Best BaseBall Bats For High School 2018: Buyers Guide With Reviews

Choosing a good bat is crucial in determining how well you will play your favorite sport of baseball. For starters, you need to choose a bat that is right for you in terms of size, weight, and admissibility depending on the competition/league you are playing in. In the present times, high school baseball bats are made from high-quality materials like composite and aluminum alloy for enhanced durability and reliability. Buying the best baseball bats for high school leagues can be an overwhelming task and equally tasking. This is why you should look for in the best bat.

Why Choosing The Best Baseball Bats For High School Is Important?

Although there are numerous reasons why you should choose the best baseball bat, the greatest reason of them all is to find a bat that suits your playing needs and preferences. This bat feels comfortable to swing and control the ball. If you are new to playing the sport, you should research on the internet to identify the best brands to purchase. When you choose the right bat, you settle for the appropriate size that is easy for you to handle when playing the sport. You also need to consider the ideal weight of bat so that you do not purchase a bat that is either too heavy or too light. For instance, if you weigh over 70 pounds, then you should settle for a bat whose length ranges from 28-32 inches. Ideally, choosing the right bat at high school goes a long way in enabling you to develop and polish your playing skills.

Why BBCOR is the best choice for high school?

BBCOR bats are virtually the best bats in the market for all levels of play including high school, college and major league baseball. These are classic bats that are designed and made with unique sophistication to make them the best bats for baseball. BBCOR bats adhere to all regulations and rules put in place by baseball organizations from across the globe. In addition to this, the bats boast of unique features such as weight-length balance, massive sweet spot, end-loaded barrels, exclusive trampoline effect, and tapered handles.

Most of these products are also ready to use right from the box, as they do not require any time to break-in. However, it is worth noting that most BBCOR bats are pricey compared to other standard bats. BBCOR bats for high school come in a wide variety of choices including varying lengths, weights, barrel size and pop sound among other differences. As such, it is crucial to search for the best product that suits your playing style to the best.

What are the criteria for choosing these bats?


It goes without saying that baseball bats for high school are priced differently depending on factors such as brand, quality, features, and make among other specifications. Due to these differences that account for varying prices, it is recommended that you set aside a specific budget before you start shopping for the best bat. This saves you the trouble of having to spend too much money on a bat or end up buying a low-quality bat because it is lowly priced. When purchasing for the best high school bat, it is advisable that you settle for a bat that is durable and one that can be used for higher levels such as college baseball. This puts you at a great advantage of saving a substantial amount of money while acquiring a bat that you will use for several seasons or even years.


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Easton 2018 Beast (X Speed BBCOR)

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Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR -3

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Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR

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Marucci MCBC7 (Cat7 BBCOR)

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Louisville Slugger Solo 617 BBCOR

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Easton 2018 Beast (X Speed BBCOR)-High School/College (-3 Drop) Review

Easton 2018 Beast X Speed BBCOR Review

The Beast X Baseball Bat from Louisville is not only amazingly loud but also powerful and possesses brute strength ideal for high school and college baseball. With an aluminum barrel, the bat produces a unique pop sound that is characteristic to Louisville Bats. What is unique about the bat is that it features a patented internal core technology that provides a massive sweet spot. The product has a long barrel that enables players to gain better control of the hits.

End loaded and -3 drop

Featuring a standard 2 5/8” barrel diameter, the end-loaded barrel allows players to add more power to their hits thereby making it effortless to hit the ball with more power and accuracy. The end-loaded design of the bat adds more mass to each swing thus favoring power hitters. The length-weight ratio of the bat is 3 and as such, the bat is a great choice for high school and college players. In addition to this, the bat features balanced swing weights and as such, contact hitters can use the bat to their greatest advantage.

Solid alloy design construction

This Easton bat for high school and college players is designed using a solid alloy construction. This makes it easy for power to flow through consistently from the hands to the bat and to the ball. The bat is lightweight and has an awesome grip thereby making it comfortable to use the bat for long playing sessions without injuring or straining the arms.


  • Amazing pop
  • Solid construction
  • Well balanced
  • Massive sweet spot


  • Fairly heavy for younger players

Marucci MCBC7 (Cat7 BBCOR) Review

Marucci MCBC7 (Cat7 BBCOR) Review

Marucci has been in the forefront in producing and developing high-end baseball bats for all types of players from high school to the major league baseball. The model is one of the finely designed and developed baseball bats for high school and college players. The barrel-end profile in the bat improves bat balance and provides for fast swing speeds. The one-piece construction of the bat provides for high response rates and increased strength.

Precision balanced barrel

The barrel in this model has been precisely crafted to present players with an all-powerful bat that will make it effortless for them to hit the ball with as much strength as they would want. For offensive players, the balanced barrel helps you outshine your opponents with great ease. The bat’s smooth and accurate swing combined with the massive barrel deliver an unrivaled performance.

