Best Outfield Gloves 2023: Buying Guides & Reviews

Best baseball outfielder glove featured image

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Best baseball outfielder glove featured image

Choosing the best outfield glove is important because it can impact your performance on the field. The right glove should have a deep pocket, a long reach, and a comfortable fit.

Read on to find out more about the best outfield gloves we recommend. We’ve selected some of the best gloves in terms of quality and construction, and you’ll find that these gloves have all the features you need to catch flies with ease.

Best Outfield Gloves

basballeagle-table__imageWilson (A2000) Baseball Gloves
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Amazing performance and functionality
  • Designed using innovative technology
basballeagle-table__imageMizuno Pro Outfield Baseball Glove 12.75"
  • Comes in a smooth professional style
  • Firm & strong edges
  • Comes with a palm liner
basballeagle-table__imageRawlings Heart-of-the-Hide Glove Series
  • Fine quality leather
  • Ideal for beginners and pro players
  • Requires little time to break in
basballeagle-table__imageNokona Walnut Series 1200 Baseball Glove
  • High-grade leather and fine stitching
  • Exceptionally flexible
  • Ideal for both training and competitive playing
basballeagle-table__imageShoeless Joe Gloves
  • Made from genuine leather
  • High quality and great feel
  • Big sweet spot

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series – Top Pick

Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

This high-quality leather outfield glove from Wilson is a favorite among outfielders because of its comfortable fit, deep pocket, and durable design.

Should You Buy This?


If you’re looking for a durable investment, you can’t go wrong with this quality glove. Wilson offers a right and left-hand version of this glove and it comes in different sizes so you can easily find the right fit. There is also an interesting color selection for a personalized look.

The leather construction of this glove makes it a durable long-term investment. This sturdy material does an amazing job of absorbing shocks when you catch flies while providing the comfort and soft feel you need for long games.

You’ll find exposed edges on each finger. This dual welting design adds to the comfort of the glove and results in a durable pocket that feels stable. The flat finger binding feature will protect your fingers from injuries.

We also like the six-finger trap web design. It allows you to close the glove quickly to secure the ball, even at high speeds.


If you want a better selection of sizes and colors, there might be other gloves to consider. 

You’ll also have to break the glove in. It’s not hard to break it in, but you won’t get a game-ready glove. Some people say that using oil to break the glove in isn’t a good option since it causes discoloration. However, you can find out full list of glove oil recommendations here.

The Good

  • Good selection of sizes
  • Durable leather construction
  • Dual welting design for comfort
  • Six-finger trap design for speed

The Bad

  • Not all sizes come in different colors

The Verdict

You can’t go wrong with this outfielder glove from Wilson. You’ll get an unmatched mix of quality and comfort.

There are also some features that will improve your performance on the field, like the six-finger web trap for closing the glove quickly before the ball bounces off or the dual welting that creates a durable pocket with a predictable feel.

Mizuno Pro Outfield Baseball Glove 12.75″ – Deep Pocket

Mizuno GMP2BK-700DS Pro Outfield Baseball Gloves

This lightweight glove is ideal if you want to improve your speed. Plus, it provides excellent support and you can customize the fit when you break it in.

Should You Buy This?


If you want a glove that you can break in yourself to customize the fit, we highly recommend this glove.

The durable and lightweight construction of this outfielder glove immediately stands out. Mizuno used kip leather for this glove, a type of cowhide that is lighter than other materials. There are many benefits to using a lightweight glove, including reducing fatigue, improving precision, and making glove-to-hand transfers faster.

There is a durable palm liner that uses an additional layer of kip leather. It absorbs shocks well and makes the glove durable without adding a lot of weight.

The glove comes with different patterns you can follow when breaking it in. It allows you to customize the fit and depth of the pocket. You can choose to break the glove in to create a deep pocket to catch flies more easily or opt for a shallow pocket if you want faster glove-to-hand transfers. You can also choose to create a regular pocket for a more versatile glove.

You’ll find split welting on the edges of the glove. It looks like leather but it’s actually a synthetic material added to reinforce the edges and make them more durable.

We should also mention the modified trap web pattern. It’s a great option for stability, and you’ll find a vertical leather strip in the middle of the pattern that adds support when catching flies.


If you don’t want a left-hand glove for right-hand transfers or don’t want a 12.75†glove, there are other shopping options to consider.

Another potential drawback is that the webbing could limit visibility. Some outfielders prefer H-web, I-web, or dual-post gloves so they can see the ball through the webbing.

