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Baseball is undoubtedly the most popular game in the US as well as in other parts across the globe. Like other sports, there is certain equipment that players need to possess when playing the sport. One of the uniquely important equipment to have when playing baseball is the gloves. There are limitless types of these gloves in the market, and for youth, choosing the best youth baseball gloves goes a long way in impacting the kind of experience they will enjoy when playing the sport.

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Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball Glove

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Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Glove

[usr 4.5]

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Wilson A200 Youth Glove

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Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Glove

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Franklin Sports Field Master Series

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Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

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Top rated: The Best Baseball Gloves For Youth

Rawlings Select Pro-Lite (Youth Series)

Great quality leather youth baseball glove that is specially designed for pro-youth who are interested in advancing their playing skills. This 11-inch leather glove features Pro H web lacing that favors second and third shortstops and basemen. The glove is flexible and hence allows players to stop the ball with great ease. The most fascinating aspect about this product is that it is game ready and as such, it does not require any breaking in.

Durable design

Featuring soft-leather shell leather professionally knit and laced in a durable design, this best baseball glove for youth can last for years without wearing out extensively or getting out of service. The all-leather lacing in the product enables it to adopt a pocket-like style. In addition to its durable design, the glove also prides itself in featuring padded construction with added padding on the palm 7 index finger hence providing enhanced protection for key impact areas.

Secure fit

For purposes of greater control, this Rawlings Select Pro- Lite provides a small hand opening in comparison to other standard gloves. This makes it possible for the model to remain securely firm in the hand when playing. Since the glove features superior design, style and construction, it is ideal for constant daily use in the pitch for practice and competition purposes. The products feature an amazing color selection with a tad and red combination being the most popular combinations.


  • Superior design concept and fit
  • Padded construction for added protection
  • Secure fit for better control
  • Pro H leather lacing hence exceptionally durable


  • Ideal for use by only youth.

Wilson (A360)

Designed to provide players with optimal control, the Wilson A360 gloves come with adjustable wrist closures for purposes of ensuring that the glove fits comfortably in all sizes of hands. This 10†glove features a hyper lite design for purposes of durability. With these gloves, youth boys are able to perfect their gripping skills thereby enabling them to catch balls with better accuracy. The high-end material used in the gloves enhances the life and efficiency of the product thereby making it effortlessly reliable.

Soft inner lining

The Wilson brand boasts of having the finest, lightest and strongest gloves with soft inner lining for improved comfort when playing with the gloves. The best thing about the glove is that it does not require any break-in time and hence can be used right away. The lightweight design of the glove makes it possible to handle and control the product with great ease. The web pattern in the glove enhances its, flexibility thereby enabling to polish their playing skills thereby making them competitive players.

Durable and stylish design

Looking for a stylishly looking design that is exceptionally durable, this Wilson A360 glove is the best glove to purchase. This performance-oriented glove is perfect for players who practice in preparation for competition in adults and other competitive leagues. The most intriguing aspect about the glove is that the nice pocket holds the ball conveniently and securely. This in turn makes the glove ideal playing equipment for youth. The youth glove comes in a wide range of colors thereby providing players with unlimited color combinations to choose from.


  • Hyper-lite design for enhanced durability
  • Soft inner padding for added comfort
  • Web pattern design for increased flexibility
  • Lightweight design hence easy handling


  • The size is smaller than indicated in the gloves.

Wilson A200 (Youth MLB 10â€) Tee Ball

The Wilson A200 glove is a great quality baseball glove for youth. Over the years, Wilson has been one of the leading manufacturers of the best baseball sporting equipment. In line with this spirit, the Wilson A200 baseball glove for young players is one of the best gloves currently in the market. The youth glove fits well and features wrist closures for ensuring that the glove is comfortably and securely firm when playing. This 10†leather glove is expressly durable and can withstand wear and tear for long without any decline in its performance.

Genuine leather material and pocket-size

The genuine leather material used in making the gloves defines the exceeding uniqueness of the glove’s comfort and durability. The treated leather in the gloves ensures that the product is able to withstand the effects of daily use without wearing out excessively. As such, you can use the gloves for several consecutive seasons without worrying about the glove becoming unreliable or undependable. The pocket-size in the glove is unique in that it favors players playing in different positions. As such, the glove is a perfect purchase for players who wish to try their hand at playing at different levels.

