Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun Review For 2023

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Most baseball coaches and enthusiasts consider a radar gun to be an entirely useful gadget for enhancing player development. With this gun, it becomes possible to measure the player’s swing speed and power for more personalized training. There are lots of speed gun types in the market presently thereby necessitating the need for identifying the best velocity speed gun depending on your preferences and needs. Ideally, the best radar gun should act as a motivating factor for constant improvement. The Bushnell Velocity (Speed) Gun is a unique radar gun designed for coaches and parents looking for a professional model gun but one that is affordable. Here are several features about the gun:

Bushnell Speed Gun Review


The applications of the Bushnell Velocity Gun are not limited to measuring runner speeds and pitch speeds for baseball only. Instead, the gun is ideal for measuring volleyball serve speeds, soccer kick speeds, and tennis serve speeds. All these functionalities are made possible by the superior design and high-end features in the gun. For starters, the speed gun comes with the ability of measuring speeds of balls that are between zero and 90 feet away.

What is more amazing about the versatility of the gun is that it comes with a large LCD display screens. This makes it easy to read speed and other data displayed on the screen. The most intriguing aspect about the display is that it features flexible designs that allow for adaptive reading even in shinny weather.

Point and Squeeze Trigger

The Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun is easy to use even for people without previous experience in handling and operating baseball radar guns. This pitching radar gun and softball uses a point and squeeze mechanism. Ideally, when using the gun, the user just needs to line themselves up with the ball they are intending to measure and aim the gun followed by pulling the trigger. The user then releases the trigger for the gun to display the highest speed recorded.

In terms of build quality and performance, this Bushnell gun does not disappoint. The high-end design concept and hardware of the gun guarantee the accuracy and precision of the gun. Therefore, the speed and any other information displayed by the gun is highly precise and accurate.

Compact size and weight

An extremely large and heavy radar gun is a put for almost everyone. With this Bushnell radar gun, weight and size will never be an issue to any user. This is because the gun comes in a compact size measuring 4.3 inches (w) by 8.4 inches (h) by 6 inches (l). Additionally, the gun weighs only 19 ounces. A combination of the gun’s size and weight gives rise to a compact device that is easy to hold in one hand. The gun is easy to operate using one hand while at the same time ensuring that it is light enough to hold for long with one arm.

The best thing about this radar gun for baseball is that it is consistent in its readings. However, for the purposes of recording accurate data, it is crucial to focus the gun in line with the object of interest. In addition to this, it is necessary to ensure that the gun does not pick interference from other moving objects.

Improve your game

Coaching and training decision relies on the abilities and potential of the player. By investing in a Bushnell radar gun, it becomes easy to understand your playing style while at the same time identifying your areas of weakness. This will go a long way in helping you polish your playing skills and consequently improve your game.  The gun runs on a pair of replaceable alkaline “C†batteries. For best results, always use fresh batteries.

Minor Drawback

The only downside about using this radar gun lies in its handling and operation. The gun is only efficient if used appropriately and pursuant to the manufacturer’s provisions. When you move away from the centerline or use the gun in a field with interference, the gun will most likely not function reliably. Additionally, the gun should be aimed at the target in a direct line and not perpendicularly. However, with the right handling and operation, all data displayed will be precise and accurate.

Conclusion: Should You Choose The Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun?

The Bushnell Velocity Gun is a worthy and valuable purchase for coaches and parents looking for baseball radar guns that promise to be reliable throughout their life. The gun is easy and affordable to maintain without any inconveniences whatsoever. The gun does not require any assembly as it ready to use out of the box.