Easton Pro 271 Maple Review

This handcrafted Pro 271 Maple bat by Easton is constructed using top quality maple wood. The bat is incredibly durability and can withstand the effects of wear and tear for a long time. Whether you prefer power hitting or you aspire to become a pro contact hitter, the 271 Pro bat is the perfect choice for you. Ideally, Easton has created the Pro 271 bat to address the needs and preferences of all baseball players. The company employs the best design expertise and skillfulness in designing and developing the bat. This is a bat that is specifically designed to help you win all your competitions and perfect your batting skills.

Easton Pro 271 Maple Review

Single piece construction W/ Balanced Weight

Since the bat is made using Maple wood, the Pro 271 bat features a single-piece construction like other wooden baseball bats. This construction provides for a solid and sturdy design that ensures that eliminates power and energy loss from the hands to the barrel. The single-piece construction also provides for enhanced accuracy and hitting precision. As such, you can rely on the bat for training and practice on becoming a better batter. The solidness of the bat allows players to use as much power as they wish without worrying that the bat will dent or break.

The Pro 271 bat boasts of balanced weight due to its even weight distribution along its entire length from the handle to the barrel. Additionally, the bat features a lightweight design thus making the bat easy to hold in the hands without straining your hand muscles. What is more unique about the lightweight of the bat is that it makes it possible to achieve high swing speeds while maintaining utmost accuracy and hitting precision.

Unrivaled performance, durability and reliability

One of the most amazing aspects about bats from Easton is that their performance is guaranteed. In line with this, the Pro 271 bat boasts of unrivaled performance. The bat prides itself in a compact package of reliability, durability and performance all encompassed together. The durability of the bat makes it possible to use the bat for years without repairing or replacing it. With the right maintenance, it becomes possible to enjoy reliable service from the bat throughout its lifespan.

The Pro 271 bat is usually ready to use right from the box. It does not require time to break-in unlike most metallic bats. The efficiency of the bat starts right from the box up to the time you will advance to a compact bat designed for adult leagues and competitions. In addition to this, the efficiency and performance of the bat are not affected by the weather. You can therefore use the bat in all weathers including extremely dry or wet seasons.

Tapered handle & traditional knob and great exit velocity

The handle in the 271 Maple bat by Easton is tapered and cushioned for excellent elimination of vibration and stings. The handle is reinforced with a traditional knob that acts as a safety stopper when swinging to hit the ball. The knob also enhances a balanced feel in the hands thereby improving the playing experience enjoyed by players. The handle is medium-sized to cater for all players including those whose hands are not necessarily massive in size.

The barrel of this bat comes with a cupped end that provides for a massive sweet spot. Therefore, players can rely on the bat for training and perfecting their hitting skills. It is worth noting that the cupped end provides for great exit velocity thereby providing for high ball speeds.

Minor setback

The only setback attribute to the purchase, storage and use of this bat is that it appears to be damaged by water, moisture and exposure to wetness for long durations. As such, its lifespan may be greatly shortened and its quality affected by water. However, when stored in dry conditions, the bat can last for as you wish.
This amazing bat with futuristic features is designed to help youthful players advance pro playing levels. Buy this bat today to get the best value for your hard-earned cash. The reliability of the bat will come in handy when you want to pass down the batton future generations.