Easton 2018 USA Baseball S150 Youth Baseball Bat Review

Easton 2018 USA Baseball S150 review

Over the years, Easton has been in the forefront in designing and making classic baseball bats for all classes of players including youthful and pro players. In line with this spirit, the 2018 USA 2 ¼ S150 Baseball Bat for youth by Easton features top of the range qualities and functionalities. In addition to this, the bats have a sleek design that enhances their performance and ease of use. The solid construction of the bat provides for its enhanced durability such that it is able to withstand years of continuous use without any extensive wear and tear or decline in efficiency.

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Easton 2018 USA Baseball S150 Review

Extended barrel design for speed

This Easton bat for the youth is a beast in the hands due to its outstanding extended barrel design that enables players to achieve high swing speeds when using the bat. This comes in handy for youthful players practicing for competitions in leagues and tournaments. The barrel in this bat is about 1.5 inches longer than the barrels in standard youth baseball bats. The barrel design also helps in maximizing energy transfer from the hands to the bat hence providing an optimized feel to the player. When held in the right hands; those of a player keen on polishing their batting skills, the bat can be of impeccable benefits.

Top of the range performance

Unlike other low-end baseball bats for the youth that come with a limited performance, this Easton bat prides itself on having an unmatched performance. This exceedingly unique benefit of the bat comes about due to its solid construction that ensures no energy is lost from when the bat put in motion to hit the ball to when it actually hits the ball. The 2 ¼” barrel provides a great hitting zone for the players to land the ball on thereby reducing the chances of missing the ball even for the least experienced players. The bat’s perfect length and weight balance (drop weight) also contribute greatly to its high performance.

Cushioned handle for a firm grip

When using this Easton bat for the youth, you can be guaranteed to enjoy a secure and comfortable grip when holding the bat in readiness to hit the ball. This is because the bat comes with a cushioned handle that enables the players to have a firm grip when holding the bat in the hands. In addition to this, the cushioning also helps in absorbing the shock and vibrations produced after the ball makes contact with the bat. What is better about the cushioning in the bat is that it can be customized to suit your own handling tastes and preferences.

Superior construction

Easton employs a similar connective concept in designing and constructing their bats. Since this Easton bat for the youth is no exception, it also uses the same concept thereby yielding a strong and solid construction that joins the barrel to the bat’s length. This superior construction makes it possible to keep power uniform throughout the bat. Since the bat is expertly constructed, there are no concerns about its durability as the bat can last for years with the right maintenance and appropriate use.

Unmatched functionality

When using this Easton bat for youthful players, you need not have any concerns about its functionality. This is because the bat is exclusively designed to address all the playing needs of youthful players. From bat control to balanced swings and powerful hits, the bat delivers beyond the expectations of its users. For excellent results when using the bat, it is advisable to practice it firmly in the hands so that it becomes easy to control your swings and consequently control the direction of the ball.

Setback of Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 S150 Youth Baseball Bat -10

The bat is made from alloy and as such, it does not perform well in cold weather. Therefore, the bat may not be as fun and rewarding to use in cold weather like it is in hot weather. Other than this minor setback, the bat is perfect for everyday use without worrying about its performance declining or getting negatively affected. With this Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 S150 Youth Baseball Bat – 10, you can be guaranteed to take your batting skills and overall baseball playing behavior to a notch higher. Try this bat today if you want to spice up your playing skills to unleash your full potential.