Top 4 Greatest Female Baseball Players of All Time

Greatest Female Baseball Players

Despite baseball having a reputation of being a sport mostly played by men, there are women who have recorded amazing accomplishments and achievements in baseball. There are some female players who have had successful baseball careers than some of their female counterparts. These players have been great at pitching, hitting, and at the fielding positions.

Some of the greatest female baseball players of all time include:

Doris Sams

There is greater history about Doris Sams other than being the only six-tool baseball player in the history of AAGPBL. Among her most amazing playing skills include average hitting power, excellent fielding, running, throwing and pitching. She was selected for both pitching and out-fielding in the all-star team and was the only player to enjoy such a privilege. Throughout her career, she was consistently among the best players globally in the positions she played at. This led to her receiving a home run title and a batting crown. In 1952, she set a home run record of 12 bombers with the inclusion of the longest home run in the league’s history.

Connie Wisniewski

Connie is popularly referred to as the Polish Rifle in female baseball due to her durability and heritage in the AAGPBL. She is arguably one of the best and greatest all-round players in the history of the AAGPBL league. In 1946, Connie opened and threw in 40 games and recorded 366 innings, 33 wins, 9 losses, and 79 strikeouts in the 1946 season. She finished her professional baseball with an all-time personal best of .289 average, 595 hits, 30 triples, 79 doubles, and a .690 % winning. After the close of the AAGPBL league in 1954, Connie did not pursue professional baseball further. Even so, she is still an iconic figure in female baseball.

Jean Faut

Jean like other greatest female players was able to set an amazing record in the history of female baseball. She was the only player in the AAGBPL to receive two Player of Year awards. In addition to this, she threw four no-hitters during her career at the league. She was also by far the greatest pitcher in the history of the AAGBPL. The most fascinating aspect about Jean Faut’s career in professional baseball is that she won more than 20 games at least thrice with two of the winnings being in a row. She also did not have a losing record for the seasons she played in AAGBPL.

Dorothy Schroeder

Dottie debuted her professional career in AAGBPL at 15 years, thereby setting a record for being the youngest player in the history of the league. She was the top shortstop player in the league for the years and seasons that the league existed. What is more amazing about Dorothy is that unlike other players in the AAGBPL, she continued with her professional baseball careers for four years after the AAGBPL ended in 1954. She is also ranked among the top 10 most offensive players in the history of female baseball.