Easton Pro 110 Maple Wood Baseball Bat Review

Players looking for a fantastic and incredibly strong bat should look no further than at the Easton Maple 110 bat. This bat is a perfect preference for contact and gap hitters. This is because it is a reliable bat that is ideal for regular use without denting or declining in its efficiency or performance in any way. The bat boasts of unmatched strength and solidness that provides for powerful hits and unrivaled accuracy. The heavy coating on the bat not only enhances durability but also adds ruggedness thereby enhancing the longevity of the bat. As such, parents looking for a reliable and dependable bat for youthful players should look no further than at this bat.

EASTON Pro 110 Maple Wood Baseball Bat Review


The 110 Maple bat by Easton features a classy design that is iconic to Easton bats. The bat is made from Maple wood; a common material for wooden materials. Since maple is a rock hardwood, it boasts of some softness as compared to other wood bats. The softness is easy to feel when the ball hits the bat on the sweet spot. In addition to this, the maple wood also increases exit velocity when the bat hits the ball right. This produces an amazing pop sound that will make it easy for you to stand out when on the pitch.

The design of the bat features a strong and sturdy handle for better control and precision. The handle is comfortable and well-cushioned for absorbing vibrations and shock. When using this Maple 110 bat, you are guaranteed to hold the bat firmly in the hands for powerful swings and hits. Additionally, the handle features a functional design in that it comes as a medium-size design and hence easy to hold in the hands even for youthful players.

Performance and reliability

The performance of Easton bats is unmatched by that of any other brands in the market. As such, for players looking for a premium baseball bat, this is the ultimate choice. It is worth noting that the bat is designed and developed as an unparalleled hitting tool. The most fascinating aspect about this bat is that it does not dent, break or bend even with regular use on daily use. This bat comes with a balanced design for smooth transition of power from the hands to the barrel.

The overall build of the bat is done superiorly for unmatched durability and reliability. The ruggedness of the bat enhances its durability and overall resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, the resin coat on the bat protects the bat from scratches on its surface. Overall, maple is a hardwood that exhibits unique resistance to breakages.

Large barrel and sweet spot

Easton bats pride themselves in massive sweet spots and large barrels. In line with this iconic feature, the Maple 110 bat by Easton boasts of a large barrel. This barrel guarantees that players get a sufficiently large hitting zone that they cannot miss during practice and training sessions. With a large barrel, players are able to perfect their accuracy, precision and hitting skills. With this bat, you can be assured to improve how you hit the ball even with minimal supervision from your coach.

When you invest in this bat, you not only get an all-time bat but also a solid hitting tool for all your batting needs. Once the ball makes contact with the bat, it leaves at a high speed thereby favoring players who prefer playing at high ball speeds.

Minor setback

The only downside to using this bat is that it is possible to feel a stinging effect on the hands when the ball lands on any other part other than the barrel. This is because the one-piece construction transfers the stings onto the hands of the player. Additionally, the sound produced when the ball lands on the length of the bat is not pleasing at all.
With this Easton Maple 110 bat, you can use it in all kinds of weather including wet seasons. This is because the bat is not affected by weather extremes. However, despite the bat being resistant to breaking and denting, you should not hit on hard surfaces with the bat. Buy this Maple 110 today and save on any cost you would have incurred in replacing an unreliable bat.