When used in competitions, the bats can lead to players winning unfairly over their competitors.

Our Fungo experience when choosing a fungo bat

For quite a long time now, we have used different fungo bats. From aluminum fungo to Composite wood fungo and high-quality pure maple bats, we have tried them all. In addition to this, we have also interacted with several coaches and inquired about their experience of using the bats. Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right fungo bat for you:


Since fungo bats are priced differently with some costing over $100, it is necessary to have a budget stipulating the amount of money you are willing to spend on the bat of choice. Having a budget saves you the trouble of overspending on a bat while you still have other baseball equipment and accessories to purchase.

Personal preferences

Are you looking for an excessively light bat or a heavier fungo bat? Do you prefer long bats to shorter ones? Due to the differences in the specifications and features of fungo, it is important to know the features you are looking for off the fungo bat of choice. Ideally, you should settle for the type of fungo bat that works best for you depending on the playing style and skills you want to practice.

Check reviews on the fungo bat of choice

If you do not have a chance of testing your preferred fungo before purchasing, then you should check reviews of the bat especially if you are ordering from online stores. This will help you in understanding crucial aspects of the bat including performance, reliability, functionality, and durability.

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Common fungo bat questions

Despite fungo bats being of very high quality, unique durability, and exceptional performance, there are still questions about the functionality and use of the fungo bat. Some of these questions include:

What is the cost of fungo bats?

Fungo bats range in cost with them mostly influenced by quality. The average cost of these bats is $40-$80. A low-quality fungo is cheap and compares to the prices of most other regular bats. It is worth noting that there are some of the best fungo bats that cost more than $80. This is especially for customized and handcrafted bats that are specially designed with unique personalization.

Is wood fungo better than aluminum?

The main advantage of wood fungo over an aluminum fungo bat is the feel of the wood bats in the hands. Wood Fungo features 2 knob designs while aluminum bats feature a traditional metallic handle knob. This metallic handle knob can be quite uncomfortable to hold in the hand during practice particularly for people who are new to these bats.

Most seasoned baseball players prefer wood fungo to metal fungo bats since the wood fungo is easy to hold firmly in the hands thereby making it easy to swing with the bats effortlessly and easily without the knob beating the bottom of the hand.

To Conclude

When looking for the best fungo bats to purchase, it is necessary that you consider your playing style and the skills you want to acquire/perfect using the bat of choice. As such, you should get a bat that is styled to meet your playing needs and become of great use to you. Always consider buying an established brand as such bats are well built, solidly constructed, and are amazingly reliable. These bats are high-performance bats and are thus very reliable and dependable even with consistent use.