DeMarini Voodoo Overload FT Review

DeMarini Voodoo Overload FT Review

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DeMarini has consistently developed high-end bats that stand out from other low-quality bats. The DeMarini Voodoo Overload FT is a classy bat with unique performance and legendary power; both of which are unmatched by other bats in the market. The model is made using the X12 alloy that creates optimal strength at the bat’s thinnest points. The bat boasts of unique performance as it features a powerful barrel, lightweight design and does not dent even in cold weather. The all-modern handle technology infused in the design of the bat not only eliminates vibrations but also ensures comfort. This makes it easy for players to enjoy the best performance and reliability levels when using the bat.

DeMarini Voodoo Overload FT Review

100% vibration free handle

The Voodoo two-piece bat by DeMarini prides itself in eliminating all kinds of vibrations, stings and shocks in the handle. This feature is specific to the Voodoo bat. The D-Fusion technology employed in the design and consequent construction of the handle eliminates all vibrations generated in the bat. The technology redirects energy generated when the ball hits the bat towards the barrel to create a maximum hitting force with every swing.

The Flame Treatment Technology also fuses the handle to the barrel thereby providing a stiffer and solid feel when swinging. This favors power hitters greatly as it becomes easy to make powerful hits with minimal energy. The smooth transition of power and energy from the hands to the handle all through to the barrel ensures that there is no power loss. Consequently, this makes the Voodoo an incredibly technologically efficient bat.

Large sweet spot

Like other DeMarini bats, the Voodoo boasts of a massive sweet spot. This creates a large hitting zone that is hard to miss even for inexperienced players. Since the bat has a composite handle and aluminum handle, the bat boasts of incredible control and precision. A combination of this control and the massive hitting zone gives rise to an all-powerful bat that is ideal for all classes of players including the less inexperienced players. The barrel of this Voodoo bat measures 2 5/8 inches in diameter; just like that of other high-end bats.

The Voodoo bat by DeMarini is end-loaded with an ION-V (end) Cap that maximizes energy transfer. Additionally, it also creates a large hitting zone. It is worth noting that the end-loaded cap transfers additional mass to the barrel which in turn results into more power. The bat is BBCOR certified and hence can be used for competitions in college and high school leagues.

RCK Knob for a classy playing experience

One of the greatest attributes about this Voodoo bat like other DeMarini bats is that it bears iconic and patented features. One of these features is the RCK knob that features an anatomic design for giving players a perfect fit and ultimate elite playing experience. Ideally, the knob drives players towards developing a desire to become successful batters. Every single swing with this bat drives players to playing more and refining their playing skills.
The Voodoo bat is well balanced with its weight evenly distributed along the entire length of the bat. This balancing provides for enhanced control when swinging to hit the ball and precision with every hit. The bat is also considerably lightweight in comparison to other bats in its league. The balanced feel combined with the bat’s lightweight nature leads to high speed and accurate swings.

Minor setback

The only downside to owning and using this bat is that it is not ideal for use in cold weather. While the weather may not have a huge impact on the performance of the bat, it may cause extreme wearing out in the bat especially on the aluminum end cap. This is because metallic bats develop dents when used in cold weather. However, other than this minor setback, the bat is a perfect choice for daily practicing, training, and competition. Generally, the Voodoo bat by DeMarini is a classic and outstanding bat. The fine blend of quality alloys used in its construction provides for excellent durability and reliability. With this bat, you can be guaranteed to enjoy an unparalleled batting experience and overall performance. Buy this bat today and enjoy a pro-level batting experience.