The Best Single Wall Softball Bats in 2020: Buying Guides And Reviews

Best Single Wall Softball Bat 2017

Best single wall softball bats are a favorite bat option for most pro softball players. This is because the bats are fairly light and are solidly constructed thus allowing better handling and ball control. These bats are exceptionally easy to use due to their perfect weight balance and have amazing pop. Most of these bats are made using top quality material that makes the bats uniquely durable and resistant to wear and tear.


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DeMarini Steel (Slow Pitch) Softball Bat

4.5 out of 5 stars

Anderson Bat Company (Flex Slow Pitch) Softball Bat

4.4 out of 5 stars

DeMarini ASA Juggy OVL 17 Slow Pitch Bat

4.4 out of 5 stars

Mizuno Generation (Big Barrel) Bat Review

4.1 out of 5 stars

DeMarini 2018 Ultimate Weapon Softball Bat

4 out of 5 stars


DeMarini 2018 Ultimate Weapon (Slow Pitch)

DeMarini Ultimate Weapon 2018 Review

This stylistically designed DeMarini softball bat is made using Zn-X alloy for enhanced durability and excellent functionality. The bat comes with a .6mm grip that is finely designed for enhanced feel and comfort when holding the bat in the hands. Due to its superior construction and ISA, NSA, ASA & USSA approval, the bat is ideal for use in tournaments and leagues. The most fascinating aspect about this bat is that it is perfect for use by pros and beginners alike.

Awesome pop

If you are the kind of players who love hearing an awesome pop while playing, then this is the good product for you. This sound combined with the nice and well-balanced feel of the bat makes it a must have the bat for competitive softball players. This single-walled bat is end loaded for better control when hitting the ball towards the target spot.



Awesome pop
Excellent functionality and durability
Finely designed .6mm grip
Perfect weight balance

Dents easily when used in cold weather

DeMarini Steel (Slow Pitch) Softball Bat

DeMarini Steel (Slow Pitch) Softball Bat Review

If you are looking for a solid, well constructed and durable softball bat, you need to look no further than at this DeMarini softball bat. With a 13” carburized steel barrel, the bat features a proprietary heat-treating process that is designed to enhance the bat’s durability and performance. The bat is a perfect choice to use in leagues and tournaments that do not allow players to use composite and multi-walled bats. The bat’s handle is made from Zn-X alloy for increased stiffness and durability. The bat also features a .66mm grip knob that enhances the feel of holding the bat.

Superb pop

Like other classic and high-end single wall bats, this DeMarini bat boasts of having a superb pop. The bat is exceptionally resistant to denting even when used in cold weather. With this bat, you can be guaranteed to play over 3000 hits without any need of replacing the bat. Since it is fairly light, the bat is easy to swing and control thus making it ideal for power hitters.



BBCOR certified
Increased swing speed
Amazing pop
Solid construction hence durable

Requires a few hits to break in

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Anderson Bat Company (Flex Slow Pitch)

Anderson Bat Company (Flex Slow Pitch) Softball Bat Review

If you are looking for a single wall bat for fast swings and perfect control, then this Anderson bat is the right softball bat for you. The bat comes with a padded spiral grip that allows for firm handling of the bat. The bat is made from purely synthetic materials and as such, it is quite durable and reliable even with constant use for long. The bat gives players the right power balance and speed thus greatly favouring power hitters.

Buggy whip handle

The buggy whip handle of this Anderson single wall softball bat generates more speed thus producing extra pop and increased target distance. Since the handle and grip of the bat are padded, you need not worry about suffering blisters on your hands. In addition to this, the bat breaks in after a few hits thus making it possible to use the bat for competitive playing right away after purchase. The bat is excellent for base hits as well as long balls.



Increased performance & durability
Comfortable knob
Improved feel & design
Solid construction

Easily dented when used in cold weather

DeMarini ASA Slow Pitch Bat

DeMarini ASA Juggy OVL 17 Slow Pitch Bat

This model is a professionally designed and manufactured bat made from a solid alloy that produces an amazing pop. The C6 carbon composite handle is specifically made for the bat’s single wall construction. The wide weave at the base of the bat produces a trampoline effect which in turn makes the ball to bounce off the bat after contact. The bat feels nice when held in the hands due to the .6mm Grip & RCK Knob that makes the handle very comfortable to hold.

Solid performer

In addition to being stylistically designed, the SF8 Bat is also solidly constructed with a sturdy construction. This adds to the bat’s unique performance as the solid construction makes it easy to control the bat precisely and accurately. This favors power hitters greatly and the end loading of the bat making it possible to hit the ball towards long targets. The bat is ready to use right from the box as it does not require any breaking in.



Solid construction
Awesome pop
Ready to use (no need for breaking in)
Comfortable handle and grip

Dents when used in cold weather

Mizuno Generation (Big Barrel)

Mizuno Generation (Big Barrel) Bat Review

Mizuno is popular for making high-end softball and baseball bats with unique features and specifications. Made using the aerospace quality aluminum alloy, the bat prides itself on having an amazing performance and unique reliability. The most fascinating aspect about the bat is that its wall thickness technology provides for the varying wall thickness in the barrel. This in turn creates a large sweet spot thus greatly favouring its users over their opponents. The bat’s Digi-grip provides excellent feel and durability.