Anti-vibration handle knob

This Cat7 Marucci bat features an upgraded anti-vibration handle cushion that protects the hands from stings and vibrations after the bat hits the ball. Consequently, this allows you to hit as hard as you can without worrying about hurting your hands due to vibrations. The best thing about the bat is that it is a great choice for players who are keen on advancing their baseball careers to become professional players.


  • BBCOR certified hence can be used in leagues and competitions
  • Improved balance and fast swing speeds
  • Anti-vibration handle knob
  • Optimized barrel design


  • Requires time to break in

Louisville Slugger Omaha (517 BBCOR -3) Review

Louisville Slugger Omaha (517 BBCOR -3) Review

The Omaha 517 BBCOR bat from Louisville Slugger is designed to address the playing needs of high school and college baseball players. Featuring a standard 31/32” standard handle, the bat boasts of unmatched performance and durability. The bat boasts of a custom premium performance grip that allows for comfortable handling of the bat when playing. With its proven reliability, the product is guaranteed to provide its users with the best playing experience.

Alloy barrel

Like other classic baseball bats from Louisville, this Omaha bat with a one-piece alloy construction prides itself in having a reinforced alloy barrel. The barrel provides a massive hitting surface thereby making the bat a great choice for players who are practicing their accuracy skills. The 1-piece construction ensures no energy loss from the hands all the way to the barrel and bat.

Uniquely designed end cap

The end cap in this Louisville bat is expertly designed to provide players with an ultimate bat speed and balanced swing weights. End loaded cap works perfectly for power hitters wishing to put much strength and power as they can to their swings and hits. Since the product is BBCOR certified, you can use it for leagues and competitions at high school and college levels.


  • Unique and classy pop
  • End loaded barrel
  • Massive sweet spot
  • High-performance handle grips


  • Dents when used in cold weather

Rawlings Velo (Hybrid Balanced BBCOR) High School /College Review

Rawlings Velo (Hybrid Balanced BBCOR) High School /College Review

Rawlings is one of the most reputable brands when it comes o baseball bats. The Velo Hybrid bat for high school and college players from Rawlings delivers balanced and powerful swings. Made using the finest quality materials, the bat is uniquely durable thus making it a great choice for seasonal players. This bat boasts of having an amazingly loud pop that enhances the playing experience.

Balanced feel

This end loaded bat boasts of a balanced feel throughout the bat right from the handle to the barrel. The speed ballistic concept employed in the design of the bat increases its barrel length and as such improves balance. Since the bat is BBCOR certified, it is admissible for use in high school and college leagues. The handle of the bat is designed to allow the players to have extra swing momentum hence achieve high swing speeds when playing.

Good solid construction

The solid 1-piece construction of the bat provides for smooth power transfer throughout the bat’s length. Consequently, this results in powerful hits which in turn work to the advantage of offensive players especially when participating in a league or any other competition. The massive sweet spot in the bat provides a large hitting surface.


  • Amazingly sweet pop
  • Solid construction
  • Large barrel
  • Sufficiently cushioned handle


  • Requires several hits to break in

Louisville Slugger Solo (617 BBCOR-3) Review

Louisville Slugger Solo 617 BBCOR (-3) Review

The Solo baseball bat from Louisville Slugger is an incredible bat for high school and collegiate players. The bat prides itself in having a balanced swing weight and a ballistic speed barrel.  Louisville has designed this bat’s barrel in an incredible way such that it has a massive sweet spot that allows players to hit the ball with more accuracy and more confidently. The model has an overall balanced feel and as such, it makes it possible for players to control the position and speed of the bat perfectly.

100% composite handle

The bat’s handle is made from 100% composite material that is crucial in protecting the hands from stings and vibrations produced when the ball hits the bat. Louisville has gone a long way in ensuring that the bat boasts of the highest strength, balance and consistency compared to other bats in its league. In addition to these features, the solid construction ensures that the swing momentum is transferred wholly to the barrel hence producing powerful hits.

Optimized barrel design

With an optimized barrel design and a stylish solid construction, the bat has a massive sweet spot which creates a large hitting surface. The most fascinating aspect about the bat is that it does not require any time to break in. as such, it can be used right from the box. The -3 drop of the bat makes it an ideal choice for use by youthful players in high school and college. Additionally, you can use the bat post-college especially if you are focused on becoming a professional baseball player.


  • Maximum durability and power
  • High-end bat with amazing performance
  • Cushioned handle with premium comfort
  • -3 weight-length ratio hence suitable for youthful players


  • Bat might be hard to handle for beginners speed ballistic design

When finding the best baseball bats for high school players, there is a need to focus only on the best and well-designed bats. These are products that will provide these youthful players with a chance to polish and advance their batting skills to the best. Additionally, the bats of choice should be durable and considerably resistant to wear and tear.