Easton Ghost x Hyperlite Review

Easton Easton 2018 USA Baseball Ghost X Review

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Easton Ghost X Hyperlite Bat Review: a youth baseball bat that is designed to suit the playing needs of youthful players learning the game. The bat features a -11 drop weight and hence enables players to attain high swing speeds. The bat has an advanced composite design that makes it possible for the bat to produce a nice and characteristic pop. What is unique about the bat is that it has an extended barrel thereby enabling players to enjoy a large hitting zone. The bat is made using the latest bat design technology and as such has a high-performance ability.

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Easton Ghost x Hyperlite Review

Vibration control

In comparison to other modern youth bats, the Ghost X Hyperlite has the best vibration control feature. The feature allows the bat’s users to enjoy uninterrupted sessions of continuous play without being bothered by the stings produced when the ball hits the bat. It is worth noting that the sting sensations produced by bats can hinder the player from unleashing their batting potential. The bat also features a tapered handle that enhances the effectiveness of vibration control functionality.

Grip and comfort

Grip and comfort are crucial aspects about bats that most people overlook. However, unknown to most youthful players, these aspects contribute greatly towards honing your batting skills using the bat. This Ghost X Hyperlite bat provides players with a firm and comfortable grip in the hands. This in turn makes it possible to swing the bat at high speeds without worrying about injuring their hands or straining their hand muscles. If you prefer a hybrid feel and experience when batting, this is the ultimate bat for you to purchase.


The Easton 2018 Ghost Hyperlite X is designed to last for years without undergoing excessive wear and tear. Additionally, the bat is able to maintain its efficiency and performance ability throughout its lifespan. When used appropriately, the bats can last for ages with most youthful players outliving it while it is still in its pristine conditions. It is important to note that factors like dents, scratches, or cracks cannot impair the bat’s performance. As like with other Easton bats, the Ghost X holds up well against wear and tear.

Pop and drop weight

The Ghost X Hyperlite bat gives off a great sound and pop produced by its alloy barrel. This sound is a characteristic trait of Easton bats that sets them apart from other bats in its league. The main purpose of the bat’s unique pop sound is to complement the speed and power of the bat with its high-end status. Even when used in cold weather, the bat still produces a considerable pop sound. The bat boasts of a -11 drop that makes it a favorite choice for youthful players. This is because of its comparable length and weight that make the control of the bat quite easy to achieve.

One-piece construction

The one-piece construction adopted in the design of this Easton bat ensures that the bat is solidly built and hence there is no loss of power and energy from the hands to the barrel. This unique construction combined with the end-loaded design of the barrel offers heavier swing weights for additional power and mass when the ball makes contact with the bat. The extended barrel design delivers a long aluminum barrel for utmost brute and strength.


  • Doesn’t flake easily
  • Unique engineering used in designing and making the bat
  • Suitable for power hitters
  • Perfect weight & size

A drawback of the Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 5/8 Ghost X Hyperlite Youth Bat -11

Since the bat is made from an aluminum alloy, it is not favorable to use it in cold weather. This is because the alloy material in the bat is affected by cold weather and hence may not meet the expectations of its users. Other than this minor drawback, there is no other aspect that can hinder the full efficiency of the bat.

Youthful players looking for a classy bat that is designed to deliver beyond their expectations should look no further than at the Easton Ghost Hyperlite bat. It is designed and made for players who are focused on refining and perfecting their playing skills.