First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine Review

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The First-Pitch brand has for a long time being a reliable and high-quality pitching machine. The equipment is designed for delivering precisely accurate pitches; which makes it an ideal tool for training on how to become a pro pitcher. The First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine combines versatility, value, and safety.  The equipment is a great choice for players who are interested in honing their skills in readiness for competitions and league challenges.  The pitching tool has a well-known reputation for helping batters in developing perfect swings. Here are a few highlights about this pitching equipment:

First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine Review

Easy to switch from softball to baseball

For parents, coaches, and players looking for a pitching machine that you can switch from softball to baseball easily, this is the ultimate machine to purchase. The quick-change design in the equipment helps in making the switch within a few seconds. The machine saves you a considerate amount of money that you could have spent in purchasing separate machines for softball and baseball.  The machine is compatible with most pitching machine balls and hence you do not require purchasing special balls for the equipment.

The engineering of this unique pitching machine is done professionally for purposes of reliability and convenience of use. The equipment features adjustable speeds with a top speed of 70 MPH. This variance of speed is designed to favor players of all levels including intermediate and pro-players.  Additionally, the superior engineering in the machine guarantees accurate and consistent throw strikes. Consequently, the ability of varying speed and accurate strikes makes the tool easy and effortless to use even for beginners.

Stable base and adjustable legs

The most fascinating aspect about this machine is that it comes with a stable base.  This ensures that you do not have to worry about the machine shaking when making throws.  Additionally, the construction of the equipment features adjustable legs that for drills and convenient pitching heights. Therefore, when using the First Pitch machine, you get the freedom of choosing the most convenient working height for you. As such, the tool favors all types of players including short and tall players.

Like other high-end pitching machines, this First Pitch equipment throws different kinds of balls including ground balls, pop flies, and pitches.  What is more amazing about the equipment is that it makes accurate angles for the best training drills and routines.  All you need to ensure when using the machine is that you place it in a flat-level surface for excellent stability.

Top quality construction

The materials used in the construction of the pitching tool boast of exceedingly high quality for unrivaled durability and reliability. The materials guarantee that the frame of the equipment is sturdy and solid hence ensuring that it is not susceptible to bending or breaking.  Overall, the strength of the machine provides for powerful and top speed throws.  Ideally, the equipment features great toughness and long life. The curved skid plate in the machine not only provides for ball longevity but also pitch accuracy.

This First Pitch Machine is powered by a 110V electric motor that provides consistent power and performance throughout the equipment’s lifespan.  The motor is cased in steel to guarantee the safety of the machine even when using it around children.  In addition to this, the equipment features a 360-degree adjustment functionality that enables the machine to pitch balls in any direction.


Like other electric pitching machines, the use of this First Pitch machine is limited to areas with a power source. As such, you can only use this pitching tool in the part of the pitch that has a power connection. Consequently, you cannot use it in any place like you would use a manually operated pitching machine.

Investing in a top quality backyard pitching machine requires you to do research on the most convenient and ideal equipment for you.  This First Pitch Machine meets the criteria for the best pitching equipment for both softball and baseball players. The machine guarantees that it prides itself in reliable performance and unmatched convenience. As such, when using the machine, you can be assured of all-round performance whether using the equipment indoors or outdoors. Buy this machine today to enjoy an uninterrupted service throughout your practice and training sessions.