Best Softball FastPitch Gloves 2019: Top 5 Deals & Reviews

best softball fastpitch gloves

Softball gloves go a long way in influencing the experience that players enjoy when on the pitch. Players with high-end and top quality gloves find the sport enjoyable and satisfying.  On the other hand, those with poor quality and unreliable gloves find hardly find the enjoyable and are prone to suffering injuries due to the great force of the ball.  When looking forward to purchasing the best softball fastpitch gloves, it is crucial to ensure that you only settle for the best brand with unique hardness and flexibility.  Some of the aspects worth considering include wrist adjustment, break-in time, webbing, and materials used among other aspects.  Read my article below for more information, an in-depth look at the top gloves. The guide can help you in selecting the most suitable saw.

Best SoftBall FastPitch Gloves Comparison Table

Wilson (A2000)

Featuring Pro-Laced T-Webbing, this outfield softball glove from Wilson is one of the best and most durable fastpitch gloves to purchase.  The A2000 glove boasts of Pro Stock leather that enhances the resistance of the glove to wear and tear.  This glove boasts of a perfect balance between softness and durability thereby ensuring that the glove delivers excellent flexibility.  The double palm design of the glove gives it wide pockets that in turn create a comforting experience for the players.

Pro Stock Leather material

Wilson prioritizes on the need for using the finest materials in its gloves. True to this, the A2000 glove is made using Pro Stock leather that is genuinely strong and uniquely light.  This gives the glove great break-in so that players are able to enjoy their playing experience at its best.  The dual welting concept in the A2000 enhances the durability of the pocket.  The best thing about this Wilson product is that it has a superior feel and unmatched comfort when playing.

Sufficiently padded

When using this item from Wilson for your softball practice and playing sessions, you need not worry about vibrations and shock on your hands as the glove is well padded.  The D-Fusion padding in the product cushions the hands from vibrations and shock generated when the ball makes an impact with the hands. You can use the glove for several seasons as long as you accord it the best care and maintenance to prolong its life.

Mizuno Franchise (Fastpitch)

For slightly over a century now, Mizuno has continually produced high-end sport equipment and accessories. In line with this, the Franchise (Fastpitch) Softball Glove Series is one of the most sought after high-quality softball gloves in the market. This mitt provides the best balance between quality, durability and price. As such, when you invest in this product, you not only get a high-quality mitt but also get value for your money.  The deep pocket of the glove makes it easy and effortless to catch a softball.

Comfortable fit with adjustable straps

The pocket space in this glove is deep and wide to provide a comfortable fit that favors players who use the glove for long sessions.  The most fascinating aspect about this item is that it comes with adjustable straps to ensure that it fits perfectly on different hand sizes.  The java leather material of the product is pre-oiled and is equally durable and long lasting.  This Mizuno Franchise glove is game ready thereby saving you the trouble of having to wait for it to break-in.

Para-shock palm padding

This professional glove features dual post webbing boasts of high-quality Para-shock palm padding.  The padding not only absorbs shocks and stings but also cushions the palm from getting bruises due back and forth impact by the ball on the palm.  The mitt can also be used by boys particularly those whose hands are not excessively large. The 34” mitt fits perfectly onto most girls’ hands and can be used for both practice and competitions.

Mizuno (MVP Prime Fastpitch)

This Mizuno MVP Prime softball is gender engineered for female softball players.  The glove series features bio soft leather that prides itself in unique softness and oil balance. As such, when using this glove, players are able to enjoy great flexibility thereby allowing for fast response when in the pitch.  The softness of the glove provides for firm control and an exceptional feel thereby enhancing the playing experience enjoyed by players.

Classy and elegant design

This Mizuno glove just like other glove series from Mizuno is perfectly sewn with durable leather.  This ensures that the glove lasts for long without tearing or wearing out due to consistent use.  The elegant and classy design of the glove influences its unique appearance thereby standing out from other gloves.  The glove is available for both hands; right and left to address the needs of all players.  The sizing of the glove is accurate and thereby provides the perfect fit.

Deep and wide pocket

This product features a deep and wide pocket that in turn provides a comfortable fit and feels to the player. Consequently, the glove does not strain the wrist or any part of the hand, hence allowing for flexibility when preparing to catch the ball.  Among other aspects that make the glove a masterpiece is due its perfect padding that provides the best protection to the hands upon impact with the ball.  The glove comes with a wrist strap for adjusting the glove depending on the size of your hands.

Rawlings Liberty (Advanced Finger Shift) 12.5”

Designed for use by different types of softball players including infield & outfield players, and pitchers, the Liberty Advanced 12.5” Finger Shift softball glove is the ultimate glove to purchase.  The glove is a perfect choice for utility players who are keen on investing in a glove that breaks in easily and lasts long.  Additionally, players advancing from high school playing level to college and pro levels, this glove comes with a guarantee of providing you with unmatched reliability.

Pull- strap closures and comfortable feel

The most amazing aspect about this Rawlings Liberty glove is that it comes with adjustable pull-strap closures that provide for perfectly firm fitting.  In addition to this, the deep and wide pocket design of the glove ensures that players enjoy a comfortable feel and fit.  The product is sufficiently padded with a soft palm padding that absorbs sweat while providing the best protection against shock and vibrations.  The glove fits well on players with averagely sized hands. Players whose hands are large may require investing in larger gloves.

Quality (full-grain) leather and classy design

It is undoubtedly true that this Rawlings glove is a sharp and unique looking fastpitch mitt for female players.  This is because it features a unique design and is made from the best quality leather. The material plays a vital role in enhancing the durability and reliability of the glove throughout its life. With the best care and maintenance, it is possible for the glove to retain a new-like condition for several seasons.

Nokona Walnut (H-Web)

For softball players who are keen on investing in a reliable glove with unique durability, stability and comes with a game-ready experience, this Nokona Walnut 12 inch glove is the ultimate mitt to purchase.  The glove series has undergone numerous changes and improvements that seek to enhance its appearance, modern features and unparalleled reliability. The Velcro straps in the mitt are designed to help players secure the glove firmly for purposes of a tight but comfortable fit.

Functional performance1

The Nokona Walnut fits hands securely especially with the reinforcement of the Velcro straps.  Additionally, the deep pocket design provides for flexibility when preparing to catch the ball. A combination of these aspects and features goes a long way in influencing the functional performance of the glove. Consequently, this makes the mitt a favorite option for players at all levels including those in high school, college and pro levels.

Unique palm padding

Unlike other gloves that do not cushion players from vibrations and stings on the palm, This Walnut glove comes with unique palm padding.  The padding ensures that players do not experience any vibrations or other discomforts in the hands after catching even the fastest moving balls with the glove.  The crunch steer-hide leather used in making the mitt is durability, reliable and exhibits unique resistance against wear and tear due to consistent use. Being an excellent product that it is, this mitt gives great value for money.

When looking to buy the best softball fastpitch mitt, it is important that you only settle on trusted brands with superior features including enhanced reliability, dependability and performance. This is so that you only settle on a glove that you can rely on for a long time. More so,  the glove of choice should be ideal for use at different levels so that you can advance with it to professional playing levels.

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