The Good

  • Soft and durable kip leather construction
  • Palm liner
  • Break the glove in to customize the fit and pocket
  • Split welding for durability

The Bad

  • The webbing might reduce visibility

The Verdict

We recommend this glove because it comes with different patterns you can use to break it in. You can decide how you want the pocket to feel and adjust its depth based on your playing style.

You’ll get a quality outfielder glove made from durable materials, and the split welting feature will prevent the edges from fraying. We also like the lightweight feel of this glove and think that kip leather can improve your speed and reduce fatigue when playing.

Rawlings Heart-of-the-Hide Glove Series

Rawlings Heart of The Hide Glove Series

This glove is one of the best outfielder gloves if you’re looking for comfort. Rawlings delivers a durable product that is worth every penny since they select the top best 5% of available steerhides.

Should You Buy This?


If you want a baseball glove that is easy to break-in, you’ll love this glove from Rawlings. 

Rawlings uses steerhide to make this glove series and selects the best 5% of all available hides. You can expect a leather glove with a high-quality grain that feels soft and consistent.

You’ll find additional padding for the thumb sleeve. It’s a feature that adds comfort and absorbs shocks.

This glove is already 30% broken in. You’ll have to finish breaking it in and can adjust how it fits and how deep the pocket is based on what feels comfortable to you. You should be able to break the glove in quickly.

There are three sizes to choose from. If you opt for the 11.75†size, you’ll get a glove with a modified trapeze webbing. We like the durable leather laces used for the webbing and stitching, and the modified trapeze design is ideal for catching flies.


The main issue with this glove series is that the webbing style changes from one size to another. If you want the 11.75†glove, you’ll get the modified trapeze webbing that provides you with the stability you need when playing as an outfielder.

However, if you order an 11.5†or 12.25†glove, you’ll get a glove with an H-web pattern. This type of pattern is supportive and allows you to see through it. It’s flexible and allows for fast release, but it’s more popular among infielders. As an outfielder, an H-web glove might lack stability.

The Good

  • 30% broken in
  • Padded thumb sleeve
  • Made from quality steerhides

The Bad

  • Not all sizes come with the modified trapeze webbing 

The Verdict

The durable construction of this glove stands out. We like the fact that the manufacturer selects the best steerhides to make these gloves and uses quality leather laces.

This glove is an excellent option if you want to customize the pocket of your glove but would like a fast break-in process. However, the size selection is somewhat limited since only the 11.75†glove comes with a modified trapeze webbing.

Nokona WB-1275M Walnut Baseball Glove 12.75 inch

Nokona WB-1275M Walnut Baseball Glove 12.75 inch

This durable outfielder glove features a wide pocket opening and stands out with its classic look.

Should You Buy This?


If you want a lightweight glove with a classic look, we recommend this glove from Nokona. 

Nokona uses quality steerhide to give this glove its classic walnut look. The result is a beautiful handcrafted product.

We like the lightweight feel of this glove. It weighs around 24 ounces and will give you an advantage in terms of speed and mobility.

You’ll find a modified trap web on this glove. This pattern is a popular option among outfielders because it’s flexible and it allows you to close the glove quickly. This glove features a wide vertical leather strip in the middle of the pattern, which is a noteworthy feature since it adds support and stability.

This glove is game-ready. You can start playing with it right away and won’t have to break it in. It’s ideal if you don’t have time to break in a new glove or don’t know how to break in a baseball glove.


You should avoid this glove unless you think a game-ready glove is a good fit for you. Buying a game-ready glove has its pros and cons. 

The main benefit of purchasing a stiff glove is that you’ll be able to break it in and customize how the pocket feels. With this game-ready glove, there is a risk that the pocket won’t feel comfortable for your playing style.

The Good

  • Modified trap webbing 
  • Wide vertical leather strip for support
  • Lightweight design
  • Classic look

The Bad

  • A game-ready glove can be a drawback for some

The Verdict

This outfielder glove from Nokona is a safe bet with its classic look and durable construction. The modified trap webbing and wide horizontal leather strip make it a great option for outfielders. However, it’s important to ask yourself if a game-ready glove is what you want.

Shoeless Joe Gloves

 SHOELESS JOE Proffesional Series Modified Trap Baseball Glove

This glove is one of the best outfielder gloves for those shopping on a budget. It features a wide pocket and we like the soft and aged feel of the leather.

Should You Buy This?