Padding protection and excellent webbing

The Pro webbing concept adopted in the design and make of the Wilson A200 is engineered towards providing players with added control and improved performance. This in turn gives rise to exceptional playing skills thereby favoring players who are interested in advancing their playing skills to higher levels. On the other hand, the padding protection shields players from shock and vibrations after they catch a ball with the gloves. These gloves are customized with varying levels and types of webbing thereby enabling players to choose the glove that favors their playing style.


  • Excellent webbing that provides for improved performance
  • Soft inner padding for protection from shock and vibrations
  • Modeled according to the different skill
  • Durable and hence reliable


  • Sizing may not be accurate hence requires allowance with a few inches

Mizuno GPP1150Y1 (Youth Prospect)

Looking for a classy baseball glove that is designed to enable them to improve their catching skills. There is the high level of creativity, skillfulness and expertise employed in the design and consequent manufacture of this glove. Featuring a patented PowerClose that makes catching easy, the glove is perfect for youth who are keen on polishing their catching skills. With this product, youth learn how to catch and grip the ball in the correct way. The pocket is roomy and hence makes it possible to catch all types of balls with great ease.

Made from genuine leather

Like in its other baseball equipment, Mizuno spares no effort in choosing genuine leather for use in making this youth baseball glove. This goes a long way in enhancing the glove’s durability as well as reliability as a daily use glove. The leather material is perfectly stitched using a pro webbing pattern that provides a large catching area for the players. The soft leather does not require any breaking in and as such, you can use the product right away. The open-back design in the model provides added flexibility thereby enabling players to move their hands-free when catching the ball.

Sufficient padding and superb flexibility

Mizuno gloves are designed using Heel Flex technology for purposes of enhancing performance and flexibility. This goes a long way in ensuring that the glove is reliably useful to youth especially those who wish to advance their skills towards becoming professional players. In addition to this, the gloves come with a butter-soft lining that reduces sting, shock and shock generated after impact with the gloves. It is worth noting that the models require little time to break in and hence can be used almost immediately after purchase.


  • Heel flex technology
  • Butter-soft lining
  • Genuine leather for durability
  • Sufficient padding and shock absorption


  • Requires time to break-in

Rawlings Gamer Youth (Pro-Taper)

Rawlings Gamer Youth Glove Series offer their users a unique aspect that is exclusive to this line of gloves only. The youth gloves are modeled like professional gloves to provide youth with a unique experience like that which is enjoyed by their favorite pro baseball players. These gloves come with a unique Pro Taper Fit that gives the gloves ability to adapt in line with the growing and developing hands of the players. This youthful glove is perfect for young players of nine years and under.

Conventionally styled

This Rawlings youth glove is conventionally styled in two variants; black & royal colors. This color combination creates a unique appearance that gives the model its classic appearance. Additionally, the gloves feature a pro web design that makes the models ideal for infield players. The pro-style design of the product features a soft leather shell that influences the glove’s reliability. What is more important about the full-grain leather used in the manufacture of the gloves is that it enhances the strength and durability.

Pro taper fit design and pattern

For players looking for an exceptional model that is flexible enough to fit in different hand sizes, these Rawlings Gamer Gloves are the ideal gloves to purchase. This is because of the Pro Taper Fit concept adopted in the design of these gloves offers lowered finger stalls and a smaller hand enclosure. This favors youth with small hand sizes as they are able to put on the gloves comfortably. The Trap-Eze webbing in the gloves is modified to favor second and third basemen, pitchers and shortstops.


  • Pro-taper fit for adapting to growing hands
  • Palm & index finger protection
  • Modeled with professional players feel and experience
  • Ideal for all playing positions on the pitch


  • Durability may need improvement.

