Easton Beast Speed Hybrid USA Youth Bat Review

The Easton Beast Speed (Hybrid) Bat is a classy bat that is not only powerful but also loud and possesses brute strength.  The bat is designed for excellent performance due to its unique lightweight, powerful barrel and overall resistance to denting and wear.  Players looking for a pro bat that will help them advance their skills to professional playing levels should look no further than at this bat.  This youth bat boasts of featuring iconic features and standards that are characteristic to all Easton bats.  With this bat, the player can be guaranteed to achieve the best hitting speeds, accuracy and precision.  The ATAC alloy in the bat provides a perfect combination of unmatched strength and lightness of the barrel.

Easton Beast Speed Hybrid USA Youth Bat Review

Two-piece (hybrid) design

One of the greatest aspects about this Easton Beast bat for youthful players is that it comes with a two-piece design combined with ATAC alloy technology.  This construction gives rise to outstanding performance and an all-round swinging experience.  The best thing about this hybrid design is that it guarantees a smooth power transition from the hands to the bat. This in turn makes the bat a perfect choice for power-hitting and improving swing speeds.

The light and strong aluminum barrel in the bat is resistant to denting even when using the bat in cold weather.  Additionally, the hybrid design creates a perfect weight –length balance. Consequently, this makes the bat easy to control and handle. The overall design and construction of the bat go a long way in enhancing the longevity and reliability of the bat. Therefore, the bat will provide you reliable performance throughout its life.

Dynamic feel system and speed cap

The playing experience of using a particular bat is defined by how it feels when held in the hands during swings and hits. In line with this, this Easton youthful bat boasts of a unique dynamic feel system. This one of a kind system refines the experience and feeling that players enjoy when using the bat. As such, from gripping the bat in your hands to swinging to hit the ball, you can be guaranteed to enjoy an ultimately solid and refreshing feel and experience.  The rock-solid feel experienced when using this bat is only specific to Easton bats and you will definitely not find it in other bats. The speed cap in the bat provides for a flexible and responsive barrel while at the same time enhancing the loud pop sound of the bat.

The speed cap is end-loaded to provide for powerful hits.  This end-loading favors players training on how to make accurate and powerful hits.  In addition to this, the barrel of the bat is sufficiently large thereby providing players with a hard to miss hitting zone.

Custom lizard grip and comfortable handle

Unknown to most players, the convenience of using a bat is defined by the comfort of its handle and grip. The top-level engineering concept employed in the design and construction of this Easton Youth bat provides for a refined gripping experience.  The custom lizard grip in the bat is specific to Easton bats and provides the best cushion from stings and vibrations.

The handle in the bat is uniquely constructed to act as a stopper for preventing the hand from slipping when swinging to hit the ball. This doubles as a safety feature as it ensures that the bat does not slip from the hands even in the fastest swings.  The handle is thin for easy gripping and grasping in the hands even for youthful players with medium and small size hands.

Minor setback

Just like in other bats, it is possible to experience stings and vibrations in the hands when players are new to using this bat. However, these vibrations vanish with time thereby making them a minor distraction and inconvenience to the use of the bat.  Other than this, all the other aspects of the bat are perfect thereby making the bat a great investment.

Overall, there is no other bat in the market that matches the uniqueness of this Easton Beast Speed (hybrid) bat. This is because the bat is constructed using fine quality materials that in turn guarantee its durability, reliability, and outstanding performance.  Buy this bat today for your youthful player to experience an unrivaled batting experience with a high-end bat built for pros.