[Reviews] The Best Baseball Bats For Self Defense 2018

Best Baseball Bats for Self Defense

Every year in major and minor baseball competitions, it is common to see players batting defensively. Defensive playing is usually exciting and thrilling thus making it a favorite of a majority of fans. To become a good defensive player, it is important to ensure that you have the right and best baseball bat designed for defensive playing. These bats boast of incredible speeds, excellent batting capabilities and unrivaled performance. The most fascinating aspect about these bats is that they make it possible for players to push their limits and playing capabilities to the maximum.

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Suicide Squad- (Harley Quinn) Bat- Prop Replica Review

Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn Baseball Bat Review

Made from high-quality authentic hardwood, the bat measures an incredible 31.5 inches long. The model has unique bat control, which makes it easy to hit long balls with the bat. The sturdy and solid wood construction provides massive hitting potential while at the same time ensuring that it is lightweight for easy and fast swings. In addition to this, the bat’s sleek design enables the player to channel their highest swinging force into the hitting zone for powerful and strong hits.

Extended barrel design

This Suicide Squad product combines fast swing weight with an extended barrel design to produce a hitting beast. This favors defensive baseball players as it makes it possible for precise control while applying maximum hitting force. The bat has a smooth finish along the entire length. This finish not only enhances the bat’s appearance but also protects it from water and other damaging weather effects.

Massive sweet spot

Like other aspects of the bat, the hitting surface has been uniquely modified to provide the best hitting surface. The large sweet spot makes it possible for greater accuracy and more confidence hence improving the player’s batting skills. Overall, the bat feels nice to hold in the hands since it is incredibly balanced. The handle is cushioned and hence protects the hands from stings and vibration when hitting the ball.


  • Highly detailed bat with unique performance
  • Heavy and sturdy construction
  • Nice pop and massive sweet spot
  • The protective finish on the bat’s length


  • The bat is prone to chipping when hitting surfaces like concrete

Easton S50 Baseball Bat Review

Easton T Ball S50 Review

This product is not different from the other bats from this renowned bat manufacturer. The highlight of this model is that it boasts of a one-piece construction. What is unique about the bat is it’s well balanced hence making it ideal for use by youthful players. This high-quality bat is designed as an introductory bat to baseball playing especially for players keen on becoming professional baseball players.

Extra-long barrel

The Easton S50 Bat features an extended barrel design that in turn provides a large hitting zone. The barrel measures an impressive 2 ¼ inches in diameter thereby enabling youthful players to enhance their hitting skills and accuracy. This creates an amazing sweet spot and consequently allows for effective hitting. The bat’s handle is tapered with a hyper skin grip for easy and firm handling when playing.

Perfect drop

This incredible youth bat features a -11 drop hence easy to swing and control for youthful players. The solid construction of the bat channels the players’ hitting power to the barrel thereby making the bat ideal for powerful hits and defensive playing. Easton has taken great strides in ensuring that it provides players with an amazing bat that meets their playing needs.


  • Massive sweet spot
  • Perfect drop (-11)
  • Solidly constructed
  • Lightweight


  • Bat performance affected by wet weather

Louisville Slugger (WB180BB-NA 180) Natural Review

Louisville Slugger WB180BB-NA Review

Louisville Slugger is popular in designing and making high-end baseball bats with an overall high performance. Featuring a two-piece construction, this WB180BB-NA 180 bat is one of the best bats for defensive playing. The bat is made with a classic technology that ensures that it prides itself in decreased shock, supreme confidence, and unmatched confidence. The bat’s barrel is end-loaded to enhance power to the player’s hits.

Solidly constructed

Like other Louisville Slugger models, this one of a kind defensive bat with a solid construction. This is in turn ensures that there is no power loss from the hands to the barrel. This construction also adds weight to the bat thus allowing strong and powerful hits when using the bat. The bat feels nice in the hands thus making it comfortable to handle the bat comfortably and with much ease. Additionally, the bat has a cushioned handle that protects the hands from stings and vibrations when playing.

Massive hitting surface

Louisville ensures that it provides its clients with reliable and dependable sporting items. The WB180BB-NA 180 model has a large hitting surface that is hard to miss even for less
experienced players. In addition to this, the bat has a characteristically loud pop that makes it stand out from other bats.


  • Massive hitting surface
  • Unique pop sound
  • Solidly constructed
  • Variable lengths available: 32” 33” and 34”


  • Susceptible to chipping when hitting hard surfaces

Easton S3 2 inch (Big Barrel-10) Review

Easton S3 2 Big Barrel Bat REview

For decades now, Easton Bats have become a favorite option for most seasonal baseball players. This is because the bats are designed and made using sophisticated technology hence boast of utmost performance and reliability. The Easton S3 2 3/4” model is one of the best bats from this iconic bat manufacturer. Featuring a unique USSSA BPF (1.15) Certification, the bat is made from hyper lite matrix alloy that is excessively hard and equally resistant to wear and tear.

Best performance and power combination

For the best power and performance combine in a bat for defensive playing, this Easton S3 is the best bat to get. The one-piece construction and the exclusive technology used in designing the bat make it great players wishing to advance their playing skills to the next level. When using the bat, you can be guaranteed that there will be no power-loss from the hands to the barrel.

Tremendous trampoline effect and expanded sweet spot

For players battling with accurate hits with a bat, this Easton S3 product comes with an extended hitting surface for better hitting accuracy. What is unique about the bat is that it has a tremendous trampoline effect thereby making it fun and exciting. The Hyperskin grip on the bat’s handle enables players to play comfortably without worrying about nuisance caused by vibrations created when the bat hits the ball.


  • Massive hitting surface
  • Tremendous trampoline effect
  • Perfectly cushioned handle
  • Perfect power & performance combination


  • Ideal for use only by youthful players

Marucci (Junior Cat 6) Big Barrel Bat Review

Marruci Cat 6 Baseball Bat Review

Marucci Bats are some of the finely designed and built baseball bats presently. Like other Marucci products, this Junior Cat 6 Model with a big barrel is made for reliable use for all batting needs in defensive playing. The bat features a one-piece solid alloy construction that ensures that maximum power is delivered to the barrel. The Junior Cat 6 bat has an impressive patented anti-vibration handle knob that cushions the hands from vibrations generated by the bat upon hitting the ball. This knob design combined with the ring-free (barrel) technology ensures that you can play for long sessions without hurting or straining your hands.

Extended barrel profile

Bats with an extended barrel profile not only provide players with a large hitting surface but also enable better control of the bat. Consequently, this leads to controlled and more accurate hits hence making it effortless to send the ball to the targeted area. The extended barrel profile in this bat is professionally inspired and as such makes it possible for players to refine their playing skills.

Balanced swing weight

The bat’s weight is evenly distributed throughout its entire length thus creating a balanced swing weight in the bat. This improves balance in the bat and thereby allowing ease of swinging the bat without straining the hands’ muscles. In addition to this, the bat has an optimum pop sound, amazing durability, unrivaled speed and overall high performance.


  • Massive sweet speeds
  • Perfect swing weight
  • Enhanced durability
  • Strong and sturdy construction


  • ideal for young players only.

When looking for the best baseball bats for self defense, it is crucial that you consider the features that are bound to work to your advantage. For instance, only settle on bats with a high performance, unique reliability, durability, cushioned handles and with balanced swing weights.