If you’re looking for an affordable option and don’t mind a few drawbacks, this outfielder glove is the right option for you. 

The first positive point we should mention is the price of this outfielder glove. We think it’s the best option if you’re shopping on a budget.

You’ll find sizes that range from 11.5†to 13.†This glove is a good option for teens and adults. You can also find a right and left-hand version of this glove.

The leather has an aged and soft feel. You’ll have to break the glove in but it shouldn’t take more than a week. It’s a very comfortable glove thanks to the soft leather construction.

The glove features a wide pocket with a large sweet spot. It’s an important detail since it will reduce discomfort when catching flies.

The modified trap webbing with large leather laces is perfect for playing as an outfielder. There is a wide horizontal leather piece for support.

Overall, the wide pocket and soft feel of the leather make the glove very forgiving and responsive. These features could help improve your speed, and we think this glove would be a great option for a novice player.


If you want a glove that feels supportive, this glove isn’t a good option for you because of its open-back design.

It’s a popular feature on infielder gloves, but outfielders typically use gloves with a closed back because they need the additional support. Playing with an open or closed back is a matter of personal preference, but you should keep in mind that this glove won’t be the most supportive option.

Even though this glove is an excellent budget option, you should keep in mind that you get what you pay for when you buy a new baseball glove. You can’t expect the same level of quality and durability compared to more expensive gloves.

The Good

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Wide pocket with a large sweet spot
  • Leather feels soft

The Bad

  • Open-back design

The Verdict

We highly recommend this glove to those shopping on a budget. We like the soft feel of the leather and the fast break-in process, and we think the wide pocket will help you progress fast as you work on improving your precision.

The Guide: How to Find the Right Outfield Glove

A pair of strong and nicely constructed gloves are some of the essentials you need when playing at the outfield position. While playing at the outfield position can be great fun and exciting, it can also be quite dangerous especially if you do not put on the right pair of gloves. Outfield gloves are large and typically measure size about 13 inches. These gloves are constructed in different ways to provide the best webbing and form a large basket for catching the balls easily. H-web and trapeze are the most common webbing styles for outfield gloves.

What makes outfield gloves important for young players?

For young players wishing to advance and enhance their baseball and softball playing skills, the outfield position is the best position to play at. This is because playing at this position typically involves using skills used while playing at other positions such as the infield position. Additionally, since young players are not well-versed at playing at the outfield position, the gloves provide them with the ultimate protection they need. What’s more unique about these gloves is that their unique basket design and webbing style makes it possible for youthful players to enhance their catching skills.

How much do outfield gloves cost?

A budget is one of the must-have aspects when shopping for outfield gloves. Just like other sporting items, outfield gloves are priced differently depending on factors such as design, quality, style, and brand among other aspects. The best thing about having a budget when shopping for an outfield glove is that the budget limits you to focus on the best quality gloves that are within your affordability. A budget also prevents you from having to spend too much money on these gloves since you still have other sporting items that you need to purchase. Only buy affordable gloves that are made from genuine leather as such gloves are very durable and long-lasting.

What size outfield glove to get?

Size is an important consideration when shopping for outfield gloves. This is because the size of the glove has an impact on how comfortable the glove of choice is. If you wear uncomfortable gloves while playing, there are high chances that you will not be able to catch balls properly. There is a general glove sizing chart that can be found readily on the internet or even in shops selling these gloves. The chart contains a breakdown of the size of a glove to be worn by young players depending on their age gap. The player should test the gloves of choice to ensure that they fit perfectly and allow them to have a large fielding range, especially when diving or stretching to catch a ball thrown at them.

What’s the best material for outfield gloves?

Outfield gloves are made using different types of leather such as cowhide, synthetic, full-grain, steer-hide and pigskin among other types of leather. Gloves made from pigskin and cowhide are more economical than those made from the other types of leather. Steer-hide and full-grain gloves are very long-lasting since they are of premium quality. Ultimately, the decision on the specific type of glove to purchase depends on the player’s preferences.

Outfield gloves are no exception to ensuring satisfaction and contentment when buying sporting items. Never purchase any pair of outfield gloves until you feel confident and satisfied with the choice you have made. There are unlimited options of outfield gloves to choose from when looking for the best outfield gloves that will fit well and will suit your playing needs.

In Summary

Outfield gloves are just one type of baseball glove (you can view our complete guide here). However, if you are in the outfield you will want to ensure that you have taken the time to choose an option that best suits your needs. You can view our overall choice of the best baseball gloves here.