The 5 Best Softball Cleats 2023: Buyer Guide And Reviews

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Finding the best softball cleats has become difficult and quite complicated to achieve. This is not because of limited products available but rather because of a wide variety of high-end softball cleats in the market. Obviously, there are still some poor quality models in the market and as such, it is crucial to be careful when shopping for the footwear so that you only settle on the best brand and make. Softball cleats come in different variations; which include quality, features, durability, and suitability. it is advisable to purchase an all-round model that can be used on different types of pitches.


Product Names

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Under Armour Women's UA Spine Glyde Softball Cleats

[usr 4.6]

Mizuno Women's 9 Spike ADV Finch Elite 2 Fast Pitch Molded

[usr 4.5]

Adidas Performance Women's PowerAlley 2 W Softball Cleat

[usr 4.5]

NIKE Girl's Hyperdiamond Keystone GS Softball Cleat

[usr 4.2]

3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer

[usr 4.1]


Under Armour Womens (UA Spine Glyde)

Under Armour Women's UA Spine Glyde Softball Cleats Review

Softball players looking for a lightweight product with sublimated camo graphics should look no further than at Under Armour Womens Softball Cleats. The products feature a lightweight synthetic upper that delivers unique durability. The design and construction of the model provide its users with an unmatched comfort level and durability. The models are ideal for professional softball players as it provides the players with extra confidence and support while on the pitch.

Excellent protection and durability

When using the Under Armour cleat, players need not worry about injuring their feet especially the toes. This is because the product has an abrasion-resistant toe feature that stands up-to drag and delivers extra protection. Additionally, the model also prides itself in having Spine Chassis (Midsole) cushions that support every move the player makes. What is amazing about the cleat is that it features Molded 4D Foam insole that forms to the foot thereby increasing lateral stability while preventing internal foot slip.


  • Superior durability
  • Lightweight construction hence comfortable to wear for long
  • Extra protection due to Abrasion-resistant toe feature
  • Excellent cushioning


  • The products do not provide sufficient ample arch support
  • The products tend to be tight for people with wide feet

Mizuno (Womens 9) Spike ADV –Finch Elite (2)

Mizuno Women's 9 Spike ADV Finch Elite 2 Fast Pitch Molded Softball Cleat Review

This Mizuno 9 Spike model is an ideal playing shoe for softball players who are keen on enjoying fastpitch softball. This latest design cleat features added traction and comfort thereby providing players with both effectiveness and style when playing the sport. The products midsole features a full length thereby making the cleat expressly stable and durable. What is unique about the model is that it comes in different color combinations.

Designed for fastpitch playing

Mizuno wave technology is credited for providing the right stability and cushioning that is required in fastpitch playing. The 9 spike outsole is also designed to provide the best traction for fastpitch. Additionally, the model provides an optimal fit that is ideal when playing fastpitch. What is amazing about the padded booty tongue in the cleat is that it provides superior fit and excellent support. Compared to other products in the market, these products are by far the most comfortable and best performance products to purchase.


  • Excellent fit
  • Extensive color variations
  • Ideal for use in all types of pitches and fields
  • Breathable and durable synthetic material


  • The cleats are tight for players with wide feet
  • The size needs inch adjustment.

Adidas Performance (Womens) PowerAlley

adidas Performance Women's PowerAlley 2 W Softball Cleat Review

The Adidas Performance PowerAlley 2 Softball Cleat is designed and styled classically to address the footwear needs of all softball players; the young and the old alike. This affordable but high-end cleat boasts of a comfortable textile lining that enhances comfort and breathability when wearing the cleat. The external heel clip in the product offers added stability and a unique heel fit. Additionally, the model features a synthetic leather upper that enhances the shoe’s durability and longevity.

Great traction and grip

Adidas is popular for designing unique products that offer a unique fit particularly for women with fairly narrow feet. Players with wide feet may find the cleat uncomfortable to wear especially for long durations. The studs on the cleat are well designed with a strong base and hence provide great traction and grip when on the pitch playing. Â These studs provide players with a cushioned and smooth step when running across the pitch. Since the products are considerably lightweight, they are ideal for use when playing fastpitch games. The unique pattern employed in designing and styling the cleats upper makes them stand out from other models.


  • Best toe abrasion
  • Superb midfoot stability
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • External heel stability and fit


  • Size not accurate; needs inch adjustment
  • Cleats are tight for players with wide feet

3N2 Mofo-Turf Trainer3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer Review

The 3N2 Mofo-Turf Trainer is a classy multi-purpose pair of models that feature a unique genuine leather construction. The trainer works excellently on grass pitches and infields with minimal soft dirt. Unlike other high-end cleats on the market, the Mofo Turf Trainer prides itself on having a perfect fit that is true to size. The turf shoes are durable due to their high-grade leather construction and the double stitching reinforcement that enhances the cleats strength.

