Best Baseball Bats For Youth 2018: Buying Guides With Reviews

Best baseball bats for youth 2018

Choosing the right bat is one of the most important steps towards becoming a good and experienced baseball player. While there are tens of different brands of baseball bats in the market, not all of them are high-end and of superior quality. As such, it is necessary to know what to look for in the best baseball bats for youth. Youth baseball bats are easy to recognize due to their distinct features and measurement. For instance, most of these products have a drop ranging from -8 to -13. Each year, there are hundreds of new youth baseball bats released into the market. This makes it hard to identify the best baseball bat for youth to settle for especially if you are new to choosing these products.

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Best Baseball Bats for Youth 2018 Comparison Table

Product Names

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Marucci Cat 6 BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Louisville Slugger Youth 125 Maple Genuine Unfinished

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Easton S50 Youth Baseball Bat

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Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5/8 Ghost X Hyperlite Youth Bat -11

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Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 Beast X Hyperlite Youth Baseball Bat -12

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Easton 2018 (USA) Baseball 2 5/8 Ghost (X) Hyperlite Youth Bat (-11) Review

easton ghost X USA youth bat

The Easton 2018 Ghost Youth Bat is a classic model that comes with a -11 drop and a massive sweet spot.  Like other Easton products, this product for use in youth leagues is designed and made using a modern technology and a stylish one-piece construction. Easton is well-known for designing products with extra-long barrels and true to its reputation this Ghost X Hyperlite bat has a characteristic barrel that gives players added control. As far as you are looking for a functional and easy to handle bat for a youthful player, you cannot go wrong with Easton Hyperlite Youth Bat.

Technical and powerful

This product provides players with a seamless performance that guarantees to improve your batting average. The enhanced adaptability in the model makes it possible to use the product for all seasons (both cold and hot seasons) with its technical and functional features not being affected in any way. The extended barrel design in the model provides players with a more powerful sweet spot that makes using the bat an all exciting and fun activity. Since the product is fairly lightweight, you can use it for long sessions of play without straining your hands or be becoming excessively tired.


  • Enhanced control and feel
  • Technical and powerful barrel
  • High-end engineering used in designing the bat
  • Light swing weight.
  • Advanced carbon technology hence strong and durable


  • Primarily designed for use by youthful players only

Louisville Slugger Youth (125 maple Genuine) Unfinished Baseball Bat Review

Louisville Slugger Youth (125 maple Genuine) Unfinished Review

Built from unique maple wood, this Louisville Slugger Youth Bat boasts of having an exceptional surface hardness that makes the model less prone to flaking. The most unique thing about this bat is the classic handle construction that enables players to have a firm and secure grip. This is why most youthful players prefer the bat to other bats in the market. The bat is made from a super-dense type of wood that enhances its strength and sturdiness. Additionally, the density of the bat also makes it possible for the barrel to produce a unique pop sound when it comes into contact with the ball.

Excellent performance and all-weather use

This product is a perfect choice for people who live in places with extreme weathers. This is because the product can be used in all weathers since it does not dent or crack when used in cold weather. The model exhibits a unique performance due to its good weight, length and drops that ensure that the bat is easy and comfortable to swing in balanced swings. What is classier about the bat is that it is ready to use an out-of-the-box as it does not require any break-in time.


  • Sufficiently dense bat hence ideal for power hitters.
  • Can be used in little leagues and tournaments that permit wood bats.
  • Regular finish on the barrel with a massive sweet spot
  • Great surface hardness
  • Resistant to flaking


  • The product cracks when it hits hard surfaces like floors or walls.

Marucci Cat 6 (BBCOR) Baseball Bat Review

Marucci Cat 6 (BBCOR) Baseball Bat Review

The BBCOR certified Cat 6 bat from Marucci is a one-piece alloy bat that is exclusively designed for use by youthful players. The product features a big league defined profile that provides a smoother swing and feel. The one-piece construction provides a traditional feel coupled with proven performance and extended durability. What is unique about the product is that it has a massive 2 5/8” barrel that not only provides for a bigger sweet spot but also enhances maximum performance. The ball-end thickness is optimized for high swing speeds.

