Best Youth Catchers Mitts 2019: Top 8 Deals And Reviews

best youth catchers mitts

We’re currently right in the middle of the little league season, and that means all around the country, there are young kids picking up their bats and mitts getting ready for games. The catcher is arguably one of the most important people on the team, and to perform at their best they need the best equipment. While looking for the right one for you may be difficult, we try to make it easier as we take a look at the best youth catchers mitts.



Rawlings Renegade

Rawlings Renegade Review

It’s no secret that Rawlings always releases quality baseball and softball products, and this one is no exception. The glove has a deep and flexible pocket with ample padding, which is perfect for catchers who have to deal with heavy impact whenever they catch a pitch. The glove is lightweight, ideal for younger players, and also measures at 12.5” which is a great size for youth catchers. If you have this glove, you may need to oil it several times to truly break it in and make sure it’s game ready when you actually use it, which is common for a lot of gloves. The glove comes in a simplistic black color, with the Rawlings logo in bright red, giving it a classic feel.

Wilson A1000

Wilson A1000 Review

Wilson has been a staple brand for all kinds of sports equipment for a long time, and for good reason too. Wilson has been producing quality athletic gear at an affordable price since the company’s inception, and their baseball gear definitely performs up to par. The A1000 is a great catcher’s mitt, with excellent padding, and also softer leather which is perfect for youth baseball as the glove is easier to open and close. Like most other mitts, this one will require some breaking in if you have it before it is 100% game-ready, but a little bit of mink oil will easily do the trick. The mitt comes in multiple sizes, so you can easily find the right one for you.

Louisville Slugger Xeno

Louisville Slugger Xeno Glove review

The first thing you’ll notice about this mitt is its design. The Louisville Slugger Xeno comes in a bright white design with light blue details, which is pretty unique but is also very eye-catching. This is a mitt designed with female players in mind, hence the color, and the mitt definitely performs as well, The wrist lining is made of memory foam, to make the mitt feel as comfortable as possible to the user, The cowhide material used in construction makes this a really high-quality piece of gear that you won’t regret having in your arsenal.

Wilson A2K

Wilson A2K Review

Without a doubt, the Wilson A2K series hosts some of the best baseball equipment available, as it is the official glove of the MLB. The catcher’s mitt in the A2K series is by far one of the best mitts available in the market today. Being made of pro-stock leather, this glove may be harder to break in than others, but once it is broken in, you won’t regret spending some extra money on the glove. The padding that’s in this piece of gear is exceptional, so players can relax knowing that they won’t feel any sting when catching the ball, while also knowing that the ball won’t slip out of their glove once they catch it. The A2K catcher’s mitt is an amazing piece of equipment for both youth and adult players alike.

Wilson A2000

Wilson A2000 Revew

This is yet another piece of quality athletic gear from Wilson, and it comes in a stunning gray design. The catcher’s mitt in the A2000 series gets its distinct color from the material used in production: Gray SuperSkin. This material is designed to be twice as strong as regular leather, while also being half its weight. This will come in handy when you play a lot of baseball. Another great addition to this mitt, which will surely be a huge benefit to all the youth catchers out there is the honeycomb cell padding, which creates a “no-sting zone” when catching. The glove also has a deep pocket, which ensures that balls won’t slip out, even if they have a lot of spin on them.

Mizuno World Win

Mizuno World Win Review

Mizuno is one of the top brands when it comes to baseball and softball gear, and their World Win Catcher’s Mitt is yet another reason why players all around the world choose Mizuno. The product is made of tanned leather, which gives it a retro look, while also making sure that its durable and will last players more than just a season. The leather is also very soft, which makes breaking the mitt in a breeze, and also makes it easier to open and close, an ideal quality for youth catchers out there. The mitt also employs ParaShock technology on the fingers which absorbs a lot of the contact, for sting-free catches

Mizuno Prospect GXC105

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Review

There are some brands that make great adult athletic equipment, while some make great youth gear, but Mizuno does both at the highest quality. The Prospect GXC105 is a catcher’s mitt designed for youth. The mitt’s Power Close technology makes the mitt easier to open and close than most other mitts, which is the quality that all youth catchers have to look for when buying their gear. The V-Flex notch also aids in the ease of opening and closing. The glove is also made of leather, which assures athletes that this gear will last them several seasons before they have to go shopping for a new one.

All Star Pro Elite

All Star Pro Elite Review

For some, this will go without saying, but the All Star Pro Elite is a professional catcher’s mitt. This piece of gear is designed to absorb the contact that comes from pitches in the 80’s or higher, which can explain the mitt’s price. But this is an incredibly high-quality piece of gear, it’s super soft when broken in (breaking in may take a while) and also incredibly light, which helps an athlete’s performance in so many different ways. For youth players, having this mitt would be a dream, the incredible technology that went into creating it allows athletes to perform at their very peak throughout the whole season and more.

Choosing the right catcher’s mitt for you is a task that is as important as it is difficult. Getting the wrong mitt can result in dropped catches and poor athletic performance. So when shopping, make sure to look for a piece of gear that can absorb contact, open and close easily, and feels comfortable on your hand. The most important thing, however, is to make sure that you love the mitt you’re using because as long as you love it, you have the perfect mitt for you.

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