Best Youth Baseball Cleats 2018: Top Deals With Reviews

Best youth baseball cleats 2018

Youth baseball players perform explosive movements and fast turns. For stability when performing these feats, they need cleats with excellent traction and comfort. However, not every cleat will have these qualities. With the many designs and specifications the shoes come with, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your child. That’s why I compiled this list of the best youth baseball cleats. Read to the end and pick that suitable pair for your young baseball player.

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Best Youth Baseaball Cleats

NIKE Boy's Vapor Ultrafly Keystone

Best Youth Baseaball Cleats

Adidas Kids' Freak X Carbon Mid

Best Youth Baseaball Cleats

New Balance J4040V3

Best Youth Baseaball Cleats

Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid

Best Youth Baseaball Cleats

Under Armour Kids'Boys'Leadoff Low RM Jr.

Best Youth Baseaball Cleats

NIKE Kids' Huarache 2KFilth

Best Youth Baseaball Cleats

Adidas Changeup MD 3

Review Section: Top Rated Products

Under Armour Kids’ Boys’ Leadoff Low RM Jr. Review

This cleat is designed to give you unmatched traction and comfort. With it, you will run, make abrupt stops and turns without the fear of slipping or injury. It’s also built to allow air to reach your feet for coolness.

The cleat’s upper is made from synthetic material, making it not only low cost but also lightweight enough not to burden your legs. With a meshed tongue, the level of ventilation you get provides for comfortable wear without too much sweating of the feet. It allows you to wear it for extended periods without discomfort.

The midsole is cushiony enough to absorb the pressure that may be produced by the rubber studs, dissipating it to prevent discomfort. It’s a cleat your child will find fantastic to play in, regardless of the position they hold in the game.



 Mesh tongue that offers adequate ventilation and support
Upper part made from durable synthetic rubber
Cushiony midsole to distribute stud pressure for comfort
Rubber molded cleats for enhanced traction and longer life

Problem fitting wider feet

NIKE Boy’s Vapor Ultrafly Keystone Review

If you’re searching for a cleat that offers stability to make movements swift and effortless, this one could be it. It features 12 cleats on its outer sole for optimum grip. The studs are molded rubber which means you can use the shoe on any surface. It also means they are not prone to wearing out easily, giving you a durable baseball outfit that your child will wear for long.

Apart from the studs that are long-lasting, the upper part is durable synthetic leather. The leather provides a comfortable material that’s also lightweight for improved agility. It also makes the cleat highly durable.

This shoe also offers excellent protection from injury when playing on hard surfaces. It features a Phylon midsole that cushions your forefoot and the toes from stud pressure during play. You will make strong and heavy moves with the shoe and not feel pain.

To further provide you with a snug fit, the shoe features a full bootie design. The sock-like feel you get from this feature makes your legs and feet to achieve coordination. As a result, your movements become swifter and more precise.



12 cleat runner outer sole for stability and swifter movement
Soft, durable synthetic leather for the upper part
Phylon material midsole for improved cushioning of the feet
Sock-like feel from the full-bootie design for better fit and agility

Too few designs available
to choose from

Adidas Kids’ Freak X Carbon Mid Review

For quality and durability, this product from Adidas¬†ranks high. Apart from fantastic traction for stability, it’s highly durable. Your child will wear it for many days and still remain in top condition, resisting the harshness of the field.

The upper part is made from quality Nubuck leather. This leather is soft, with a feel that’s velvety. It makes the cleat comfortable to play in. The leather also features tiny perforations to improve the cleat’s breathability. You will play for hours in it without feeling hot or sweaty inside the shoes.

To cushion your feet against the pressure produced by the studs, it features a comfortable midsole. The baseball cleat also allows you to use it on any field and still have it maintain its traction capabilities. It comes with an outer rubber sole for improved grip of the ground and durability.



