Best Single Wall Softball Bats 2021: Buying Guides And Reviews

Best Single Wall Softball Bat 2017

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Single wall bats are an excellent option for softball players of all levels, from beginner to professional. Single wall softball bats have a single-walled barrel rather than a double-wall, making them a lightweight option with great weight distribution, which means they are both durable and easy to use.

Not only do single-wall softball bats have a huge sweet spot and incredible pop, they often come with a lower price tag than other bats. Single wall bats are an affordable and high-quality option for all softball players that are sure to impress. We’ve rounded up the best single wall softball bats for you, no matter your experience or skill level.


basballeagle-table__imageDeMarini Steel All Association WTDXSTL-20 Slowpitch Softball Bat
  • Amazing pop
  • Extreme durability
  • Great speed
basballeagle-table__imageEaston RIVAL Slowpitch Softball Bat - Power Loaded
  • Great for beginners
  • Great value
  • Durable and strong
basballeagle-table__imageEaston HAMMER Slowpitch Softball Bat, Power Loaded
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Aluminum
  • Cushioned grip
basballeagle-table__imageAnderson Flex Single-Wall Slowpitch Softball Bat
  • Easy to control
  • Great pop
  • Huge sweet spot
basballeagle-table__imageEaston Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat
  • Even weight distribution
  • Large sweet spot
  • Inexpensive

DeMarini Steel All Association WTDXSTL-20 Slowpitch Softball Bat (Our Top Pick)

DeMarini Steel All Association WTDXSTL-20 Slowpitch Softball Bat

The DeMarini Steel All Association WTDXSTL-20 Slowpitch Softball Bat is our top pick: it is durable, resistant to difficult weather conditions, and has an incredible pop.

Should you buy this?


If you’re looking for a bat that is exceptionally sturdy and resistant to denting or are searching for a bat with lots of longevity, this is the bat for you. The barrel is made entirely of steel and is designed with a heat-treating process that improves its durability, ensuring that you can play over 3,000 hits before even considering replacement.

Power hitting is easy with this lightweight bat that is known for its incredible pop. Hitters with intense swings will love this bat since it is easy to get superb speed on your swings and hear the balls fly.

This bat is resistant to harsh weather conditions and is enjoyable for softball players in all climates, from the cold to the heat, ensuring that play and practice can happen in all seasons.


If you are a softball beginner, this bat may take a while to break in, and it might be better to search for a bat with more give.

The Good

  • Incredible durability and resistance to all types of weather, no matter how harsh the climate
  • Amazing pop suited for power hitters
  • Great speed
  • Approved for play among multiple associations

The Bad

  • It can be difficult to break in if you aren’t already a strong swinger or power hitter.

The Verdict

The DeMarini Steel All Association WTDXSTL-20 Slowpitch Softball Bat is our top pick as the best single wall slowpitch softball bat. It has durability that can’t be beaten, gets excellent speed, and is fantastic for power hitters.

This bat is resistant to dents and harsh weather conditions and is sure to last you for thousands of hits. This bat is a great option for hitters looking to increase their speed and practice and play with the same sturdy and reliable bat.

Easton RIVAL Slowpitch Softball Bat – Power Loaded

Easton RIVAL Slowpitch Softball Bat - Power Loaded

The Easton RIVAL Slowpitch Softball Bat is a one-piece aluminum alloy softball bat that is an excellent pick for beginner players.

Should you buy this?


If you’re a beginner softball player, this is an excellent bat for you. Its lightweight aluminum material is perfect for building up speed while maintaining your bat control, making it the ideal bat for practice.

Its single wall, one-piece design makes it compliant with all types of tournament standards for softball bats, meaning it’s perfect for a beginner who wants to practice and play with the same bat.

With outstanding durability and strength, while still being lightweight enough for beginners to learn, this is a bat that covers all the bases. It has reliable overall performance and won’t break the bank.


If you’re an advanced softball player or are already skilled at speed and power hits, you may find that this bat is not heavy or durable enough for your hits. A more professional option made of steel may be a better option for advanced players.