Franklin Sports (Field Master Series)

The performance of Franklin Sports Baseball Gloves for the youth is rated as being one of the most reliable and finest youth gloves in the market. The glove comes in handy for players who are keen on becoming pro players in their respective playing positions especially for the shortstops and pitchers. One of the greatest aspects about the product is that it is ready to use and hence does not need any breaking in. This is made possible by the high-end construction adopted in the design and consequent

Lightweight design

Franklin Sports is popular for designing and developing the best quality baseball equipment. In line with this spirit, the Field Masters Series gloves feature a lightweight design that ensures that the gloves are comfortable particularly because the hands of most youth are not as strong as those of professional plays. The Contour Fit feature of the model allows for customizable thumb adjustments hence providing a comfortable fit. The youth gloves fit securely and firmly on the hands thereby enabling the players to play comfortably throughout their playing session.

Superb durability

Looking to save a few dollars on models that will last for several seasons, these Franklin Sports Gloves are the ultimate gloves to purchase. The glove’s enhanced durability is enforced by the thick premium synthetic leather used in the construction. In addition to this, the gloves feature a hand-like pocket design that allows for easily scooping or catching the ball. This high-quality model can be used for both practice and playing sessions especially in youth leagues.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Synthetic leather material for added durability
  • Wrist closure fit
  • Pocket design for easy scooping


  • The stitching may need improvement

Rawlings (Player Preferred) Slow Pitch Pattern

For any youth looking for a super comfortable model that is ready to use, this Player Preferred glove from Rawlings is the best item to purchase. The youth glove is crafted using professional quality leather and as such, it is not only reliable but equally durable throughout its life. Each model features adjustable straps that provide flexibility and added comfort when playing. The lightweight design of the model favors most youth especially those below ten years of age.

Quick and easy breaking-in

The most fascinating aspect about this Player Preferred glove from Rawlings is that the breaking in process is quick and easy. This goes a long in way in creating a game-ready feel and hence players need not spend time waiting for the gloves to break in. The basket web pattern design adopted in the construction of the product makes it ideal for use at any playing position. In addition to this, the pocket styled shape of the gloves provides for easy catching of balls especially for pitchers.

Classy padding for sufficient protection

When wearing this glove, the player’s hand is shielded from stings, vibrations and shock by the classy palm padding that guarantees excellent impact protection. This in turn ensures that players are able to catch high-speed balls without worrying about experiencing stings and vibrations in the hands. The comfortable construction of the gloves also provides an inner lining that enhances a comfortable feel when using the gloves. The pattern and styling adopted in the construction of the gloves allow for use of the gloves in playing both softball and baseball.


  • Quick break-in
  • Comfortable construction with sufficient padding
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Features a wrist closure


  • The size may be smaller hence need for allowance.

Wilson A2000 (Clayton Kershaw) Pitcher

This 11-inch glove is specially designed by youth who are keen on enjoying and polishing their baseball playing skills. One of the greatest advantages of this youth glove is that it is soft and flexible and offers a high level of cushioning to the hands thereby providing excellent hand protection. These diverse and multi-functional models are ideal for use for playing at different positions including the pitching position. The products come in varying sizes and can be customized to a particular size depending on the hand-size.

Strong and durable

The high-end leather used in the manufacture of the gloves is strong and hence enhances the durability and strength of the gloves. As such, you can use for all your baseball catching plays without worrying about injuring your palms or having the gloves wear out at an excessively fast pace. The pocket in the glove is knit using a dual welting concept that enhances the durability of the products. Everything about this item is expertly undertaken to ensure that it is reliable and efficient in all aspects and has unmatched performance.

Ready to use and condition leather

When you purchase these gloves, you need not to worry about breaking in the glove. This is because the leather in the glove is conditioned and oiled to ensure that it is ready to use without requiring any break-in time. The oiling of the gloves also enhances their performance thereby making exceptionally reliable for both practice and competitive use in youth leagues. The gloves feature a wrist closure that ensures that they are secure and firm on the hands when playing.


  • Does not require break-in time
  • Excellent and dependable performance
  • Protective palm and finger padding
  • Uniquely durable.


  • Sizing is not accurate

When looking for the best youth baseball gloves to purchase, there are unlimited options to choose from. Due to this, it is necessary to know the features and aspects to look for in the best quality gloves. This makes it possible for you to purchase high-end and reliable baseball gloves for youth. And do not forget to choose for your gloves a good oil or conditioner.

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