Quality Nubuck leather upper part for comfort and durability
Mesh lining for improved ventilation
Highly cushiony midsole for comfort
Synthetic rubber sole for longer life and better traction

Little support for the ankle

Mizuno Youth Franchise 7 Mid Review

This cleat is both comfortable and lightweight to allow you quick movements. It also grips the ground well to prevent slipping. This is in addition to its elegant design that no youth can resist.

It comes with a 9 spike outsole, allowing you enough stability to make you agile. On top of it is a molded rubber material that performs well on any surface. It’s also a material that won’t wear out quickly, giving you a cleat that lasts for long.

With a padded tongue, the comfort you achieve with this shoe is unrivaled. Your feet won’t feel pain even when you’ve been playing for hours.



Padded tongue for comfort
Nine spikes outer sole made of synthetic rubber for optimum
Lightweight for faster movement
A highly cushiony insole for better stud pressure absorption

The sole is a bit too soft

New Balance J4040V3 Review

This New Balance Cleat gives offer you both style and comfort. It will significantly improve performance and prevent injury to the feet. It’s a durable shoe, made from quality materials that can withstand the tough conditions of the field.

The outer sole is synthetic rubber with enough traction to allow you to start and break with ease. You can play with it on grass and dirt fields without it losing efficiency. It makes it a cleat worth considering.

The upper part of the shoe is made from a comfortable synthetic material that won’t scrape or press on your feet. The comfort it accords you allows you to wear it for long periods of time. You’re unlikely to feel uncomfortable as to affect your movement when playing.

With a cushiony insole, you will step with confidence and jump without worry of injury. For enhanced comfort, the cleat features a lace-up closure mechanism so you can tighten the laces to have a firm fit.



Comfortable and durable synthetic upper part
Rubber outer sole for improved traction and durability
Available in a wide range of sizes for both wide and narrow feet

Only one color scheme-black-to choose from

Adidas Changeup MD 3 Review

This youth baseball cleat from Adidas makes a great choice for many reasons. It not only comes with features that ensure comfort and traction but also style. Its elegant design will make your child fall for it.

To make it breathable for comfort, Adidas added a perforated toe box and a mesh tongue. The combination produced a shoe so comfortable and non-sweaty that you can play in under any weather.

On top of it comes a lace-up design that allows you to snug up the cleat to your preferred level of fit. It also allows you to wear the shoe even if you have narrow feet and still achieve a snug fit.

The insole is a molded foam material that offers you great cushioning. The cleat also comes with a cushiony rear midsole for added comfort and to protect you from stud pressure.



Synthetic rubber outer sole that's durable and all-surface
Insole cushiony enough to dissipate stud pressure for comfort
Perforated toe-box for enhanced breathability

Too narrow for those with wider feet

NIKE Kids’ Huarache 2KFilth Keystone Mid Review

If you’re looking for cleats that are stylish and highly comfortable, this model could fit your search. It’s made to offer elegance to the wearer. This is on top of providing for a fitting, breathable, and cushiony shoe. Your child will instantly like it.

Featuring a low cut design, you will find this shoe not a burden to wear. The synthetic rubber doesn’t only feel soft to your feet for comfort but is also durable. You won’t be throwing away the shoe for a long time to come.

It also comes with a mesh tongue for aeration. It means the inside will remain ventilated to prevent the discomfort caused by heat. It also prevents sweating as you move about during a game.

For enhanced traction and longer life, the outer sole is solid rubber, with 12 cleats that are uniquely spaced. The level of stability you derive from this shoe is unmatched, not to mention its durability.



Low-cut design for style
Lightweight to allow quick movements
Mesh tongue for ventilation
12 cleats for enhanced traction and stability

Too narrow for those with wider feet

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The kind of best youth baseball cleats you get your child matter a lot. If good enough, their performance will improve. If poor quality, it may result in painful feet from inadequate cushioning or misfit. The result would be a drop in performance. Poor quality cleats will also become damaged after a few days of use.

The baseball shoes in this list were picked after extensive research. By choosing a cleat for your child from the list, you’re assured of its comfort and durability.

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