The Good

  • Lightweight and aluminum, great for beginners building up speed
  • Durable and strong, allowing for bat control
  • Compliant with many association’s standards because of one-piece design
  • Great value for a reliable all-around bat

The Bad

  • Not suited for power hitters

The Verdict

The Easton RIVAL Slowpitch Softball Bat is worth considering if you’re a beginner player looking specifically to practice speed while maintaining reasonable control on your bat. This bat is compliant with many tournament standards, making it great for both practice and play. You are sure to get your bang for your buck with this bat.

Overall sturdy and reliable, you can’t go wrong with the price of this bat, and it is an excellent option for a beginner’s first softball bat, especially as one of the best single wall aluminum softball bats.

Easton HAMMER Slowpitch Softball Bat, Power Loaded

Easton HAMMER Slowpitch Softball Bat, Power Loaded

The Easton HAMMER Slowpitch Softball Bat is our pick for the best value single wall softball bat: at an affordable price, this bat is lightweight with great speed and bat control capabilities, as well as a massive sweet spot.

Should you buy this?


If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, this is the bat for you. Less expensive than other single wall options, this bat is still top of the line when it comes to durability, ease of play, and building up speed, and it even features a cushioned grip for comfort.

Constructed with a one-piece design and made of 100% aluminum alloy, this bat is sturdy and robust yet lightweight and balanced, making it easy for beginners to practice their speed while maintaining control of the bat.

This bat is best known for its incredible sweet spot with a great pop as the ball hits the bat. This is truly a great option for players of all kinds, whether it be for practice or play.


The drawback to this bat is that it isn’t admissible in men’s softball associations, meaning you can’t play with it in a tournament. This is still a great bat for practice for all softball players, but if you’re looking for a bat that can go with you to games as well, you’re going to want to pick a different option.

The Good

  • The great price tag for budget-conscious players
  • Aluminum material makes it lightweight and sturdy
  • Features a cushioned grip
  • It has a huge sweet spot

The Bad

  • Not admissible in men’s associations

The Verdict

If you’re looking for an inexpensive bat that doesn’t sacrifice quality, this is the bat for you. The Easton HAMMER Slowpitch Softball Bat is our pick for the best value single wall softball bat.

Lightweight yet durable, with great pop and insane sweet spot, this bat is a budget-friendly option that all players will love.

Anderson Flex Single-Wall Slowpitch Softball Bat

Anderson Flex Single-Wall Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Anderson Flex Single-Wall Slowpitch Softball Bat is a one-piece bat designed for insane durability with resistance to denting from even the hardest of hitters.

Should you buy this bat?


The bat is made of an aerospace alloy that guarantees its durability and strength, protecting it from dents or cracks. The bat has great pop and an incredible sweet spot, making the bat an excellent option for power hitters when combined with its durability.

This is also a great bat for beginners due to its ease of control and its padded handle and grip, making it incredibly comfortable. There isn’t a level of player who won’t enjoy this bat and how easy it is to play with from practice to tournament.

This one-piece bat is admissible in many associations and features a lightweight end-cap that makes it easy to control during slowpitch games and practice sessions. This is an excellent feature for players looking to hone their slow-pitch skills.


This bat is most ideal for building up skills in slow pitch softball. If you are a fastpitch player, this is not the bat for you, and it is worth looking into a more durable bat made of a sturdier material that will be more resistant to dents, bends, and cracks.

The Good

  • Incredible durability and resistance to breaks and dents
  • Great pop and huge sweet spot
  • Easy to control
  • Padded handle increases comfortability

The Bad

  • Only suitable for slow pitch softball

The Verdict

The Anderson Flex Single-Wall Slowpitch Softball Bat is an appreciable bat for honing your slowpitch skills, with its insane durability, sweet spot, and pop. This bat’s weight, strength, and features make it ideal for beginners and advanced players alike and is admissible in many associations.

Additionally, the padded handle and attention to comfort are a huge plus of this bat. Unfortunately, this bat is only suitable for slowpitch softball, so if fastpitch is more up your alley, this is not the bat for you.

Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

The Easton Salvo Composite Balanced Slow-Pitch Softball Bat is an inexpensive, one-piece slow-pitch bat emphasizing balanced weight for ease of control.

Should you buy this bat?


If you’re in the market for an inexpensive option, this is a great pick. This Easton one-piece bat optimizes the sweet spot for maximum performance and has an evenly balanced weight distribution for ease of control.