Relieves knee & back pressure

The Mofo Turf Trainer is a perfect multi-purpose product that is ideal for grueling, light training and competitive playing on the pitch. The molded heel in the product ensures classic stability and superior fit hence ensuring unique comfort while playing. What is unique about the model cleat is that it provides uniform support as well as rotational traction for excellent powering around bases. The full-length midsole piece in the cleat provides sufficient cushioning thereby preventing injuries.


  • Exceptionally durable
  • Classic stability and superior fit
  • Sufficient cushioning hence no likelihood of suffering injuries
  • A variety of colors to choose from


  • Size requires adjustment for proper fit
  • Requires time to break-in

Girls Nike Hyperdiamond (Keystone GS) Softball Cleat

Girl's Nike Hyperdiamond Keystone GS Softball Cleat

For softball players looking for unique and classy softball cleats, this Girls Nike Hyperdiamond Softball Cleat is the best product to purchase. The model, which is designed using synthetic leather material, prides itself on having a solid rubber outsole that features fast flex technology. This technology provides unique strength to the sole thereby making the cleat stable and flexible for ultimate support while playing. The model is designed for girls who are keen on taking softball seriously.

Maximum comfort and performance

The Nike Hyperdiamond model comes with a full-length midsole that provides maximum comfort and lightweight cushioning. The cushioning offers breathability and unique performance thus making the model ideal for use in competitions. What is unique about the product is that it can be used for extended time periods without hurting or injuring the feet. The products feature a stylish design and come with different types of inserts for easy customization.


  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Great quality
  • Comfortable to wear for long durations
  • Well designed with exclusive breathability


  • The cleat requires time to break-in
  • Sizing is not accurate hence requires adjustment

When shopping for the best cleat to purchase, it is important to consider the cleats features, functionalities, quality and efficiency. This will go a long way in ensuring that you settle for the best product for you; one that will address your playing needs.

Buyer Guide: How To Choose The Right Softball Cleats?

Having the right standing posture on the pitch when playing softball starts with making the right choice of softball cleats. These shoes help in improving the players traction and hence better stability and standing posture when playing. Over the years, products have undergone several improvements and advancements all aimed at improving their quality and efficiency on the pitch. When shopping for softball cleats, it is necessary to know the pros and cons of using each type and model of products.

The way to find the right fit

Fit and comfort are the most important features to consider when buying a pair of products. A cleat that does not fit well is detrimental to your playing efforts. The right cleats to purchase need to be flexible so that they fit your foot comfortably. Make sure that the model of choice fits your feets shape and does not cause any annoyance at all. It is important to note that a minor discomfort can cause excruciating pain especially when on the pitch.

What are the types of cleats?

There are three main types of softball cleats; molded plastic, metal and fitness/turf cleats. Metal products are a favorite option for most pro-softball players as it provides sufficient traction. The models give players the much-needed traction that they require to dig into the pitch and grass when preparing to take off or slow down. However, these products are known to cause injuries when players change direction suddenly. Molded plastic cleats are stable and are a favorite option since it is possible to wear them on different surfaces including asphalt and concrete. However, they get stuck in the mud and maybe bothersome when playing on a muddy pitch. Trainer products are yet another type of cleats that are preferred by both softball and baseball players. These turfs are comfortable but are not ideal for use on artificial turfs. This is because they do not provide sufficient traction and hence there is a high likelihood of suffering injuries.

Model of cleats: Low-cut vs High-cut

Softball cleats come in two models: the high-top and low-top models. Low-top products enable players to run faster as they are less restrictive but do not provide sufficient ankle support. High-top products on the other hand provide appropriate ankle support and keep the feet dry. However, the preference for the suitable cleat model to purchase depends on your personal taste. There are players who prefer low-top cleats to high-top ones. High-cut cleats are perfect for players with weak ankles or those recovering from ankle injuries.

What are materials used?

Softball cleats are mostly made from two types of materials; synthetic materials and leather. The leather is more comfortable and flexible hence leather cleats are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Synthetic material lasts longer as it is more durable and does not stretch even in damp conditions. Additionally, the material is strong and does not tear easily hence providing players with reliable use and efficiency throughout the cleats life. What is unique about the synthetic material is that it is considerably affordable compared to genuine leather.

Length of the stud

Softball cleats come with studs of varying lengths. There some with long studs while others are small. It is worth noting that the length of the studs plays an important role in enhancing the stability of the models. This is because long studs are able to sufficiently dig into the dirt when preparing to run or coming to a stop when playing softball. As such, it is advisable to opt for cleats with considerably long studs especially if you will be playing on a muddy pitch. However, short studs are the perfect choice for use on artificial turfs or on concrete.

When shopping for the best softball cleats, it is advisable that you avoid settling on the cheapest products available. Similarly, it is important to note that highly priced cleats are not necessarily an indication of good quality. As such, you should consider the features, qualities and suitability of cleats rather than relying on price. If you are a regular player, then it is necessary that you settle on the best quality models that will last for long without wearing out being torn.

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