Patented anti-vibration technology

The best thing about using this product from Marucci is that the patented vibration-free technology adopted in its handle eliminates vibrations and stings in the hands when the model hits the ball. The handle knob shapes are professionally inspired for enhanced control and balance. For an overall better grip and improved feel, the model features a micro-perforated (soft-touch) grip. Generally, this product is designed for use in perfecting your playing skills including enhancing your batting average. You will certainly benefit greatly as far as honing your batting skills are concerned when using the Cat 6 model.


  • Strongly built hence durable
  • Massive barrel hence powerful and more controlled hits
  • BBCOR certified  hence can be used in low and mid-level baseball leagues
  • Amazing pop sound
  • Balanced swings


  • Not ideal for use in cold weather

Easton S50 (Youth) Baseball Bat Review


Easton S50 (Youth) Baseball Bat

The all-new Easton S50 bat is arguably one of the finely designed and developed youth bats in the market presently. The product features modern technology that has made the product a force to reckon with in the youth bats sector. Some of the key highlights about the bat include an elimination of stinging vibrations, thick barrel walls for better performance, comfortable swinging due to balanced weight, and extensive durability.

Perfect size and weight

The manufacturers of the Easton S50 bat have the stroke a perfect balance of the bat’s weight and size. As such, the product becomes easy to swing and control for youthful players as young as 10 years. In addition to this, the bat has a 2 ¼” barrel that provides a sufficient hitting surface for inexperienced players. When using the model, you can be assured to experience no stings and vibrations in the hands due to the grip cushioning on the bat’s handle.


  • Perfect weight and length balance
  • Classic pop sound.
  • Ideal for use in mid-level leagues
  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Perfect for use for youthful players


  • Fairly heavy for players under 10 years

Easton (2018 USA) USA Baseball 2 ¼” Beast (X) Hyperlite Youth Bat -12 Review

Easton (2018 USA) USA Baseball 2 ¼” Beast (X) Review

With a -12 drop, this Easton USA Baseball bat features a massive 2 ¼” barrel and an amazing pop sound. The product has a one-piece alloy design and hence it is not only durable but also easy to control particularly for youthful players. Like other Easton products, this high-end bat is no exception in terms of superior design, quality and performance. What is more unique about the one-piece construction adopted in the design of the bat is that it provides for speedy swings. This all-powerful bat has an amazing pop sound that sets it apart from other youth bats.

Long aluminum barrel and brute strength

While most people have concerns about using new products, this Easton bat has a unique adaptability that makes it possible to use the model right from the box. The -12 drop weight in the model enables players to have good control of the bat and hence enjoy a lively playing experience. The high-grade alloy in the product provides for its extended durability and sting dampening ability. For players who are fond of achieving high swing speeds, this product is perfectly suited for wild pitch speeds and power hitting.


  • -12 drop hence fairly light
  • Massive sweet spot hence sufficient hitting zone
  • One-piece alloy design enhances high swing speeds
  • Ideal for power hitters
  • Designed for honing batting skills


  • Not ideal for use in cold weather

Before settling on any specific youth baseball bat in the market, it is advisable to check the reviews of some of the best youth bats in the market. Settle on a bat with a perfect grip and handling, durability, vibration control and overall performance. This is a product that stands out in terms of its uniqueness, suitability and dependability.

Buying Guide: How do I select a youth baseball bat?

Choosing the perfect bat for youthful players is crucial in enabling them to enhance and refine their baseball playing skills. When shopping for products for youthful players, there are certain things worth consideration. For starters, bat weight and length have a great impact on the players’ swing mechanics. As such, when you settle for a bat of an inappropriate length and weight, there is a likelihood that the players may develop poor swing habits. Here are some of the key considerations to make when shopping for youth baseball bats:

Length of the bat

The ideal length of the bat to settle for depends on several factors including body size of the player and the player’s age. Longer bats allow players to have a greater reach but unfortunately, they are heavier thereby making it hard to swing the bats effectively and smoothly. Obviously, you need to settle on a bat of ideal length, one that the player will be able to comfortably use without straining the arms. There is a sizing chart available online and in sports’ items shop that guides shoppers on the perfect product length to settle for depending on their ages. For instance, 5-7-year-olds should use products that measure 24-26” while 11-12-year-olds should use products measuring 30-31”.