The bat is approved among many associations, making it a terrific option for players looking to purchase one budget-friendly bat that can go from practice to play. We recommend this bat to beginners who are looking to do it all with one bat.

This bat also features a gauzed grip, making it even more comfortable to play with. This is a good option for slow pitch beginners looking for the most comfort and ease while they play.


This bat is best for beginners and slow pitch players, so if you are a more advanced hitter or are looking to play fastpitch softball, this is not the bat for you.

The Good

  • Even weight distribution throughout the bat
  • Large sweet spot
  • Approved in many associations
  • An inexpensive option for budget-conscious players

The Bad

  • Less suitable for advanced or fastpitch players

The Verdict

Overall, the Easton Salvo Composite Balanced Slow-Pitch Softball Bat is a good option if you’re in the market for an inexpensive slow pitch bat for a beginner. Easton emphasizes this bat’s even weight distribution, which is a massive plus, making it easy to control and gain practice on, along with its sweet spot optimization.

However, although this bat is approved in multiple associations, it is not ideal for fastpitch softball players or advanced players looking for more durability and strength from their bat. This is a great inexpensive option for an amateur looking to hone their slow-pitch skills.


Single Wall vs Double Wall Bats

Unknown to most softball players, there are great differences that exist between single and double-wall softball bats. For starters, single-wall bats are known to have a greater popping action than double-wall bats. These bats (single wall bats) are definitely advantageous to professional sports teams. The greatest disadvantage to using single-wall bats is that they are very susceptible to breaking than double-wall bats. Softball bats with a single wall construction are a common choice for players playing in restrictive leagues.

Double-wall bats are more durable than single-wall bats. However, bats with a double-wall construction provide hitters with less pop and as such, the ball does not travel far when hit using these bats. Double-wall bats produce very little vibration and sting since the handle is separated from the barrel and most of the bats come with a cushion on the handle.

Single Wall Aluminum Softball bat

Most softball players particularly those in youthful leagues use single-wall aluminum bats. These bats are known to produce ball speeds averaging 96-100mph. These bats have a wide performance range. The bats are very durable and often last for very long without getting dented on the barrel even when used in cold weather. Additionally, they do not require a long time to break in and perform better than double-wall aluminum softball bats.

Choosing A Softball Bat

A softball bat is probably the most important piece of equipment that every baseball player pays close attention to when buying. Choosing the perfect bat for you is a very important decision that every player needs to make. Players need to ensure that they choose the right bat in terms of feel, enough weight, the right length, and proper balance. The right bat should not too light nor too heavy at the top. There are several factors to consider when choosing a new bat:

Bat Length And Weight

The ideal length and weight of a bat depending on the body size and weight of the player. For instance, a player should not choose a bat that is too long or too heavy for them. The best way to know the ideal length of a bat to choose is by measuring the length of the bat against your height when holding the bat in the hand and holding it towards the ground. If it touches the ground, then that bat is right for you. As far as weight is concerned, it is advisable that you do not settle on a bat with a drop larger than 12 or lower than 8. The drop of a bat is the relationship between its length and weight.

Style Of Bat

There are two bat styles that dominate the softball bats market: aluminum and composite. The choice of bat style is solely dependent on the player’s preferences. Composite bats are popular and more commonly used than aluminum bats. Even so, you still need to know how to choose the bat that suits your playing needs. From aspects such as the trampoline effect to bending stiffness and swing weight, it is paramount to ensure that you settle on the right bat style for you; one that suits your playing style.

Fit for your swing

Before you purchase a softball bat, it is necessary that you try out the bat of choice to test its uniqueness and swinging feel. Understand how it feels to play with the bat and see if it meets your playing needs and preferences. It is worth knowing that each bat has its own pros, cons, and setbacks of using. Always opt for bats with a large sweet spot as such bats make it easy to control the ball and swing with better accuracy.

Choose Aluminum Bats Or Composite Bats?

Mostly, aluminum bats are single-walled and are made of pure aluminum or alloys of aluminum. These bats (aluminum bats) have a good trampoline effect, have great bat speed, and come with cushioning for protecting the hands from stings and vibrations. Aluminum bats are solidly constructed and are thus very reliable, resistant to wear and tear, and do not dent easily. The most fascinating aspect about these bats is that they feel more balanced since their weight distribution is controllable and even throughout the bat.

