Demarini D243 Pro Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat

D243 Pro Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat Review

Players looking for DeMarini D243 Pro Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat that is specially designed for serious baseball training and use in advanced leagues will find this bat very useful. The bat is lightweight, comes with a large barrel and has a nice pop. Due to its solid construction, the bat is sturdy and hits extremely. What is more amazing about this bat is its durability and can thus be used for long without wearing out. With this bat, you are guaranteed to enjoy a superior and lively playing experience.

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Demarini D243 Pro Maple Composite Wood Baseball Bat

BBCOR Certified

For players who like using performance bats for playing in leagues and competitions, this is the bat for you. The bat is BBCOR certified, and hence legal for use in leagues such as in college. The bat is designed and made with consideration to the needs of all players. The bat is ideal for players who are used to using wooden bats due to ease of handling, control and swing. Additionally, players switching from metal bats to wood bats will also find the bat very easy to use. This is because it is one of the best transition bats in the market.

DeMarini 2018 D243 Review

Great pop and a nice feel

Pop is arguably one of the most important aspects that any considers when looking for the best bat. With this DeMarini Pro bat, you are guaranteed to enjoy an amazing pop when the bat strikes the ball. This pop is exclusive to DeMarini bats only. When playing with the bat in tournaments and leagues, you will definitely feel energized by the tons of pop produced by the bat. Likewise, the bat has a nice feel when swinging as it has a lightweight and therefore does not strain the hands.

Made from composite wood

There is a lot of workmanship and creativity that is used in designing and the consequent making of DeMarini bats. Therefore the bat is made from fine quality composite wood that is exceptionally durable and hard hence does not dent even when used in cold weather. The composite wood used in the bat enhances durability, dependability, strength, and functionality. Therefore, when using this bat, you can be guaranteed to enjoy an amazing bat performance. What is more amazing about the bat is that the composite wood coupled with the bat’s ideal length enable players to achieve high swing speeds and power.

Black handle with a synthetic coating

The bat’s handle black and features a synthetic coating that provides a better and gentle feel when holding the bat. The coating on the handle provides cushioning that protects the hands from the strings and vibrations produced when the bat hits the ball. The bat has a non-cupped end with a pro-grade wood barrel. There is a classy mahogany finish on the barrel for enhancing the décor of the barrel as well as improving its performance. The bat is slightly end loaded for purposes of enhancing powerful and accurate hits.

Pros and benefits of the D243 Maple Composite Bat by DeMarini

The 2018 D243 Model is an exceptional bat with a nice pop and simply lightweight for easy swinging while playing. The bat hits well and enables players to gain better ball control by enhancing accuracy. The handle has a nice grip and is gentle on the hands thereby allowing players to enjoy a firm and well-cushioned grip while playing. Unlike other poor quality bats, this DeMarini bat is not affected by cold weather and performs optimally in all weathers.


The only shortcoming about this bat is that the handle can be quite slippery for people with sweaty hands. Additionally, the bat seems to develop cracks after hitting hard surfaces like walls and floors. However, other than those minor setbacks, the bat is a great choice and tool for baseball players. The bat should be kept away from water and moisture as its quality declines with exposure to these conditions.

The DeMarini D243 is an excellent choice for baseball players looking forward to having good quality and classy wood composite bat. The bat is ideal for use by all types of players including junior and youthful players. The bat is designed and developed with the finest wood bat technology thus making it an advanced playing tool.