Weight and drop weight

There are distinctive differences between heavy and light bats. Heavy products are tricky to control while the light ones are easy to control. Big sized players prefer heavier bats to light ones for maximum power. It is advisable that you settle on an ideal weight bat as excessively heavy products can easily de-motivate the player while light bats decrease the potential acceleration power. For maximum performance, let the player try out the models to assess weight before settling on any particular product. Since the child will be using the model for long periods when playing, the suitable bat should be easy to control and swing.

Drop weight

The drop weight of a bat refers to the difference between a bat’s length (in inches) and the weight (in ounces) of the bat. For youthful players, the best drop weight to settle for is -10 or -12. This is the perfect drop weight for entry-level baseball players. For high school players, the universally accepted BBCOR regulations on drop weight of baseball bats provide that the players should not use products with a drop greater than -3. For instance, if a product measures 30 inches in length and weighs 20 ounces, then its drop weight is -10. In general, players who weigh under 60 pounds should use products with a -10 drop weight and not be exceeding 30 inches in length. Players weighing above 70 pounds should use products ranging between 30 and 32 inches in length and with a -10 or -12 drop.

Barrel size

The size of the barrel of a bat affects the sweet spot and the weight of the bat. A large barrel size provides a massive sweet spot but increases the bat’s weight. The sweet spot is the prime zone is the area where the ball makes contact with the model. The larger the barrel size, the easier it becomes to control the ball; which is a crucial aspect of practice in a youthful baseball player. Players below 12 years should use a product with a 2 ¼” barrel. The maximum barrel size for youthful players in college is 2 5/8”. Since it may be quite hard to identify the perfect barrel size and drop weight for youthful players, you can refer to the sizing charts that are readily available on the internet.

Types of bats

Bats come in different types using various materials with the two main materials being composite and alloy.

1.Composite Bats

Composite bats have distinctive features and qualities that set them apart from alloy bats. Baseball bats made from composite are generally more expensive compared to alloy bats. The most amazing feature about composite bats is that their performance gets better with time and use. The products require 200-300 baseball hits to break in. it is
worth noting that despite composite bats seemingly have a better performance
than alloy bats, this is not true as both materials are fairly good.


  • High durability hence they have a long lifespan
  • Ideal swing weight for youthful players
  • Unique bending stiffness
  • Amazing pop sound
  • Reduced vibrations hence no stinging effect on the hands.


  • Expensive hence may not be favorable for a beginner
  • Requires long to break in
  • Not ideal for use in cold temperature

2. Alloy Bats

Most baseball players prefer alloy bats to composite bats. This is because alloy bats have a massive sweet spot thereby making it easy for beginners to gain good control of the ball. Additionally, these models are inexpensive thereby becoming affordable to most beginners.


  • Faster swing speeds
  • Great trampoline effect
  • Massive sweet spot
  • Does not require break-in time


  • Have great vibration hence possible to experience a stinging effect on the hands
  • Not ideal for use in cold temperature

It is worth noting that how a bat feels in the hands is more important than the material used in making the bat. For instance, there are players whose hands fair better with alloy bats than with composite bats. For such players, the ideal bats to use are those that are made from alloy materials.

Balanced or end-loaded

The choice of whether to opt for a balanced or end-loaded bat narrows down to the player’s preferences. End-loaded bats have much of their weight distributed at the barrel’s end resulting in the bat feeling heavier to swing. On the hand, a balanced bat has its weight evenly distributed throughout the length of the bat. As such, balanced bats feel easy to swing due to the even distribution of the weight.

End-loaded bats are ideal for power-hitters especially those who are looking to enhance their hitting potential. For players looking to control their swings and wish
to send the ball all over the pitch, balanced bats may be ideal.

When shopping for a product for use by a youthful baseball player, it is advisable to settle for durable and strong bats. Such bats are long lasting hence making them a great investment especially for use in practicing and low league competitions.