Composite Bats

Composite bats on the other hand have more pop than aluminum bats and they are end loaded. The weight of these bats can be shifted along and around the bat’s barrel. Composite bats have a greater trampoline effect than aluminum bats. They are also more elastic, are end-loaded, and have highly optimized bending stiffness. This is why they are preferred to aluminum bats by most softball players. Metal rods are professionally inserted in composite bats to make them heavier since the composite material is quite light. These bats have a different feel than aluminum bats and tend to be heavier towards the barrel’s top.

Composite bats are better than aluminum bats since most of their features can easily be tuned to meet the player’s specifications. Additionally, bending vibrations can be highly damped in composite bats than in aluminum bats.

Have a budget

The most important aspect of knowing when shopping for softball bats is that you should have a working budget to use in determining the right bat for you. The most fascinating aspect about a budget is that it limits you to the best softball bats to purchase depending on your financial ability. Bats cost differently with some being quite pricy while others are very affordable. With sufficient research, you can get good quality bats for as little as $100. Ideally, you should purchase the best bat within the price range you can afford.

There is no softball bat that has an entirely poor performance. In most cases, the player’s experience and their playing skills determine how well they will play their games. As such, while it is necessary to put great focus on choosing the right softball bat for you, it is also necessary to ensure that you advance and polish your playing skills. This will make it easy for you to complement the performance of your bat with your playing skills and thus exhibit a high softball playing level.


Softball bats come in different types, makes, and models but feature two main categories; single and double wall bats. These types differ considerably from each other in respect to their design, build, and durability. Single wall bats are easier to handle and control for beginners than double-walled bats. In addition to this, single wall bats are also considerably affordable than double-walled ones.  Ideally, the choice of either of these bats is influenced by several aspects including budget and personal preference. Some of the aspects worth noting about the single wall bats are:

What Is A Single Wall Softball Bat?

The best description of a single wall softball bat is a bat that features a single wall construction throughout the entire bat including the barrel. These bats have an advantage over the double-walled ones since they have a massive sweet spot. This makes the bats a perfect choice for beginners who are honing their swinging and hitting skills. The bats are constructed using alloy thereby making them durable and incredibly lightweight. The construction of the bats is done superiorly so that the bats possess enhanced strength and solidness in the barrels.

What Softball Bat Has The Most Pop?

It is not possible to say that a certain bat has the most pop. This is because softball bats like any other bats are designed using similar craftsmanship, skills and materials. Therefore, bats in the same class such as those used for professional leagues have almost equal pop. However, aluminum bats have more pop than those made from composite or wood. Bats from top brands are known to possess a characteristic pop that sets them apart from low-quality brands.

 What Is Better ASA or USSSA Bats?

ASA bats are considered to be highly regulated than USSSA bats. The regulations may limit the functionality and performance of these bats thereby making USSSA bats to be a better option. ASA bats require to adhere to 98 miles/hour (batted-ball) speed standard while in USSSA bats, this standard is set at 100+ mph. The BPF (bat performance factor) in USSSA bats is 1.20 or more hence making the performance of the bats more than that of ASA bats.  In the present times, there are limited options for dual-stamped (both ASA and USSSA) bats that can be used in both leagues.

What Makes A Single Wall Bat Illegal In Softball?

Broken bats or those that altered or bats that can deface a softball are considered illegal in softball. What is more is that bats whose performance has been altered through the use of special build materials, shaving or artificial warming and any other treatment are also illegal. Such bats are not admissible for use in competitions and leagues. However, they may be used for practice or for casual playing sessions with friends or family.

Should You Settle For Heavy Bats?

The ideal single wall bat to settle for should be one that is easy and comfortable to grip in the hands. The bat of choice should not cause any discomfort whatsoever to the hands even when held for long playing sessions. The greatest disadvantage of owning a heavy bat is that such bats are usually hard to control and hence it becomes difficult to make accurate hits. Additionally, players get tired faster than they would if using a lighter bat.

When looking for an ideal single wall softball bat, always restrict your search to the top brands and makes. These brands are popular for their craftsmanship, reliable & durable construction, and value for money. With these bats, you can be guaranteed to enjoy the best training and competition experience like professional players.