Easton Mako Wood Bat Review

Easton Mako Ash Power Brigade Wood Bat

Finding the right baseball bat to purchase might be quite hard due to the high number of bats in the market. Some of these bats are well designed and professionally made while others are very poor in quality. The Mako Ash Power Brigade Wood Bat from Easton is a top-quality bat with a fine design and sturdy construction. This professionally made bat boasts of an impressive performance and amazing functionality. As such, it is a great bat for consistent use in competitions and leagues.

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Easton Mako Wood Bat Review

Made using bamboo wood and very strong

This Easton Mako Bat is made using fine quality bamboo wood for excellent durability and dependability. This wood type is used for making professional bats and as such, it is not only strong but also quite sturdy. Therefore, the likelihood of the bat cracking due to continuous use is next to impossible. What is more unique about the bamboo wood is that it is fairly lightweight and as such, the bat itself is light thus making it easy to swing when preparing to hit the ball. The bat meets the expectations of most players due to its perfect weight-length balance.

Large barrel and massive sweet spot

This Easton Mako is designed for use by all players; pros and beginners alike. In line with this, the bat prides itself in having a massive sweet spot and a large barrel. Both of these features work to the advantage of the players by allowing them to gain better control of their batting and hitting efforts. Additionally, the large barrel makes it possible to hit the ball towards the target zone with much ease. The bat’s cupped end makes the bat light and easy to swing without having to use too much energy.

Tapered handle and perfect length

Most players who prefer this Easton Mako bat to other bats are attracted by the bat’s perfect length and the tapered handle. The bat is 33” long and comes with a 15/16 inch tapered handle. The tapering in the handle provides a comfortable and firm grip of the bat when swinging to hit the ball. The bat weighs about 30 oz thus making it perfect for use by all players including youthful players. This bat is perfect for both infield and outfield playing. For players transitioning from metal bats to wood bats, this Easton Mako is a good entry bat for them as its performance is superior to that of other bats.

Long-lasting, amazing pop and high-quality finish

When used appropriately, this Easton Mako bat can last for a very long time period and actually outlast most metal bats in the market. However, the wood is susceptible to breaking when the bat is used to hit hard surfaces like floors or when used consistently in cold weather. For reliable performance and functionality, it is necessary to use the bat according to the maker’s instructions and guidelines. The bat produces an amazing pop sound after contact with the ball. Additionally, this Easton Mako bat comes with a classy high-quality orange finish that naturally stretches over the bat’s length and barrel.

Benefits and Pros of this Easton Mako bat

The Ash Power Brigade Bat by Easton Mako edges out over other bats in its league in terms of performance, lifespan, reliability, pop, control, and ease of use. The tapered handle of the bat provides players with a firm grip thereby allowing them to make perfect shots. It is worth noting that the bat comes in three different weights for players to choose from. Youthful players should opt for the fairly light bats as such bats are easy for them to control.


Despite the Ash Power Brigade Bat being a unique and classy baseball bat, it has one shortcoming. The 33-inch length of the bat may be excess for some players particularly junior and youthful players. The length makes it hard for such players to have better control over the bat. Other than that, the bat is generally a great choice for players looking for a reliable high-end baseball bat.

Ideally, the high quality of the Ash Power Brigade Bat by Easton Mako makes the bat one of the must-have items for any baseball player. The bat’s flexibility enhances control and comfort thereby making it possible to use the bat for long without having to strain your arms.

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