BBCOR Certified and USSSA Approved

Since this Mizuno single wall bat is BBCOR certified and approved by USSSA, you can use it for competitive playing in leagues and tournaments. The bat prides itself in having a balanced swing weight which in turn provides better bat control and increased swing speed. The padding in the bat’s handle absorbs all the vibrations produced after the bat makes contact with the ball.



Extra pop
Cushioned and padded handle
Perfect weight balance
Spiral grip for firm holding
Massive sweet spot

Requires a few hits to break in

When looking for the best single wall softball bats, it is important to ensure that you only settle on bats with a solid construction. You should also consider the handle of the bat and opt for bats with a comfortable grip and padded handle. Such bats cushion your hands from experiencing vibrations after the bat makes contact with the ball.


Single wall vs double wall bats

Unknown to most softball players, there are great differences that exist between single and double wall softball bats. For starters, single wall bats are known to have a greater popping action than double wall bats. These bats (single wall bats) are definitely advantageous to professional sports teams. The greatest disadvantage to using single wall bats is that they are very susceptible to breaking than double wall bats. Softball bats with a single wall construction are a common choice for players playing in restrictive leagues.

Double wall bats are more durable than single wall bats. However, bats with a double wall construction provide hitters with less pop and as such, the ball does not travel far when hit using these bats. Double wall bats produce very little vibration and sting since the handle is separated from the barrel and most of the bats come with a cushion on the handle.

Single wall aluminum softball bat

Most softball players particularly those in youthful leagues use single wall aluminum bats. These bats are known to produce ball speeds averaging 96-100mph. These bats have a wide performance range. The bats are very durable and often last for very long without getting dented on the barrel even when used in cold weather. Additionally, they do not require a long time to break in and perform better than double wall aluminum softball bats.

Choosing a softball bat

A softball bat is probably the most important equipment that every baseball player pays close attention to when buying. Choosing the perfect bat for you is a very important decision that every player needs to make. Players need to ensure that they choose the right bat in terms of feel, enough weight, the right length, and proper balance. The right bat should not too light nor too heavy at the top. There are several factors to consider when choosing a new bat:

Bat length and weight

The ideal length and weight of a bat depending on the body size and weight of the player. For instance, a player should not choose a bat that is too long or too heavy for them. The best way to know the ideal length of a bat to choose is by measuring the length of the bat against your height when holding the bat in the hand and holding it towards the ground. If it touches the ground, then that bat is right for you. As far as weight is concerned, it is advisable that you do not settle on a bat with a drop larger than 12 or lower than 8. The drop of a bat is the relationship between its length and weight.

Style of bat

There are two bat styles that dominate the softball bats market: aluminum and composite. The choice of bat style is solely dependent on the player’s preferences. Composite bats are popular and more commonly used than aluminum bats. Even so, you still need to know how to choose the bat that suits your playing needs. From aspects such as trampoline effect to bending stiffness and swing weight, it is paramount to ensure that you settle on the right bat style for you; one that suits your playing style.

Fit for your swing

Before you purchase a softball bat, it is necessary that you try out the bat of choice to test its uniqueness and swinging feel. Understand how it feels to play with the bat and see if it meets your playing needs and preferences. It is worth knowing that each bat has its own pros, cons, and setbacks of using. Always opt for bats with a large sweet spot as such bats make it easy to control the ball and swing with better accuracy.

Choose aluminum bats or composite bats?

Mostly, aluminum bats are single walled and are made of pure aluminum or alloys of aluminum. These bats (aluminum bats) have a good trampoline effect, have great bat speed, and come with cushioning for protecting the hands from stings and vibrations. Aluminum bats are solidly constructed and are thus very reliable, resistant to wear and tear and do not dent easily. The most fascinating aspect about these bats is that they feel more balanced since their weight distribution is controllable and even throughout the bat.

Composite Bats

Composite bats on the other hand have more pop than aluminum bats and they are end loaded. The weight of these bats can be shifted along and around the bat’s barrel. Composite bats have a greater trampoline effect than aluminum bats. They are also more elastic, are end loaded, and have highly optimized bending stiffness. This is why they are preferred to aluminum bats by most softball players. Metal rods are professionally inserted in composite bats to make them heavier since the composite material is quite light. These bats have a different feel than aluminum bats and tend to be heavier towards the barrel’s top.

Composite bats are better than aluminum bats since most of their features can easily be tuned to meet the player’s specifications. Additionally, bending vibrations can be highly damped in composite bats than in aluminum bats.

Have a budget

The most important aspect of knowing when shopping for softball bats is that you should have a working budget to use in determining the right bat for you. The most fascinating aspect about a budget is that it limits you to the best softball bats to purchase depending on your financial ability. Bats cost differently with some being quite pricy while others are very affordable. With sufficient research, you can get good quality bats for as little as $100. Ideally, you should purchase the best bat within the price range you can afford.

There is no softball bat that has an entirely poor performance. In most cases, the player’s experience and their playing skills determine how well they will play their games. As such, while it is necessary to put great focus on choosing the right softball bat for you, it is also necessary to ensure that you advance and polish your playing skills. This will make it easy for you to complement the performance of your bat with your playing skills and thus exhibit a high softball playing level.